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  1. Oh Lexi, coming with friends ? Ahah weak peoples .. Never mind . Im not alone to think its wrong, ask Timeskat Unforgivin and more and more shamans, if good for necro its good for you. I dont want argue on this point i explained my point of vue and many share my opinions and will not comment just to say "i agree" devs should reflect. Have a good day guys. And GM please, release that update .....!
  2. We saw an epic drama remember me old time with drama king: Zethu. I dont like Egoist and i dont like Wolfsy but both have somethings right sans somethings wrong in their post, to convlude the 2 are so upset to my mind. Nvm this is not why im here. GM WHAT ARE YOU DOING ??? WHERE IS NEW TOURNAMENT REWARD? Should i remember you the tournament end in 23hours? If i have 1 big déception in this game this is: YOU ARE TO SLOW TO RELEASE THAT YOU ALREADY SAID THAT YOU WILL RELEASE! (And let me cry about your ducking fail on Shaman cc set. We agree on the fact that actually shamans have 2 set Guiding Thread and Violent storm, ok? And Violent storm bonus are Accu and Critical right? Ok. Gt set, get 2 bonus too right? Hp and critical right? Ok. Violent set get replaced by a copy but lvl20 i agree, not much imagination but its ok. But why the hell you ducked the set who replace Gt set?? WHY MAKE HP RÉGÉNÉRATION IN THAT SET???? WE ARE SHAMAN ! WE HAVE A "HEAL" SKILL SO WHY PUT HP REGEN????????????????? ARE YOU DRUNK??????) Anyway other sets are good but im so angry about that big fail on shaman set.
  3. All is ok, all is repaired. Heroic was hard at the start but with brain all became easy xD My party was 2 nd to done Heroic and a lot of success joined this
  4. You are happy to give us a bugged game? Game reject every players who go on tower area on EU Emerald. I cant log my shaman anymore thanks very much for this awesome gift happy 6 years. No really im angry. Released a bugged game like this what do u do? 2 hours for block our chars? So cool. You need to repair this fast. Fast. Not an other 2 hours maintenance. Go for it.
  5. Wildhammer


    I dont know her too, and in fact i never thought about the fact a person could die and what will become a char etc.. Thats so sad.. I think you kept right decision.. Good luck.
  6. Really now i dont care. Now elfs, dont cry if you are not allowed to go pvp cave. Always ganking at swamp, always blocking stairs. Im done with questing and im really bored. Cheers
  7. Wildhammer


    I make that topic for all haters and all ppl who think Hassn amped me or things like that. I dont know why i justify myself, but you acted like children then now i answer like a child. See my last huge mcoin payment, this old payment was for ~400€ and you cant use this info to try acc my char because i did so much new payment since this. Enjoy.
  8. Melaa you was my friend during 2 years, you was my best friend.. And I know only now you are Nomercyx ?????? Oh my ducking god! I can't accept you leave because all your char banned, pm me with another char I need talk to you.
  9. My love :shok: be shy :blush: :give_rose:
  10. Profundo beated by my Girlfriend :blush: Good job baby :give_rose:
  11. @Merliane what's your problem? People don't have right to joke? Je sais pas pourquoi tu te prends la tête, donc calme le jeu la. Elle a le droit de rigoler il me semble, le nombre de gens qui parlent de cul dans la vrai vie --' donc je vois pas ou est le problème. @raffa yes we are happy, thanks :give_rose:
  12. Horizons, our love story is amazing
  13. Ik hou van je Horizons :give_rose:
  14. Aww :give_rose: my Sweety I love you
  15. I get some ring, Lavalier, mantle, lvl 15 or 17 but I never get lvl 18 items (lavalier is lvl 18 items but its not like a Heroic or Divine or Doom items xD)
  16. You said I scammed "many people" so you don't said I heard, so maybe you have as to show us! Please show. And why only you talk? Why the "victims" don't come to accuse me? Why are you alone? Oh... Because you lied... Oh... :cray: who have a good psychologist not so expensive to him? Please tell me :drinks:
  17. Your chars are on screen shot if you want said any char aren't you if you want we can ask admin!!!! You are trolled now :bomb: now I'll ask my leader to as when they will say you pm them ahahah :give_rose: now everyone will see :give_rose: you are so idiot ... Ahahahah now you want be the victim xD : please don't tell my guild is bad.. Are you very idiot or?? Who said your guild is bad? XD omg like a kid... Omg I laugh when I see child like you.
  18. Adminion, now we will laugh. Ahahahahah you are bad pier and I have a lot of proofs ahahahah now you are trapped. You said I tried ruin ALfheim guild? Ahahahahah show me screen shot of that, now I can said you tried ruin my reputation ahahahah!!! Me I have screen shot I'll post after this post. You tried ruin my reputation , when I want join a guild you pm (or your friends) my leader to lie to them!!!! Ahahahah!!! They can tell that!!!! Ahahahah!!!! But me even if I was angry I stay calm I wait that rumor end, you said I tried scamme you? Oh my god! Tell what is it today? I scammed your account? XD I scammed your girl friend heart? XD show me screen shot!!!!! I want see!!!!! XD The true is you heard this rumor too but the problem is you are paranoid and you didnt make your own opinion. But all leader are not like you, they can reflect ;) sorry if you can't :( but you make too much drama... You should see a Psychologist. Really OMG and now you want be the victim!!!!! XD "Dadz don't ryuin my guild reputation" omg I laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg :lol: :lol: :lol: Dadz don't want ruin you or anybody he just reflect and tell his opinion his OWN opinion :lol:
  19. That story make me laugh a lot... All people said "I heard" . So now I have 3 thongs to tell. 1st, How to scamme an items? It's very impossible. 2nd, every time when anybody get scammed he report on forum with proof. 3rd, if I heard you are a scammer are I need to trust every time what I listen? Before show you are idiot, try make your own opinion if you can reflect a little. So many jealous people lol! I'm mcoin user full +8 why scamme 1item? Ahahahah that make me laugh.. :yahoo: I think I have haters and lovers like every one but don't try ruin my reputation with idiot accusation. You can't because you haven't anything against me and smarter people don't listen you :drinks: I don't want idiot people as friends ! So oif idiot said I'm scammer no problem I really don't care. The fact is if I sell items even you will be buy it (because I sell always cheap) :give_rose: so your accusation are totally idiot. And I have last thing to tell you said I scammed 1 items and you? (What I scammed, your life? XD) If anyone have anything to cry, please make your own topic and let Admin check! They will delete your lie and maybe give you sanction to lie. Have fun to continue call me scammer or said "I heard" that make laugh everyone. Sorry for this Cocaman, your topic is full of shit now. Your first post said the true, o don't know why you changed..? Maybe he take you back or anything to don't have bad critics on his Guild. Again, make your own opinion about this Guild. Be Smart and cool people! And have fun to play. PS: Dadz is very old friend that why he defended me, I'm lazy to see shit so he tried make end that. Dadz is Legends members I don't think he will scamme or lie even for a friend --" . Make your own opinion people.. Its all I can said.
  20. I agree ALfheim is a bad guild, they just add you for GP, Adminion is the biggest lier, be careful member of ALfheim are lier and will kick you when they will have their GP.
  21. Too much DC :bad: :bad: :bad: I'm starting to be bored, we were hunting Demonologist :facepalm: :bad: Its already very rare elf hunt demo..... :facepalm: if WS lag when we do that... We will never get anything..
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