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  1. aaa compreendi fica repetido em cada parte apenas para ilustra os atributos daquele conjunto, obrigado
  2. Minha armadura, têm um número de regeneração de energia que difere do número mostrado nos status. só estou criando este tópico pois ao conversar, uma pessoa apontou está curiosidade a armadura se trata dos magos do arquipélago pirata,segue as informações separadamente. , , , , , não sei exatamente como se deve fazer esta contagem dos atributos, mas fiquei na dúvida, espero está postando este tópicos na área correta , se ouve algo de errado com a seção gostaria que mudasse para correta :) se precisarem de mais informações estou a disposição.
  3. priest is very weak, players now reach Very high damage above 1k ~ 1500 I'm not saying it's unfair just that something isn't right in the priest class, it needs a more efficient control and/or form of area defense: this expert skill is very good, bad of it, it will only work on close targets, say 1 * 1 skill distance this skill works to only defend against 1 opponent. and helping the group deals more damage to the enemy this skill only affects 1 single target, not viable for mass events. now let's get to the point I'm trying to get across to you. Let's say I, as a priest, am in the 5v5 arena, the enemies ignore my group and specifically attack the priest. Let's say he has 3 control skills (1 theoretically in area / 2nd single target / 3rd single target), using the first skill only 2 enemies are immobilized (in a scenario only 2 enemies outside hitting), Remaining 3 enemies, using both last skills, there will only be 1 enemy left, now comes to an interesting point that i would like to point out that to get to this scene the priest pressed 3 skills and to use each of them there is a small gap between them. my point is that this is a hardly possible scenario to occur because, having time to use an ability, the other enemies have already approached , there is nothing strong in this shield, just in a single hit it is broken, broken, useless as i said before the attacks managed to be much bigger than its defense, with the enemies reaching high levels of 1 penetration 2 ferocity 3 critical attack 4 Own damage ,The priest needs a defense, not necessarily a stum, it could be an Immunity Skill against enemy attacks the target couldn't be attacked, and the priest couldn't attack I hope friends can understand that this topic can be modified by you who are reading opinion and very important
  4. the worst things that exist in games and the "infinite combo" where you are unable to fight back against the enemy we should talk about the charm I think I'll open a Topic about it unfortunately it got bad simply if Mater alive and a PvP against the charm and join the lock, the battle is simply lost the ferocity attributes are now passed to the pets becoming the lock zone makes us unable to perform any action the bosses causing absurd debuffs in Area bleeds and an explosion of massive damage.
  5. ok vamos lá, GOSTARIA MUITO DE PARTICIPAR!! tenho umas dúvidas 1⁰ esse sorteio ocorrerá apenas para aqueles que obtiver um "drop" nessas 15 entradas de Dungeon ou posso passa dessas, exemplo eu dropa na 16⁰ tentativa estarei participando? 2⁰ será 1 tkt por personagem no sorteio ou posso participar mais de um personagem no mesmo e-mail? '-' desde já Obrigado : )
  6. Espero que eu consiga fica forte esse evento batalhei muito para fica o , melhor possível para que me chama-se para a Masmorra , comprei um cajado que não e todo mal lv28 coloquei +6 ums equipamentos melhores, pfv ajudem os free play
  7. I thought it was only in the BR service that I had it but, my opinion is that society evolves to the point where it simply becomes a society and each one lives individually always wanting to be the .. the most powerful without caring about the next one who is starting his journey and
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