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  1. lol even if dmg is 100, remember that cd is 3 sec, so u dmg 100/3 sec. imagine now in pvp, that may take 20 sec or more.. that's +500 dmg from one skill and sure you will get more dmg as you lvl it up ;) that's pretty good dmg and no need editing lol :good:
  2. At lvl1 and 2 I think, it causes only 3 attacks.. at lvl3 - 4, gives 4 attacks.(not sure of lvls 2 and 4)And yes, the cd is pretty long :P, buy still very good maybe if cd is less than that it would be very OP. :crazy: imagine dmg 300x4=1200 dmg to the enemy without touching you, and if crit some hits expect a +2k dmg :bomb: . So cd better stay as it is now xD
  3. The paladin's skill is very good and it might be op, but i'm not complaining to make it MORE OP.
  4. Go ahead.. keep complaining.. :facepalm: idk why you complain :bad: , i think u got one of the best new skills, each 3 sec 200 dmg thats op lmao, and u want it not to break stealth?!?! :facepalm: but idk maybe devs should make rogue kill in 1 hit all the enemies in an area so u be happy. :facepalm:
  5. Yea me too.. I never got the quest items I think the quest is bugged, but you can take [Ail Rune] buy opening [sign of Filth] which you can take from slaves of filth, which also gives you other quest items and sometimes empty.
  6. Harad's banners deals dmg to all enemies within a certain radius and reduces the enemy's physical and magical defense in its effective area... So guys what do you think about the skill.. I haven't buy it yet so still can't judge, all what i can say that from what I have seen from my pala friends that the skill is really rocking at arena or dungeon. :bomb: One thing I need to know is how much the dmg increases at each lvl and the amount of the physical and magical defense reduced per lvl. And the dmg depends on magic? or normal dmg? If someone did the calculations pl
  7. #1 op class now is barb devs nurf it nowww :facepalm: imagine barb with 4k hp and heal like what shilan said 700.. thats so f***in op :bad:
  8. :shok: :shok: well that's really op.. i mean barb has highest hp of all classes and now can heal that high! :mega_shok:
  9. lol ws will never make a good is stats gear :facepalm:
  10. first time in easy mode took us 2 stamina :facepalm: .. but we got an excuse :P that was the first time, but i'm sure we can do it 1 stam :dirol: not to mention the drop i got :crazy: ty devs :give_rose:
  11. congratulations to the winners.... :give_rose: and I want to ask if there will be new things added in the update? I mean only arena scores reset or there will be new ? like lvl19 arena gears for example :blush:
  12. here you got the update... now arena scores reset :'( but can we know the duration of the maintenance?
  13. i once transferred 1 set sign via market and never did it again :facepalm:
  14. I bet this is the best weapon for bd :spiteful:
  15. cherrybia, but azzurri still have a chance :good: anyways, El Mannschaft still the best xD :clapping:
  16. Germany for life :yahoo: :clapping: 8)
  17. some people did it with one stamina idk how or what is the best party form :facepalm: guys anyone here knows how to do it 1 stam? :search:
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