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  1. you can unbind it bro but that remove al of + and enchancments and it costs you miracle coins (amp going +10=more mcs
  2. it was an amazing war , ang gl for all my friends
  3. yea ty, but for info i dnt even have guild
  4. ik someone hes my friend his name is erakless hes better than tpain
  5. Ben kardeşim kullanmayın
  6. hey admins. sometimes when i play on my ipad it get out of the game and say to me do you want to send the bug to developrs i say yes (after entering thae game ) does dat really goes to server then to you or whatever or its just a fake ?
  7. you can get al catalysts at towers or sometimes at mobs or bosses or lab
  8. no you cant cuz you need quest to enter portal with ice keys but if entered sandro and doned quest you can stay to farm it.
  9. no thats impposible only if you didnt take that last quest after pirate captain to go to next camp so when you kill pirate captain you go to next map for more quests and more .
  10. you can see in the pic that the amount of unity signs needed is 0! and it was 1 to create a guild is it a bug or you really can now create a guild without unity signs ?! pls gms post as fast as possible.
  11. the nice in it is that you can dmg it on an enemy from 3yards and hit more than 1 enemy
  12. but you can rush and find him or put shield "magic transformation"and when he come to give you a strike you dodge him.
  13. highest lvl is 24 they w'll make highest lvl 26 so we have more slot in expert skills slot and have too 2 points for skill study
  14. hey if you want better when youre lvl 18 and up the best priests cuz theyere skills are so tricky between druids have secret link that can heal want my cohice ? i choose priests
  15. hohola

    Druid For Pvp?

    lightning 2, heal 4, root 3, secret link 4, magic of power 2
  16. inv lvl 6(all low lvls) make heal max cuz they low lvls can dmg so much and you need heal to recover hp and you need root 2l5 best skills for low lvls
  17. lvl 14 md:1567 pd:1145 MAGIcdmg:283
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