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  1. if you want for ph def you need to mix beetween brave warrioirs set and dd (2015) but if before brave warriors set update you need mix beetween dd and He armors.
  2. all noobs here, im a bd and i kill sham and warlock necro theyere not OPs BDs are OPs
  3. good luck becoming #1 pro in Us-saphire
  4. LOL help my lvl 8 char be bigger lvl
  5. hohola


    why all make now hi topics ?
  6. ah,if you remeber where is your friend in the game server make a new char and put the server that he\she is there and fing him\her
  7. hamstring is a basic skill ,xD
  8. hohola


    what is the point of this topic ?
  9. 1st. dnt put it on public and send to your "leader" in a message 2nd. who is your leader ? 3rd. what is the guild ? and ty.
  10. isso é verdade colocar as suas armaduras e todas as equips e amp e ir para a taberna ou se você quisesse ampères uma armadura ou arma, mas todas as coisas e deixar essa arma ou armadura que pretende amplificar e ir taberna e começar amp e bom amping sorte !
  11. its luck and number of signs you gotta buy and buy and buy sgins to amp
  12. well,you need to enter the cave or dg or whatever (idk in forsakens) and find someone that have quest or dnt have to help you and done it and find more quest(yellow quests)
  13. ty, but i know all of what you said
  14. i say (maybe)yes it could be dodged
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