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  1. i would be just as cyber so i would control the time so i can go backwards forwards and change things happened in my life and it was mistake as i broke relationship with somebody(EXAMPLE EXAMPLE ) or when i failed in an exam and i already knew the questions i will go backwards and change answers and i will get a full mark or help somebody that i have already hurted him so we be back friends and i would go in time backwards and i wold fix it and be there ad see wht happens when i fix the problem and be invisible in that time in which they cant see me as i am an illusion and if i go forwards i
  2. can you put the death anime as a punch in the face a knife being puted into the enemies
  3. can you really fix this problem that if we died The minion dies with us, put it in real life if i died someones die with me just cuz he can handle himself alone and come back to me at respawn statue ?
  4. hohola

    For rent

    No they cant there must be a rule to cant scam it or delete the chr
  5. hohola

    For rent

    k but you have a better chance of growing money but if you sell it one time you will receive gold 1 time and then gone and no you can still buy
  6. hohola

    Be a MERC!

    one question does most of you miracle coins ? because apparently the easiest way to become a bro and strong you have to use miracle coins to buy everything and btw it seems that its unfair because if you use miracle you will be pro and enter dgs (because you have high amp) but in other sides if you dont use miracle coins your dmg will just be from 400-600 no more THEMERCS KNOWS NO FEAR
  7. hohola

    For rent

    We can rent items per week or per days or per month so if someone doesnt have enough money to buy a something he can rent nad must a rul that he must sign on a contract (something like that) in which the game itslef take money from his bag and send it to the player that selled the item by mailbox and the buyer cannot sell the item that has been given to him If the buyer deleted his character to get away from the rent there must another rule to take some of his money and safe it that is equal to the items price and give it back to the seller or give him back his main item.
  8. hohola


    lel, your underwear is still on
  9. no i meant like players who start revileing on each other or on you that was just an example about the picture
  10. hohola

    Gold making guide

    your guide is so nice and useful but i wanted to ask you if you could make gold making by farming (get items from monsters and sell tem to merchants like whats the best monsters not mobs to get items and sell them and pls if you could make it make it for t1 firstborn or islenroht) or if theres already a wiki or guide pls send me link.
  11. well i played in firstborn island and in 30 mins i reached lvl 6 but in chosen and forsaken in 30mins i got lvl 4 or 3
  12. I mean that we have a potion we could use when we are making quests so i make guild points without gaining exp if if was like lvl 14 or 18 2x2 #1 and i dont want to reach a new lvl
  13. The name of the topic says wht i want make an option to report player not only just ignore player cuz someone called me a noob and ignored me and start spamming and.............. all of this just cuz we lost an arena fight
  14. well i voted yes cuz i wanna see mcs die and its almost 8years since the game started
  15. hohola

    Explosive Trap

    at lvl 4 it dmgs like 500-650
  16. hohola

    Ranger Cage

    no it traps 1 enemy at all skill lvls
  17. depends,on if you puted the skills power shot the power shot will come first but when you dnt put the power shoot skill before killing the target the normal shoot comes first.
  18. kw armors is just for stats for bds and not for ph def he ask ph def for bd
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