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  1. :shout: :shout: :shout: I can't see me, where am I :'(
  2. Lol the 2nd pic is epic, I'm feeling bad for them... :aggressive: Btw how many pots you used xD :crazy:
  3. THEMERCS :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  4. i think that u have to reduce the amount of cc cuz that is way too much :crazy: but the general idea... i loved it and i hope devs see this post :clapping:
  5. never seen this b4 :shok: i want to join MvM :crazy:
  6. you can keep in mind that mercs are 30 memebers, and sith and havoc are 40... and we still going #1 and rock arena :crazy: anyway tourny isnt done yet still 11 days to go.. goodluck :drinks:
  7. hitters and runners still make problems for only pala since there is no rush skill or a skill that makes u near the enemy :facepalm:
  8. hahahaha i know ur feeling freak today u got raped by THEMERCS in arena bcs of palas :yahoo: :tease:
  9. dmg isnt everything.. dont forget that pala heals and that recovers the dmg and hp differences
  10. you are right about the ranged attack, and pala is the only melee class that has no rush so, i have to say pala needs a rushing skill.. BUT the new skill is good enough although comparing to other classes skills it is bad but it is still very useful and you are completely wrong about pala is worst class at pvp.. it is one of the best trust me :good:
  11. Ik..lol u didnt add anything but my point is in what way it allows me to craft rare jobs? Ty anyways. .
  12. the second pic is very similar to the first tourny's costume lol :crazy: 9a7 walla mosh 3'ala6?
  13. i think this update is the most important update for paladins since they can use spears now.i dont think that one handed swords are good, i mean i would use axe rather than a sword. the max dmg of the pala will increase and the max heal too, in addition to the DoT effect of FOJ..u can solve the issue of low speed by having a full speed set(full speed enchant, items with speed:amulet, cloak). if u have speed set then the difference between hammer and spear will be only 5.2% speed and 0.2 seconds hit rate it is replaced buy 117 magic power.. i think it's worth. :spiteful: spears are
  14. SPEARSSSSSSS :yahoo: high heal + high dmg :clapping: but low speed :facepalm:
  15. Btw.. if u take a look at all the games like WS u will find that the class are not equal in power.. I chose to be a paladin cuz I knew that it's powerful and has special power that other classes don't have
  16. Agree 100% that skill is usefull.. actually all skills are of all classes are useful
  17. Nope.. I dont support the idea of wasting skill pts on illumination, but gab said to make it 3
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