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  1. A sea monster but having a four-tailed venomous serpent. Breathes fire, has a venomous bite, gives off noxious fumes, or some combination of these three traits. Serpents have a lust for gold and often sleep on huge piles of treasure in burial mounds. They are often linked to greed. Piast was originally a termite who killed his own kind to gain access to their treasure, along with his precious treasures, he found a mysterious cup. This cup was said that if oneself drink upon this cup it will give you an everlasting life and power.. He drank on it and turned him into something that is far more different from what he expected. It turned him into an enornous Serpent! In Ayvondil caves, Piast becomes enraged when a golden cup is stolen from his treasure hoard and he goes on a rampage in whole Ayvondil searching for his stolen "Golden Cup'. Mechanics: Player must have obtained a key called, "Golden Cup" before you can enter Piast's lair (Satraps/Ponti Mechanics) HP - 1.5m- 2m Mana - 450 Mana Regen - 100 Damage - 350-450 Skill Damage - 550-650 Skills Poison Bite - like rouges poison thingy Fire Ball - mage fireball Its 4 tails shoots magic damage while its head bites dealing physical and shoots fireball having magic damage.
  2. Well all things doesnt matter now :D but on the other hand its been done by devs/developer(just a note stop using GM/GAME MASTER isnt right, gm are so called gm coz theyre the one who test's beta before it release, so use Devs instead gm :V) done means done so f u want to be OP just amp or use ur skills on a way you can be strong. Just for the fact all factions have they're win or lo0se thingy if you played enough you wont be here complaining and nahhh just keep on playing to be strong better quest than complaining. Or else change class/faction you know OP as you supposed. Cheers. Goodluck.
  3. this update has it all complains :crazy: i know making an update is hard but why make an update to take down first update? almost all classes has their own complains :wacko: hope to have a good game. on a side note, the old times is better than 4.0
  4. idk what to say but i quit ;D thanks for the update but no thanks i wont play anymore like before :nea: level cap sucks :mega_shok:
  5. lol true belt is a bit left out :wacko: while there is amulet and level 20 cloak way back old times :! why belt doesnt have upgrade :bad:
  6. Much better if mechanic is just like before or somewhat same.. Cc = lvl20 armors and heroic equipments from boss or kota..
  7. Are you kidding devs? The most stupid game mechanic..
  8. me and yuni will join ;D its more like selfie contest :rofl: nice one devs :good:
  9. now im 20 actually 1 month after i post this topic i got my BD lvl 20.. been accused as scammer, amp my equips to 8, made a Druid now she's 18 help people and met my Girlfriend :yahoo: , now I made a guild called EU - stands for EU-emerald :dirol: when we reach lvl3 we would gladly want to join tour ;D if we reach xD thanks for all the post. :drinks: Edit* Ive been scammed too, my 3m gold 23 set signs and 12 set repair, some runes and crystal and bag slots. But luckily the scammer didnt get my 18k mcoins still lucky ;D Another Edit* got lucky to get Troll :clapping:
  10. atleast i can play on my outdated for real symbian phone
  11. symbian update? o.O :facepalm: :snorlax: roland? any info bout symbian?
  12. been loading mcoins using MOL, still after using almost a thousand dollar for mcoins.. I only got discounted ONCE. Hope you always discount fair for all PAYERS i mean PLAYERS. Cheers.
  13. actually i play on my pc too but still phone is much better to play on and spend to much just to make my char strong maybe consideration on players? what you think :facepalm:
  14. i have Nokia X6, Symbian always have to wait -_- :cray:
  15. Hahah sd hatchet is powerful than sd blade! duck i just bought and amp now i need hatchet xD
  16. 2 hours for the upcoming "craft" update if im not mistaken and as a result of updating and/or fixing bug issues. Use common sense :pleasantry: - I presumed :unknw:
  17. I actually love the way graphic artists make guild tournament costumes. Thumbs up on this. Why dont try guild "skin" for next tour? And like gariel choose minion were you can choose wether 1h,2h,staff or bow/xbow? More guild will want skin,ofcourse 1h weapon should choose between "1h skin with shield" or 1h skin with 2 sword skin. . . Just a nifty addition if you ask me..
  18. good bag can be 150 slots, but still short for 52 dq's save :bad:
  19. weee its nice to see see old costume thumbs up on you guys :good: after devourer,troll is good addition :blush:
  20. Wew quest items+craft items 100 slot will be full in just a fast hunt. Add slot up to 1000 xD better..
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