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  1. Just never amp above +1 without signs.
  2. @mods now you can take revenge from R0land or Daria for you or your friends. If you wanna ban them, you can!
  3. Nice dad you got there.
  4. Nice postcards 8 and 9 are my favorites. Warspear is when you get 1 combo-ed by BDs Warspear is when 100 people can't kill a Warden Warspear is when you can be passive aggressive on forum Warspear is when you love-hate the game you're playing Happy birthday!
  5. Mage, they are great in not solo farm too.
  6. Yay I finally got my name spelled correctly
  7. Goodbye R0land and Daria You will be missed, I wish you guys best of luck and success for your next carriers and I hope you find what you couldn't get in AIGrind. Are you gonna show up in the forum as "members" maybe?
  8. Also I wish they added lv27 arena gears, since all new gears are now lvl26-27
  9. There are so many passive skill books now, I think they should have separate expandable skill slots other than the normal expert skills.
  10. Only Snorlax would always reply here Any cool dev
  11. Happy 10th Birthday Warspear! Finally a good update after a long wait! Was expecting lvl30 and t5 but this is still awesome, new content is new content! Thanks for improving farming, and oh boy, finally we see the boss contest winners in the game. And nice new gears, me likey. But why both heavy gears have block? I suppose it's a mistake. Also are those new bosses a part of a temporal 1 month event or permanent changes? It wasn't really clear from the announcement. One thing really disappointing is the you guys decided to put Beholder in PvP cave, I know it is a play
  12. Crit in PvP isn't that strong, most of the people that I fight have more than 40% resilience and it's very hard to top that or even 30% resi with crit, so I just ditched the whole stat and replaced it with parry, it is way better.
  13. Now we wait for t5 update
  14. No. What update are you expecting on WS's Bday?
  15. Any decent dev group would have compensated with even a minimal give back for such an error that costed some people a lot of time and money, an apology won't really help at all.
  16. B..B..But.. CC ist fun to collect!
  17. I think Charmers are fine, they are just OP in 1v1, therefore I don't think it's worthy of a nerf.
  18. Gladiator


    When you get bored of this game, play Fortnite.
  19. Should we expect something big on 10th year anniversary?
  20. Devs: Guys! We need ideas to make Arena active, any suggestions? A smart dev: Increase the price of Arena point guild active skill and make ridiculously overpriced! Make it 9000 instead of 710, because it was not providing an awfully bad deal, and that will encourage people to click on that skill and immediately start spamming! Everyone is gonna totally spend 9000 GP for ~30+ AP/fight. Increase the price by x15 times but we can increase the value just from 20% to 30%. How about that? Devs: Brilliant! I'm waiting Skylore, this game is over, to say it in the nicest w
  21. An additional type of buildings, did they change their mind?
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