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  1. The relic update is not in for me (steam version) @Holmes
  2. Give me 10 mcoins back, I spent to change it when I realized we can't do it.
  3. I doubt that will happen... However I could see an item being added that gives a ''Fast travel ticket'' buff or whatever, that makes you teleport for free for a certain amount of time like 2-4hrs. It would cost around the same amount as 1 set of teleport scrolls (99 Mc) or probably a bit less. That way when you're jumping from map to map doing daily events and such you can just use that and save a little bit of gold and do the events in that time. I do agree though, teleportation is a problem especially if your guild does the events daily, add to that seasonal events/raid bosses etc.. You can easily spend 10-20 tp scrolls daily.
  4. I'm preeeetty sure that's the case not only for banner. But please, correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Well damn, that's even worse than asking for a nerf, sorry I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. You want summoning, DK, and Shaman skills all to basically have the same end effect as this single skill banner? You wanna have 4 classes that have the same role as Paladin, how more unbalanced do you want the wars to be just for you to be happy? My point was that there is an equal opportunity for legions to do the same thing as sentinels using Chieftains, but apparently you want more opportunities. Ah yes the balance, now I get it.
  6. Rooiiight riiight... Yall nerf-askers love to exaggerate dontcha. It just amazes me... All I see everywhere is banner this banner that. But like Zeus said, the skill does 50%x6 of the magic, you have an analogous counterpart on the legion side - Swooping Army - with the same mechanics and which deals 55%x5 of magic of a class that can reach up to 150+ more magic than Paladins due to cloth armor. It comes down to basically the same total damage. Please tell me in what world is this not fair already. How people are complaining only about Banner damaging the flag is beyond me... Either stop complaining or ask for ALL AoE skills to not damage the flag at this point...
  7. Where is Deathknight pull? Where is Warlock Circles? The same tools Elves have, MCs have. I also got stunned and killed before banner many times. It just sounds like you're too slow, or your alliance are not doing a good job. The lag happens AFTER pala places banner, so you can't even use that excuse. There is no reason for a Paladin to be able to revive > banner better than Chief revive > swoop. Right now it seems like you're just complaining because you're losing wars even though both sides have the same skill types that do the same job just in different forms, just one side is utilizing it more and you're too lazy to improve and you asking devs to win wars for you by nerfing other side for no reason.
  8. No one is saying that they shouldn't fix the lag. The lag issue is a problem, I agree. But people are only suggesting to nerf banner's damage while justifying it with VERY exaggerated numbers. And again: - How is nerfing banner damage gonna fix lag? - How is removing banner damage from flag gonna fix lag? The lag is coming from banner hitting so many minions/summons, not because of flag. People here clearly have a problem with banner damage on the flag particularly, that is clearly their main concern here. And considering Chieftain has almost the exact same skill in terms of damage on flag, I don't see how they can fairly ask for that. Just because your chieftains choose to not build a full magic set for AoE damage like Paladins, doesn't mean Banner is OP. Look at the screenshots from Zeus and do the math, Swooping Army deals 55% x5 and Chief can reach more magic than Paladin because of cloth armors, it comes down to almost exactly the same damage in total. You have no right to complain about it.
  9. How is Paladin able to revive and place Banner and other classes can't revive and do a skill too? Paladin does not have special magic immunity to damage and control when they revive they are just as much prone to instantly die as any other class. Explain that please.
  10. 100% crit rate (impossible) x8 hits 1 banner (wrong, x6) Yeah I'm sure the math checks out. Notice how the topic quickly turned into ''nerf banner damage'', shows how much you care about the actual 'bug'. I recommend once again to close this topic or move it from the support section :) The solution to this lag is easy, make all AoE skills have a limit on summons/minions. For now I think you can turn off the damage/heal numbers in your settings. It's definitely not a BANNER OPE PLS NERF problem.
  11. Bahaha this is funny... Nerf Banner damage because it's causing server lag? How is that gonna fix it? Banner (just like all AoE skills) does not have a limit on minions, only on players. You're just looking for a reason to nerf its damage and you're hiding behind ''server lag''. Your problem is not banner damage, it's just general server stability when there is many numbers going around. Reducing banner damage even to 1 damage per hit will not fix your problem. The point is, yea they should fix the lag but reducing banner damage or ''removing'' its damage on the flag will not solve your problem because it's still gonna hit the 100 minions around the flag so it's gonna be 100 instead of 101 numbers. Banner does 50% of magic, that means with 1k magic, meaning 500 per hit which is x6 = 3000 damage without considering any defense. Maybe you should think about attacking instead of defending if you can't defend that. Because surely you can deal more than 3000 damage per player if you attacked properly. Banner is barely good in other places in the game, if they nerf it for you then it will be useless. Now is there an issue with AoE skills hitting every minion in area? Maybe. But then just make ALL AoE skills also have a limit on minions too. Maybe that will fix the lag. (Of course you won't agree with that because your problem is not really the lag, but that banner is hitting the flag ) I don't think this is a support matter, you're literally asking for a re-balance, Idk how this topic is not closed yet.
  12. Now show us the most used amounts or average amounts for 1 piece
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