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    Zedeght reacted to Danfake in [2020.12.07] Game servers stop. Farewell to the Median Night holiday!   
    Clearly AIGRIND Reacts faster to elf whining.. 
     Preference don't know, benefits instantly
    DK Nerf skill (Changing mechanics, but a useless skill to attack), But they don't say anything about guild's skill blessing, Thanks now the mage will carry the flag faster. 
    Guild 40mage capturing Castle with skill blessing + area damage, gz AIGRIND 
    If you really want wars to be fun, prohibit the use of any guild skill, because today that war turned into war of the one who uses skill Teleport and Blessing the fastest. 
    Then don't complain to get bad score on Play Store and Steam
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    Zedeght got a reaction from Akasha in [2020.10.30] Welcome the new administrator - Nolan!   
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    Zedeght got a reaction from Khrone in [2020.10.28] Game servers restart. Welcome the Horror Circus!   
    I like update but I dont like the dungeon in last boss, that need to be 5/5 yes or yes, or be 1-2 being full +10, I will try be 3/5, but is hard last boss ;-;
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    Zedeght reacted to Peony in [2020.10.23] Update Warspear Online 9.1: Infected Grunland. Preview   
    Sam Hayne knows full well how eagerly the people of Arinar are waiting for his horror show. This year, he chose the beautiful island of Grunland, which has always been famous for noisy and fun celebrations, as a place to celebrate the Median night. But again, things didn't go according to plan...
    A messenger in a tall top hat demanded three gold pieces for delivering a strange-looking letter, which he called a "telegram." It reads:
    "Merry Median Night! Telegraphing you from the Grunland island. Come soon, tonight will be exciting. Terribly exciting! There is a Green Plague outbreak going on, more and more sick every day! The city is besieged by an army of the living dead, they tried to overtake the post, telegraph and bridges, but their attacks were repelled so far. The rumour is that the epidemic is caused by one Totenhof. This alchemist is genius but also obviously out of his mind. Trust me, over these years I’ve learned to get into insane villains’ heads. If he is not stopped, Arinar will quickly become a poisonous swamp inhabited by the undead! No joke! So come soon. Yours, Barker."
    The Prince of the Median night, of course, believes that the warriors of Arinar will manage to stop the terrible epidemic, and so the preparations for the celebration are well under way!  There you will find exciting rides, eerie dungeons, blood-curdling world and guild events in the open world, in dedicated and GvG-territories, terrifying tasks, bosses and, of course, unique rewards! But first things first.
    Holiday Quests
    Oh what an adventure awaits everyone on the island! Each of you will have to go through 4 stages of the Great Work to stop the disease that gripped Grunland and save the holiday. At the same time, try to avoid a fatal infection yourself, since things are very bad with the vaccine. In addition, be prepared for truly dangerous and scary plot twists, because on the way you will have an explosive mixture of science and black magic. The local burgermeister will tell you the details and explain how to find out about the weaknesses of the Totenhof, so be careful with any information.

    In addition to your main task of eliminating ailments, daily tasks for all tastes will be available on the festive island: battles with the living dead, helping alchemists create an antidote, killing Totenhof's minions and dangerous experiments in laboratories. Also, do not forget about the fun battles with the players of the opposing Alliance!
    Somewhere in the deep labyrinths of the Gloomy Laboratory, one of the main figures of the Totenhof's army, General Joachim, is hiding. Your task will be to find the old soldier in order to weaken the forces of the dark alchemist, and also return to Sam Hein his scepter.
    After Totenhof escaped from Moraktar, the Unspoken One sent a detachment led by Sir Joachim after him. The death knight was ordered to overtake and capture the alchemist. But Totenhof was one step ahead of Joachim - the search has been taking too much time. When Joachim found traces of Totenhofin Grunland, the island was already covered by the Green Plague. Joachim's warriors and he himself fell victim to an insidious disease. Realizing, using the example of satellites who turned into mindless zombies, what a terrible end awaits him, Joachim made a desperate attempt to overtake Totenhof. But the death knight was too weakened by the disease. Crippled and broken, Joachim was taken to Totenhof. The alchemist showed compassion for the enemy - in his own understanding. Totenhof hastily healed the broken bones of the knight and did not allow the Green Sickness to finally kill the mind and flesh of Joachim. He promoted him to general of his unholy army, ordering him to make a gurney on wheels and a multi-barreled mortar for the knight. Having lost the remnants of his will, Sir Joachim became an obedient and the most formidable tool in the hands of Totenhof.

    To successfully complete the dungeon, you need to go through all the rooms, clearing them of infected zombies in order to get to the main enemy. However, be careful on the way: the undead can recuperate very quickly and you must finish off all the vile creatures for sure. And don't get fooled by the general's gray hair - this old man is still very strong!
    World Event "Liberation of Grunland"
    Remember your main task? There are more and more infected people every day, and there are still big problems with the vaccine. Gather all your strength to repel the creatures born of the disease as soon as possible and help with the production of the medicine.
    First stage "Trouble in the hospital"
    Patients with the Green Plague have turned into zombies and threaten to attack the nurses. Defeat the zombies, otherwise there will be no one to heal the sick!
    Second stage “Problems with pipes”
    In the pipes all over the island the poison is so concentrated that it can turn into pipe wraiths! Wraiths are serious opponents, but if you turn off the valves on the pipes, they will weaken, and it will not be difficult to defeat them! However, be careful, the Alchemist does not want anyone to approach the valves, he ordered his servants, acidic bloodsuckers, to protect them at the cost of their own lives!

    Third stage “Useful mechanism”
    The people of Grunland managed to get hold of one of the alchemical mechanisms. With his help, they began to produce drugs that weaken the course of the Green Sickness, but the Alchemist's soldiers are not asleep. The grenadiers are going to destroy the mechanism so that the disease spreads even faster! Protect the hope of the inhabitants of Grunland for salvation, dynamite will help you with this, but the detonator is guarded from it by the insidious ratmen, whom the Alchemist personally created for his dark deeds!
    Fourth stage “Plaguebearing Wyvern”
    The Green Plague spreads not only on the ground, but also through the air. The vapors that the plaguebearing wyvern breathes out infect everyone who inhales them! The time has come to put an end to the spread of the infection, crush the wyvern, but be careful, the Alchemist sent the Plaguebearers - this is the monster's favorite treat. If the Plaguebearer gets to the monster - the wyvern will regain its strength!
    Fifth stage "Decisive battle"
    The Officer of the Alchemist has gathered an army to once and for all crush the defenders of Grunland. He commanded his most devoted servants to spray the Green Plague around. Bodies of Arinar’s heroes will withstand the disease, but you still can’t underestimate its power. Beat the spreaders of the contagion and catch up to the Officer, it is time to end his evildoings!

    Sixth stage “Leader of the Guard”
    The Officer of the Alchemist's army, a victim of the Totenhof experiments, does not shine with intelligence, but he was awarded his title for his perseverance and incredible physical strength. It was to him that the Alchemist entrusted the command of his personal guard, so the battle with him will not be easy. Horrible poisonous darkness will envelop the edges of the battlefield, gods forbid you try and cross its border, and from the plague portals, until you destroy them, all zombie guards will keep coming - but do not lose heart, slay the Officer and the haze will dissipate. This will be a serious blow, and the Alchemist will not be quick to recover from it!
    Restart time: on schedule.
    Tournament guild event on the GvG territory "Contamination Zone"
    Each guild must prove the ability to resist disease. But stocking up on masks won't be enough for everyone - you need to capture the bunker! Therefore, when most of the territory is filled with dangerous fog, rush to the shelter and protect the entrance from all enemies of your union.
    Victory over the insidious Totenhof is impossible without cleansing the island from the pernicious influence of the Green Plague. This is only possible for those who are themselves able to withstand the terrible disease. The sages of the alliances decided to conduct a test, they selected a remote area of the island for him, where the bunkers of the Alchemist and his retinue were located. The pipes around the bunker are capable of spraying poison, which collects above the ground in toxic mists and spawns creepy zombies that thirst for blood. However, fogs are dangerous only on the surface, as soon as the opportunity presents itself - hurry to the bunkers, because those who stay there longer than others will be chosen by the sages! Remember that just entering the bunker is not enough to win, show the wise men your strength - smite rivals and henchmen of the Alchemist without a doubt, because only the best warriors will be awarded!

    The main task of your guild is to hold positions inside the bunker as long as possible, since per living participant inside, 2 points will be awarded every 4 seconds. Keep in mind that the more of you are there, the higher the place in the table will be. In addition, 10 points can be obtained for killing an enemy or a zombie emerging from the fog.
    The first 5 minutes at the locations will be relatively calm and you will be able to scout out the bunker where you will then take a defensive position. Just remember that you should be aware of other guilds, which will also be in search of shelter. Moreover, the situation will grow more dire at the 6 minute mark - the area begins to be affected by a dangerous fog that hides monsters. But you should beware the fog for other reasons too: caught on an infected location, your attack and cooldown speed will significantly decrease and your health will decay. Every minute 4 new locations will become infected, so in order to survive until the opening of the shelter, you will have to seek unaffected areas, of which there will be fewer and fewer. And when the entire surface is plunged into the poisonous fog, the long-awaited entrances to the bunkers will open. Keep in mind that they will no longer close, so you will have to hold the defense until the last second, because your enemies will also want to get to a place safe from infection.
    Restart time: on schedule.

    Guild event on a dedicated area "Creepy Cellars of the Meat Processing Plant"
    Are you ready for real hell? Then welcome to the intricate workshops of the Meat Processing Plant! Piles of living corpses, clashes with dead soldiers and many other infected creatures are waiting for you that want to share the virus with you. Arrange a real sweep, destroying everything in your path, and get to the nasty Meat Combiner to stop his crazy experiments!

    First stage "Creations of the Meat Combiner”
    Totenhof has unleashed a real war in Grunland - and war requires an army. Not all the victims of the Green Sickness are prepared to join the ranks of the elite troops of Totenhof,  most of the unfortunate ones turn into mindless zombies. But there is also a much more terrible fate - to become raw material for the unholy experiments of the Meat Combiner, who has equipped his workshops of horror in the basements of old slaughterhouses. The time has come to stop these inhuman experiments, but getting close to the monster is not easy, the path is blocked by countless numbers of its hideous creatures. Defeat them and be one step closer to victory!
    Second stage "Faithful Servants"
    The Necromatons are the Meat Processor's most advanced works. They help him spawn zombies, because, just like him, they are gifted with initial knowledge of necromancy and alchemy. If you defeat them, the monster will weaken and lose control of its catacombs.
    Third stage "Victory is near"
    Meat Combiner is one of those unsuccessful creations of Totenhof, which the alchemist, just for fun, endowed with a semblance of reason and an irrepressible desire to create more of his own kind, using primitive necromancy and an unlimited supply of dead flesh. No one has yet managed to get out of the cellars of this monster while preserving life or sanity. Now the Meat Plant is more vulnerable than ever, with most of its minions dead. However, don't underestimate its power, the Meat Processor is still strong and has something to surprise you with! To put an end to his atrocities forever, turn off the engines that power the terrible machines in his catacombs - the Meat Combiner will protect their controls especially zealously!
    Please note that at the end of the first stage, all the monsters will return to their places and among this crowd of rotten undead you will need to find 6 necromatons who support the forces of the Meat Combiner. After destroying them, you can find the most insane butcher in the basement. Just remember, to get out of the gloomy workshops, you must not only crush him, but also pull three special levers on the way to the exit. One by one, they will become available for activation as the power of the Meat Combiner is weakened. Feel free to join the battle, but do not forget about caution: the crazy villain will actively spawn new creatures right in front of your eyes if your attack turns out to be too powerful.

    In addition, at stages 1 and 2 of the event, you can take advantage of special buffs, which are issued for killing mini-bosses in the basement rooms. Taking out these monsters won't be easy, but it can make your main battle easier.
    Conditions of activation: complete 10 times any dungeon at the Horror Circus.
    Restart time: 12 hours after the event ends
    Open World Guild Event "Officers" 
    The situation on the island already resembles a real training ground. Totenhof decided to strengthen his forces and assembled a team of the best commanders in chief, who are gifted with all the qualities necessary to win this war. But the mad alchemist did not expect that Sam Hein would enlist the support of the warriors of Arinar, ready to stop the squad of undead.
    No army, not even an army of the dead, can do without commanders. Totenhof's zombie officers are the most hideous, frightening creatures he could create in his laboratory. They were all the defenders of Arinar once, but having fallen into the trap of the Alchemist, they turned into madmen, devoid of feelings and of free will monsters, whose only desire is to serve the alchemist and rise higher in the ranks of his terrible army. The officers are stationed in the Battle Casemates, they are always ready for battle, but if you defeat them all - the power of the Alchemist Totenhof will weaken!
    Conditions of activation: gather 5,000 Guild points.
    Restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.

    The corporal is one of the junior officers of the Totenhof's army. As punishment for his mistake, the alchemist burned his lungs with Green Mercury. Now the corporal's mouth and nose are always wrapped in dirty rags, and his eyes shine with a deathly mad fire.
    Chief corporal
    Chief corporal is another junior officer. One day Totenhof, for fun, locked him in a chamber filled with poisonous gas. The chief corporal survived only by a miracle, becoming a truly terrible enemy who hates all living things.
    Non-commissioned officer
    Even the rank and file of the Totenhof army are afraid of the non-commissioned officer. His veins are filled with Green Mercury from a tank strapped behind him - it also feeds the barrels of the NCO's formidable hand guns, from which he shoots enemies and deserters.
    Chief Officer
    The chief officer is one of the junior officers. In the tank behind him - poisonous acid, in which, according to rumors, he dissolves the corpses of any private that makes a mistake. By spraying acid around, the Chief Officer leaves behind only scorched earth.
    The captain was a senior officer - one day he was unlucky enough to fall into a vat of acid. Totenhof rebuilt the captain's mutilated body, amputating his legs and replacing almost all living flesh with steel. Since then, the Steel Captain knows neither pain, nor fatigue, nor pity.
    Five officers, like real leaders, remain away from the main battle. Make your way into the battle casemates, where you can meet the commanders of the Totenhof army on three underground levels. In addition, do not forget about the possibility of weakening the forces of the alchemist at any time, since the bosses are ready to take the fight with brave warriors outside the event.
    Raid boss Alchemist Totenhof
    Totenhof is the greatest of Arinar's alchemists, as brilliant as he is insane. Having found a way to combine necromancy and mechanics, he went through all the stages of the alchemical Great Work and created the incurable Green Plague, with the help of which he wants to subjugate the whole world. No one knows for certain what other experiments he is doing deep inside of his sinister Leprosorium.
    Prior to his arrival on the island of Grunland, the Alchemist Totenhof was a promising necromancer who learned secret knowledge the Plague Rat Order. After all the orders were destroyed Unnamed, Totenhof fled from Moraktar. After wandering around Arinar, he came to the Flying Islands to find new ways to treat (and manage) disease. The alchemist could not make friends with the inhabitants, he only wandered around the islands, admiring the amazing mechanisms and artifacts. He was especially attracted by the works of the Engineer, in them he saw the ideal and beautiful unity of science and magic. However, the Engineer himself considered him an envoy of the enemy and ordered to seize Totenhof, and then personally subjected him to terrible experiments, during which the doctor’s mind was irrepairably damaged. He managed to escape, and to continue his experiments he chose Grunland - a remote but populous trading island, where it is easy to hide from prying eyes and to find new material for experiments.

    Warriors, you must stop the insane alchemist before he destroys all of Arinar! The road to him can be as difficult as the battle itself, be careful. In the laboratory in front of you there will be two paths: a short one, filled with strong monsters that guard the peace of Totenhof, or a long one, where you will meet very few creatures, but you can fall into a trap.
    Also, do not lose your vigilance in the battle with the alchemist himself, because the enemy is quite savvy and your attacks can heal him at first, instead of dealing damage. And only stealing health can help you weaken its powers. In addition, remember that Totenhof knows how to poison everything around, so you should keep moving so as not to get caught in an acid shower or to not end up in a poisonous zone that appears when any player that dealt damage dies. However, do not forget that any poison has an antidote, which means that Totenhof's powers are not endless!
    It is, of course, impossible to imagine a Horror Circus without rides. And despite the difficult situation on the island, Sam Hayne came up with a way to save the amusement park. There are three exciting rides waiting for you, where all the necessary precautions are taken - so do not forget to stop by for some fun and earn Good Luck Tokens.
    AMoozing Grazing (solo, for all levels)
    The Green Plague affects not only humans, but also animals! Cows from the Grunland pastures are in the habit of attacking shepherds, and they are already afraid to go out into the field. The performers will generously shower with Good Luck Tokens to the one who can graze the mad cows the longest.

    Burn Bright! (solo and group, for all levels)
    Sam Hayne has already seen terrible epidemics that spread over cities and even entire continents. During his travels with the Horror Circus, he saw how in ancient times the dragon Valimir helped people cope with a terrible disease. At that time, plague worms crawled out of the earth, and both young and old fell ill from their bites. Then the dragon flew up into the skies, found the nest of these vile creatures and burned it down. And now, when a similar danger threatens Grunland, Sam Hein invites everyone to see how Valimir once defeated the source of a fatal disease. Turn into the dragon and burn the plague worms, set one on fire - the flames will go to the rest! The more worms die from the flames, the stronger the dragon will be able to burn the rest!

    Explosive fun (solo and group, for all levels)
    The Nandu birds of prey that the Alchemist bred in his eerie laboratories are terrorizing the surroundings! There are so many of them that the performers have to use special pumpkin bombs against them. Use this gift from Sam Hein too. Experienced bombers prefer to hunt pyromancer skeletons - they blow up with such force that nearby Nandu are also scattered to pieces.

    Holiday skills
    During the event each player will get 2 special holiday skills:
     Pumpkinman's help
    Do not underestimate the help of the Pumpkinman on the Horror Circus, because only one born of the Median Night knows what his master needs.
     Ratoborg’s help
    Ratoborg has endured abuse and being experiments on for too long - now he is ready to take revenge on all his enemies.
    You didn’t think you'd be left without surprises for the Arena's anniversary season, right? Such an important event means the time has come for great changes!
    With the start of the new season an absolutely unique 3x3 mode will appear: the Crucible, where one of the main differences from the others will be the duration of the battle up to 10 enemy deaths. The battles will happen between two teams of 3 players on equal terms: the level of all participants will rise to the maximum in their category (up to level 17 or 32), similar to how it is implemented in the 5x5 mode that you already know. All the rules for increasing the parameters of characters are the same as in the 5x5 mode.

    The current number of kills is displayed in the counter at the top center of the screen. Each kill increases the team's current score by one. Blue is your team, red is the enemy.
    If you die, the resurrection will occur automatically 5 seconds after death at one of the respawn points of your team, and the "Revive" button will be unavailable for pressing. In addition, please note that participation in the group is prohibited, you can apply only on your own.

    With the new Arena mode, there will be another interesting change: Seasonal Maps. The Crucible will present the first 5 maps that will reflect this year's island. Further, both modes and maps for them will be updated each season.
    Note that Arena 3x3: Crucible will become available in the game only at the start of the Anniversary Season, so you should be a little patient.
    Among other things, new musical themes are waiting for you at the Horror Circus. This will immerse you in the atmosphere of the gloomy island - so don't forget to turn up the sound!
    That's all for now, detailed information about rewards, gifts and holiday surprises will be available on the day of the release.
    See you in the game!
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    Zedeght reacted to Shade in New Expert Skill For Chieftain: Chieftain's Call (Suggestion)   
    it's better to leave the elves without class for now
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    Zedeght reacted to Higgings in New Expert Skill For Chieftain: Chieftain's Call (Suggestion)   
    I see everything...
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    Zedeght got a reaction from Khrone in New Expert Skill For Chieftain: Chieftain's Call (Suggestion)   
    >:V No more elfs, the most are DAMAGE-STUNNER xd
    ¡Omg higgings saw my post!
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    Zedeght reacted to Shade in New Expert Skill For Chieftain: Chieftain's Call (Suggestion)   
    idk why i'm afraid of seeing a war between chieftain and templar. a whole forest vs statues and reverse flow, their server wouldn't be able to handle it 😂
    is a great idea, I would like to see this skill in action, I hope that the developers pay attention to this topic
    his skills, basic and expert, are based on animals and their powers, but never an invocation
    i would change the fact that animals attack, I believe that only the buff is enough. but it's just my opinion, what do you think about it?
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    Zedeght got a reaction from Shade in New Expert Skill For Chieftain: Chieftain's Call (Suggestion)   
    I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain
    note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright
    Chieftain's Call
    Type: Active
    The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party.
    Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense
    Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party)
    Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party)
    Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party)
    Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear
    The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by  upgrading this skill
    1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds
    2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds
    3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds
    4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds
    I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game.
    I was 1 hour doing this topic...
    ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD
            Hypnop  US-EMERALD
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    Zedeght got a reaction from Lalution in New Expert Skill For Chieftain: Chieftain's Call (Suggestion)   
    I think this can be a good idea for new expert skill for chieftain
    note: I will write expert skill like Khrone, so I giving copyright
    Chieftain's Call
    Type: Active
    The Chieftain calls a herd of wild animals (Bear, Wolf, Tiger, Lion), each animal gives a buff to chieftain and chieftain's party.
    Bear: The Bear Buff gives a skin to the character (Or to the character's party) that increases physical and magic defense
    Wolf: The Wolf Buff gives some percent of evasion to the character (Or to the character's party)
    Tiger: The Tiger Buff gives attack speed to the charater (Or to the character's party)
    Lion: The Lion Buff gives some percent of physical and magic attack to the charater (Or to the character's party)
    Note: If any of the wild animal was killed the buff will disappear
    The HP of the wild animal and the skill duration is increased by  upgrading this skill
    1/4: The duration of the skill is 10 seconds
    2/4: The duration of the skill is 20 seconds
    3/4: The duration of the skill is 30 seconds
    4/4: The duration of the skill is 40 seconds
    I hope you liked my idea and that it is added to the game.
    I was 1 hour doing this topic...
    ATT: Zedeght US-EMERALD
            Hypnop  US-EMERALD
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    Zedeght got a reaction from Speedom in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Thanks you man 🙂
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