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  1. Nice I always wanted to make a Paladin guide since I get so many questions about the class in game and since none existed, at least not up-to-date, I think it's a good opportunity. in 30 days, I can write a novel about playing warspear as a whole So, considering guides for specific classes, it allowed to ask devs/admins for skills formulas in private? Also is there any length maximum to the guides?
  2. I didn't talk about 1v1 either. new heal skill is % of raw base hp without buffs, so 2k heal only on tanks with full hp builds, it would be less than 1500 on other chars, and it has 45 sec cd, it's not nearly one of the best healing skills in the game after the big 50% cd increase and the nerf it got. Not to mention that Pala sacrifices good stats like life steal, accuracy or physical damage for max hp, in order to get a good benefit off of those hp based skills. Compare that to DK's Reserves ticking 1k/time for 6 times. And the when I have shield I don't have high damage o
  3. Funny when people say FULL STUN AND OP HEAL. No no, it's EITHER full stun OR high heal, because if you level up both prayer and call you will lose shield stun duration and banner damage and buff, and if you level up shield strike instead, you lose harad call stun chance. And you really can't consider Prayer OP after it got nerfed to 45 sec cd and 40% heal at 4/4. Fetter was also nerfed if you didn't notice, the radius is now ridiculously small, it really can't get any smaller. What else do you want? If Sentinels lose Paladin fetters, there will be no counter for Legions many control
  4. This please... For obvious reasons
  5. Nope, those would still come in their events, that would be a waste of 'rare' items chance. Chests should give something new and valuable.
  6. It would be good enough if they add unique chests that drop new and unique costumes, skins, minions, potions and scrolls for PvP and PvE, and even guild stuff like great unity potions*, unity signs, and castle repair scrolls, etc... Ultimately, those chests would be tradable too, so people that can't win tournaments would have a chance to get them or be more motivated to buy slots for the cool cosmetics. Or better yet, those items I mentioned could be added for a fixed CC price, without chests. * I don't like that we need to wait events to get those potions from chest eve
  7. Let's try something better. https://db.warspear.pp.ua/calc/en/37852 The enchant is wrong btw, charmed, it should give 63. Voila ~930 dmg
  8. i say pala cus i play pala and it gud
  9. Excuse me gladiator aura reduced hp instead of increased
  10. Whether necro needs a buff or not, that's a different topic, I was talking about heal difference specifically. But I agree with you that Necros aren't strong right now, the revive skills were kinda a disappointment tbh.
  11. You still can't compare Paladin's heal to actual healers. The Paladin heal does heal more than Necro but it has almost x4 necros heal cooldown. And Paladin sacrifices skill points from either stuns or damage for that. So I'd say you'd rather complain about fetters at this point.
  12. That moment when you realize that Russians complained about Fetter nerf way more than 1 topic in international, and even the idea that fetter silences only after lvl4 also came from Russian suggestions, and when you realize that "mercs" suggested something completely different to fix Fetters. Feel free to feel dumb as you realize those facts. 🙂
  13. My reviews for some of the new skills that I happened to experience during test and are worth considering if anyone cares: - Priest and Necro revive skills are not bad in concept, but they have high cooldown and the revived character receives almost no health at 1/4, even at 4/4 it's like 40% hp and 20% mana. I think it should be 100% hp and mana at 4/4, otherwise no point in investing skill points in it, that's if no chance of letting 4/4 revive in arena for example. - Natural Resistance: I don't know if it was intended to have that low cooldown, but I don't see any po
  14. I really put the 50% HP on the poll randomly. Anyway, I'll give my thoughts on the new skill. Not sure if the numbers of the test server are the real ones, if they are, I'd say the situation is not as bad. 50% is pretty nice, even though it doesn't count other buffs and craft gears, it makes perfect sense, it would be crazy healing 3-4k or more. It definitely involves a new way to play Paladin (for me at least), it's not the old stunning machine with high damage anymore, it's more supportive than ever, will have to see how that plays out in high level arena fights, w
  15. Lab is old news, nothing to be proud of, anyone can do that nowadays. I said that Paladin lacks defensive abilities when compared to other tanks like DK and Barb, didn't mention BD's defense being better, and as far as I know, all other tanks can use shield, nothing special about Pala. And my argument that it was ok to have less defensive abilities since we have better control, it covers up. But with this nerf, we do not really have better control anymore, and still not better defensive abilites, I don't see how anyone would disagree with that. If you wanna count that we have mo
  16. Imagine if MCs had 50 Warlocks, and were winning all wars, would it make sense to remove stun from Dark Circle? Warlocks are gonna become very weak in Arena. So no, it doesn't make any sense.
  17. I addressed the point that this fix could be for wars. And all I can say is that it's not fun for Paladins like me who never actually participated in wars because of its timing, so I hope they didn't really nerf it because of wars, because now it's useless in Arena too which is my main interest. They definitely could have made a smarter fix if wars was their only concerns. And Mages are a bigger danger in Wars than Paladins, so I don't know how that makes sense to give mages more AoE damage. Also looking at the results of the last war, 3 wins for MC, 3 wins for elves, 1 draw in
  18. Still doesn't explain why they had to nerf Fetters in particular. Look at the last 2 skill fixes in the main post, they all involved buffs for Paladin, and especially buffs for Experts, they should at least consider those skills that were buffed that might have led to Paladins becoming overpowered. Because fetters is 6 years old, and I don't see why NOW that it became op. Oh no problem in PvE, didn't mention it at all.
  19. I find it completely absurd that they do such a radical change to a basic skill. I don't remember the last time it happened to any class. They have all the expert skills that they can edit, but they chose fetters, even though it has been like that since the beginning of Paladin. Nonetheless I suggest this fix instead of just completely removing silence effect. 1/5: lock 2 characters and silence 1 of them 2/5: lock 3 characters and silence 1 of them 3/5: lock 4 characters and silence 2 of them 4/5: lock 5 characters and silence 2 of them 5/5: lock 6 characters and
  20. Good job arguing against the argument that I never made! I didn't say stuns is everything in Arena, it's definitely a big part of it though. But for Paladin, it doesn't have much without its control. Unlike Deathknights and Barbs for example who have stronger defense. Paladin has weak defensive abilities and thats why it was important to have more control (Now less). Look, all I'm saying is that I know Paladin might have needed a nerf, but that was the wrong way to do it, and no one still could justify this nerf replying to the 3 points I made in my main post, especially the fir
  21. Too many people are missing the point, or just purposely acting dumb. I don't who brought up 1v1, all I mentioned was Arena and wars. So I'll spare myself the time replying to people who came here just to miss the point and have no real argument. Now that's funny, who are you to say that? Is that real balance if a class like necro and priest is completely useless in PvP? And then you wonder why there are few Priests and Necros and why there is overpopulation for some classes. No logic whatsoever. No my dear, if a class is weak in Arena/PvP then it needs a buff in Arena/P
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