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  1. Wht do u mean by dropping gold ?? And can u specify the amount gold that will be dropped?? Example : min rate of gold 500 :max rate of gold 2000
  2. Legionn nice clan nowadays a guild I just want to know if Thaiza is still playing cuz he's my friend
  3. Can u put the set bonuses for lvl 24 armor coming from update ?
  4. He killed u less than 5 secs xD :!
  5. hohola

    Dark clan Guild

    Can I enter I'm making a warlock is a lvl 3 right now ? xD
  6. Organized, smart at school Wht was ur dream job ?
  7. hohola

    lvl 10 arena char?

    I would say rouge or mage
  8. hohola

    lvl 10 arena char?

    I would say rouge or mage
  9. Right I guess .... Came back from long quit Xred
  10. Leo ... It's the area above the t1 in melvendi
  11. Can you tell me in KSA time Not CET time Pls ? And there is a question of my life i always wondered if i kept my chr(s) in a map that is a year event (snow,halloween,etc) and i kept him there after you adminstrators made the update and the year event is gone wht will happen to my chr ? and i was feared to try cuz i thought my chr would be gone ?
  12. hohola


    So nice i can suggest you something to make a little better put the size bigger in press L to escape lenny cuz i didnt see it when i first played and put a score in it when every click you click on L
  13. No Wht will happen if a watermelon inside a watermelon inside a coffee without Tv inside them all ?
  14. You heard of that guy saying that you are shit and has a video on youtube its funny ? lol Maraa
  15. i think that the first person got raven is not hassn its teaquila or thequila player lvl 14 he have two chrs ranger and bd
  16. Me too think gms are not taking reactions or responsibility and not banning i always see Trade mc gold to your elf gold or trade bd to rangers and there is a message called SYSTEM: TRADING AND SELLING ACCOUNTS WILL LEAD TO BE BANNED That paragraph does not mean anything to scammers because gms you are not banning profiles and as far as i know that one of your missions in the game to ban scammers and you are not doing anything and there is a million guys saying we sell and trade accounts and you are not doing your job to make the game better and roland if its not your job to ban account pls say to the guys who ban account to ban the acounts
  17. in the past versions i was trying to talk arabic and it worked but now these days it doesnt work and probably only the middle east players will vote yes and the non arabs probably will vote no
  18. i like them as they are right now just the death anime is so boring but still agree
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