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  1. Such a great job, you both speak well :) sad end and scary end music :shok:
  2. THE MERCS on the good start THE MERCS KNOW NO FEAR >:D
  3. No xD and letting a poor computer turned on only for trolling... :cray:
  4. It's pointless to pretend being a bot, stupid loss of time
  5. The 3 chars are still there ? They really never dc ?
  6. The MERCS, a new world order >:D nice job :)
  7. I'm impatient too see what final order will look like ;)
  8. So cool for you that no need special rank to put and withdraw items xD
  9. Our vid so zool, we did good job this time at lab x) ty Elie :give_rose: You're gonna post rules here too ? And Baba you half-killed me spamming warehouse x)
  10. I was talking to Elie about pvp but I am open too for pvp when requested :blush: even though I'm not fond of it, maybe that's why I can't tell best players :unknw: PS : I was joking uh, ofc Elie is the best pala :blush:
  11. I can confirm it :lol: btw nice to meet you Ladygi :drinks:And wtf ppl talking of love stories here :shok: (Elie I love you :blush:) I won't tell you're the best until I pvp you :tease:
  12. Hey guys, gonna share point of view for first time, because this is a really crazy matter ! For me it seems that before all that fuss with hacking and all, signs were the cheapest mcoins thing...20k for something worth 400+ mcoins, that's not respecting the rule "1mc=100g" then maybe we reached now normal price... What's boring is that only elves have so much overpriced signs and all, and only a part of ppl profiting ! Solutions : 1- everybody becomes rich :bad: 2- we all our ass to make prices drop down as it was before, but too many ppl greedy, who will sacrify his money to start dropping prices, and then others will buy to sell expensive after etc VICIOUS CIRCLE 3- we spread to mc the inflation (plz don't burn me for saying that dear mc :give_rose:) Anyways we are trapped in the situation.
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