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  1. Gladiators fight for honor, glory, and fame

  2. Does that mean each guild receives additional 10 slots?(for example will be lvl4 guild with 50 slots) Or a guild gets +10 slots in each level up?
  3. Not in order.. Zeusxelie sharpnarut palladio
  4. exactly ^.. she uses lvl20 spear that has no magic, idk if +9 or 10 but all what i know is that i'm probably able to kill her using a lower amp lvl19 arena spear with magic..
  5. Why not pushing back the enemy to banner radius when he runs from it at 1v1 mode? And btw.. mace+shield has more survival rate than spear. Although heal and banner dmg are way lower but shield could block much of the dmg that you can receive using a spear, and ofc providing much higher def and slightly higher hp.
  6. I think they will fix the "quest not found" issue now...
  7. Excuse me sir, but none if your words are correct... -Banners is very useful in lab since paladin is a tank so it helps aggro all mobs on you (tanking) + damage boost, it can be useful when you arrive to boss (supporting). -Banners is super useful in dungeons, same as lab aggro mobs and damage boost for faster killing. -Banners is mega-super useful in arena especially 5v5, and don't forget paladin used to be top in 5v5 even before banners. -Banners is not a total garbage, the skill doesn't have to be OP in order to be useful.. KEEP IN MIND, paladin is a
  8. Nerfed at wars/arena but buffed at PvP, paladin used to rock 5x5 even without banners... Imo, the skill is still ok
  9. well i agree.. maybe then mc wont cry about a +0 pally defeats a +10
  10. No but the high amp doesnt need more dmg he already got high dmg, while the lower amp needs more dmg .. it is better for a lower amp to care for the dmg more than the heal bcuz heal has 13 sec cd, while purify has 7 sec only
  11. my opinion.. high amp goes 5 heal and lower amp goes 5 purify
  12. yea i guess now ~500 dmg can be done
  13. why you want to see him in cave? you want to pvp him? i dont advice you since you are loosing to my pally in 1v1 ------ rogue: i dont know much but i think adiwijaya and turtle♥♥♥♥ shaman: physik barb: degree foxlovevix dk: never seen strong one wlock: all exept xherodark xD.. jk idk necromancer: never seen strong one bd: tpain ofc ranger: blesskillz apocalypse ofc druid: hard to decide maybe poley (didnt seen her for a while ) settlon, jezdecs, sealthem, alberish, pvpdruid .. idk paladin: zeusxelie(skilled+high amp) sharpnaru
  14. ~485 the max dmg actually
  15. Naaah.... 275 dmg isn't enough, that's approximately half of my banners dmg, and don't forget that it hits only 3 instead of 5 pulses, I'd much prefer banners over sun seal. over all skills actually...and don't make it 3/4.. 1 extra ~500 hit could make much difference
  16. Wait till zeus see this topic xD
  17. Is that topic related to paladin?
  18. Do you know that pala can get higher base dmg than ranger? :D A +10 pala can kill a lock in 2-3 hits if crit.....goodluck xD
  19. He forgot that pala has 3 skills that can break stealth xD
  20. Might be strong in dmg but no stats....useless..
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