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  1. 20 minutes ago, SplendorBR said:

    It was just the first day, I believe they will add it to the arena tomorrow.

    Yeah didn't see any comments about it so I thought to put it out there.

    Actually, there is so much wrong in the new mode, not just that.


    Russians are already pointing it out:



    And I called it before it comes out:

    On 10/23/2020 at 5:01 PM, Gladiator said:

    But, I'm not a big fan of the fact that we can only apply solo. This already happens in current 5v5 and 3v3, where people of the opposite alliance put their afk characters on demand, so that they ruin the opponent's teams by having their own afk character, ending up in 3v2 or even 3v1. It just becomes a battle of who has more characters under his control. Just let the people have the option to demand in a full party. It's unnecessary, it's abusable and it's not serving its intended purpose of balancing out the teams.


    I don't understand. I guess devs don't know their game well enough? Don't they see what's happening in 3v3 and 5v5? 

    And the fact that it will be replacing the best and most fun mode - Seals! Or the modes will be ''alternating'' as @Holmes said, it sucks... At least make it alternate with the normal 3v3 only.


    Solo demands-only should be removed alltogether. Change my mind. Any dev comment is welcome too.

  2. May I strongly suggest that you add a 3-5 second immunity when respawning in the new 3v3 arena mode? It's not gonna be fun to get instantly farmed. I know it's not optimal also to give the revived players the immunity advantage, but if the oppoents don't stand right on top of the spawning area, it should fade away before there is any re-engagement. It will just discourage the players from camping the spawn areas, and it will be more balanced IMO.

  3. Ah I see a timely theme, I love it! 

    Very nice graphics and art. I hope to see more depth to the theme than just aesthetics, like some ''infected'' areas where you need special equipment (masks :biggrin:) to enter, or you'll receive poison damage; Poison damage is increase when there are nearby allies (social distancing :rofl:). Area effects kinda like the underwater. But nonetheless, great theme. But I gotta say, that skeleton in the picture needs to wear the mask over his nose!


    I love the idea of seasonal arena modes! Does that mean we will also see a special mode for Christmas every year? That would be great.

    But, I'm not a big fan of the fact that we can only apply solo. This already happens in current 5v5 and 3v3, where people of the opposite alliance put their afk characters on demand, so that they ruin the opponent's teams by having their own afk character, ending up in 3v2 or even 3v1. It just becomes a battle of who has more characters under his control. Just let the people have the option to demand in a full party. It's unnecessary, it's abusable and it's not serving its intended purpose of balancing out the teams.

  4. Yeah, piercing is definitely not the answer for a Paladin. Only if using 2 handed weapons. And especially not if using magic weapons, obviously.

    However if you're using physical damage build, and you feel like your mana is doing fine, then a bit of piercing won't hurt.

    And then whether you want stun or CD on boots, it will depend on your other gear. For me, since I already have 24% CD, and since I use stun mace and enchant shield with stun, I do stun on boots. But it's totally up to you.

  5. Listen I was bored and I wanted to start a controversial topic to re-ignite good ol' forum discussions.

    Do I NEED the shield to be self-castable? No. Do I really want it for me? No

    It'd be really boring to be THAT good at playing Paladin and have that shield on yourself.



    Like imagine broken BD partner being afk, and you're going against 2 broken bds and 1 pala. And still managing to steal the seal?

    Broken classes fiasco.mkv

    There are some MLG pro 200 IQ plays in this vid, viewer discretion is advised.

    Like really.. Really boring :teehee-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

  6. 18 hours ago, Hourai said:

    10k hp paladin does not mean 10k hp shield, just fyi, I see this misconception thrown around a lot.

    Just like paladin's prayer, shield only works on BASE HP, so throwing craft gear or 15% HP buffs or whatever does jack all to the shield.

    And like every paladin main knows, we have low base HP, therefore 100% of it to shield is not as gamebreaking as it seems to be. 

    No, it does calculate total max HP including all sorts of buffs unlike Harad Prayer. But:

    I wanna reiterate what Zeus said and why this 10k HP shield is misleading. First of all 10k is waaayy above average, the average is between 6-7k.

    So if Paladin has 7k HP, the shield will absorb 7k damage as if the Paladin had 0% def and resilience. So basically 3 hits from a bladedancer (their damage being over 2,5k-3k on 0 def). If the BD hits the Paladin 1.5k in normal situations, that means it's actually absorbed not more than 4.5k dmg (1.5k x 3 hits).

    Suddenly the 7k becomes 4k, and even when we say 10k HP shield, it actually absorbs around 6k from what the Paladin would have received.

    Still very strong relative to other shields, but not 10k HP, and will never be 25k HP.


  7. 18 minutes ago, Raislin said:

    Ofc if the opposition has octo book then its a automatic loss since that book is almost like cheating lol.

    Well they mostly have jump and fetter cleanse pots, that's if fetter even lands due to being able to reach 30-40% resist from castle scrolls.

    I could say the same thing about your opponents, they must be doing something wrong, 2 Shamans should very hard to kill for a Paladin even with a BD or a Ranger partner. There is just not enough burst damage to kill them before they can cycle blind and start and running healing back up. Of course we win, but it's a balanced fight after all. Thanks to the shield, it's not a 100% win-rate on eithe sides.


    We can keep sharing personal anecdotes, but it's not gonna accomplish anything, it's not a good evidence. Maybe they're just so bad, maybe my opponents are too good, or maybe I'm so bad, and you're way too good at this game that you don't represent the majority. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, Higgings said:


    even if


    Okay then. What kind of penalties or "nerf" would you be ready to accept for the sake of being able to cast it on yourself? 




    Would you accept to self cast it with the strenght of how it was the very first time it was released? 

    Hell yeah, you're asking if that's better than nothing?

    Really anything. Just better than being completely unusable.


    What I think would make the most sense is to cast 100% of the HP shield on 1 target or 50% of the HP on 2. It would be a bit of a drastic change, might have to adjust durations and cooldowns with that.

  9. 1 minute ago, Higgings said:

    you want to be able to cast this skill with the current statistics on yourself. 

    Not necessarily, I never said that.

    In fact, here is it what I said in my original post:

    On 5/27/2020 at 6:04 PM, Gladiator said:

    I think it would be only fair for Paladin to be able to use shield on himself, even if it's a bit weaker version (If used on himself) or for some sort of penalty

  10. And @Higgings, Regarding the ''unpopular opinion''. The reason for that is that I know exactly how strong the shield is, and it will be an unpopular opinion mainly among non-paladins. But I tried to explain that having this option, won't affect the strength of the shield, it will remain the same in most situations since it's obviously better to cast 2 instead of 1.

    Most of your points were: But it is already too strong! Well that's not the main topic, I'm not asking to make it stronger, you clearly have a problem with its strength and not whether or not I can cast it on myself.



    11 hours ago, Raislin said:

    Played paladin without sacred shield for the longest time in 1h/shield setup, focusing instead on the sun seal/shield combo to keep healed up, but decided to go for a 2h mace magic setup instead with sacred shield later because my opposition in arena was full +10 chinese barbs and charmers at the time with the occasional awarded rogue thrown in there for good measure so sacred shield was needed to stay alive most of the time and 2h mace gives good utility on majority of the skills anyway.

    Honestly don't care what they do with the skill, works either way for me. But for the rest of the game i hope the shield gets nerfed it's ridiculous.

    I don't blame you, I would also think the shield is insanely overpowered if all that I have ever fought are barbs and charmers. Since they would barely tickle the shield and shields in general basically nullify charmer's biggest stun.

    Try Necros/shamans, or even warlocks. People who can complete lock out the paladin and kill his partner while maintaining a safe range.

    Or Bds and druids, that can just blast throw the shield in few seconds, whilst still controlling the Paladin from far. An occasional mage thrown in there to instantly remove it just in case you could cast it. Lemme know how that works out for you.

    Do I think the shield is overpowered? Yes if you're facing DKs and Barbs in 2v2 :tongue:

    Do I think it's strong? Of course it is, but so are many other skills and classes and such a skill is needed for Paladin to survive in the current meta.


    Anyway, being able to self-cast it won't change any current interactions in the situations where you think it's OP. I don't see how, even if the shield is OP, it is an argument against the proposal. It's not like I'm asking to increase its duration or durability. It's not a buff.

    I don't see anyone complain about Paladins using minions to use the shield when they're alone. You just have a problem if we had the ability to use it without minions (?) So it's not a matter of is it op or not? I don't get it.

  12. Well, I'm a Paladin main, so I might be biased to say that Paladin is 100 times more fun. There's just so much you can do with a Paladin, you can be a healer and support class with a lot of CC, you can be a damage dealer with high AoE damage or just single target damage and control, or you can be a tank (to an extent). Obviously you can't do all at once, but it just shows you that you can build your Paladin in different ways in terms of skill set ups and gear choice between 2 handed or 1 handed weapons, and magical or physical damage.

    Warden can be a lot of fun too, but most players who play warden just use them to soak up damage. Plain ol' tanks with no other utility. Even though there are some hidden gems in their skills like Guard Protection that I rarely see utilized in PvP.

  13. 40 minutes ago, Higgings said:

    Because in arena you can't use a minion, therefore my only chance to kill a paladin is killing his mates while I mute/stun him. If I have to kill a paladin with 8k hps, followed by a shield precedently casted, his skill which increases its hps (Harad Prayer? Beg you pardon, I can't remember precisely the name) his heal and now again another 8k hp shield to break because (supposedly) the pala can cast the shield on himself - don't you believe that killing a 25k ~ hp tank with stuns and damage dealt-increasing skills is quite harder to beat than a DK who shall be killed twice IF I sacrifice arena rings, block on shield and HPs on gears for the sake of HP regen and if I make it completely useless in PvE? 

    You're still missing the point and I feel like I'm repeating myself for the last couple of posts so I'll have my final say on this:

    - People are already fighting and killing Paladins with their 25k HP in Arena, that will not change if Paladin can self-cast the shield when he's alone.

    - Paladin IS weaker than DK when they're alone, you can't deny that, can you? Because Pala won't have the ''25K HP''. That's the only thing that was said regarding DKs being stronger.

    You're basically saying: ''I disagree because Paladin will become stronger than my class and I won't be able to kill them 1v1'' (which is not even necessarily true in general, but maybe for you). Because again: Nothing else that affects you is gonna change. Unless you're worried that Paladins aren't using enough Life Scrolls in underwater content.


    And then lemme address your hypothetical scenario:

    So you kill the Paladin's mate first while controlling the Paladin, ok nice so now it's 2v1. The Paladin is alone. He casts shield on himself, assuming you don't kill him before he gets the shield back, which would be very improbable due to the lack of other defensive skills. So Paladin has a shield now what? Suddenly Paladin can win 2v1? No, It will just delay his death. No change in the outcome. The only difference is that if it ends up 1v1 as part of an arena battle, the Paladin has a CHANCE to win against some classes like tanks maybe at least which is included in the 10% that I referred to in my last post. Many other classes (Like Shaman, Charmer, Druid, BD, Ranger) will still kill the Paladin 1v1, but will just take longer which is at least more balanced than killing them in 5 seconds.


    26 minutes ago, Higgings said:

    They can. Get a minion. Simple. 

    So much for F2P.. Just like saying go buy that item from the shop to use the skill (Which was the case for many skills and was removed because of bad design)



    Lastly: If you're problem with the skill is that it's too strong, then that is a different topic, you're more than welcome to make a topic on that. But it's not a good reason to make the skill unusable in solo content wasting skill points, unless you want Paladins to have a stock of oblivion books or minions which is not really that F2P either, as no other classes experience that.

  14. If you're unhappy about your class, then make a suggestion not counter-suggestions to other classes.

    If your Deathknight isn't tankier than an equally geared Paladin, then I don't know what to tell you man, DK has permanent damage reduction and a passive that basically makes enemies have to kill the DK twice. And I don't think DK is the most OP class in the game, I would agree to a buff as they are kinda useless in PvP nowadays (still tankier in solo situations). I think if you played anything other than DK, then you'd understand how weak Paladin is without the shield. All we have remaining is gear which everyone else has and some heals that would be counter-productive the more you increase it. (For example going 2 handed and losing the chance to block 1.5k hits and shield strike stuns and heals for extra 1-2k heal)

    And we are talking about Paladins without the Sacred Shield here, since the only change we're talking about is Paladin being alone.


    1 hour ago, Higgings said:

    You are the one who is proposing a buff and also a Paladin as main, it's perfectly normal that you don't see this skill strong

    I never said it's not strong, in fact I did say it is strong and for good reason. And I emphasized it is necessary for Paladin's existence and relevance in the game with increased control resistance and reduced AoE control for the Paladin (original post).


    And I don't understand how you see this as a buff. I can already cast 2 of these ''op'' shields by simply using a minion. I'm asking to be able to cast 1 when I'm alone so that the skill points aren't totally wasted or that I don't have to keep a stock of useless minions just for a shield dummy. It's mostly for PvE which is also mostly solo-content, it won't affect 90% of the other PvP content (wars and arena). It's not a buff, unless you're worried about PvP cave 1v1 fights, which is not really a good reason to deny the change.

  15. On 10/12/2020 at 9:46 AM, Higgings said:

    . Removing this cons is just giving a useless buff to an already strong skill. I'm asking why, and so far everyone just said "yes it deserves this change". No... no, it doesn't because the skill is strong enough.

    I don't know, like, did you read the original post? I see you're so invested in opposing the idea that you're replying to everyone's comment, wonder why.

    And it's not just a ''why not?''. It's more of a ''why?'' is it this way in the first place. Too strong? Even though I greatly disagree that it's too strong. It is very strong, pretty well-deserved after the continuous nerfs to palas AoE IMO. But is it too strong? Nah try in arena against high control/damage classes like Shamans, Rangers and BDs, they melt it in no time.

    But even if it's OP, then nerf it! It's not a good reason to remove the ability to self-cast, leaving it completely unusable in a lot of situations. Remember: it was REMOVED and we want it back, so the question here is ''why'' and not ''why not''


    And again: there is really no reason to oppose the ability to self-cast - It would be mostly harmful in group situations to only cast it on yourself since you lose a second copy.

    It would only help the paladin be less than a piece of paper when he's alone. Which if you saw a paladin alone, you'd know how much of a piece of paper it is. And devs know it, otherwise they wouldn't give us a new skill that is totally defensive (pretty weird for pala right?). Needless to say, that skill also kinda sucked.

  16. I'm fine with castle buffs but not castle teleport and cleanse pots. And the reason for that is that 'everyone' can use castle buffs and get the same value.

    But cleanse and teleport pots are different. You can't use these during sleep/fear/blind/stuns. However they work if your locked by a silence or movement lock skill. And that just straight up gives a bigger advantage to some classes over the others, since some classes have more of stuns/fears than just movement control and silence, and vice versa,

    We can sit and list the skills that could and couldn't be affected by these 2 pots and then find out which classes are mostly disadvantaged which ones are just 100% advantaged. But we shouldn't be really talking about that, because we shouldn't have these disparities between classes and thus, factions/sides, in the first place.

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