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  1. Selling helmet of heroic endurance on Mc side and sets of repair scrolls on elf side (US-SAPHIRE)
  2. hohola

    OMG Elfs

    Just showing how much elfs in US-SAPHHIRE are lazy ............. .... Atleast i finished quest I know its clickbait
  4. 1st u have mad dodge percentage 2nd ur playing against a 600 attack dmger and u 450 ? thats crazy
  5. hohola


    Do more i like it
  6. Not me :[ obviously not me not losya :[ Xredbirdx
  7. U get limited data I wish I could have 9999999999999 wishes
  8. hohola

    Ganks in pvpcave

    True definition gankers
  9. Idk why, I'm not going to turn on my brain right now Bmw or Mercedes or Audi ?
  10. hohola

    Ganks in pvpcave

    Losya :[ my bd has been hacked and deleted name was hohola
  11. Milkystars was the first guy on server to be lvl 28
  12. PSY gangam style Be rich and unfamous or poor and famous ?
  13. hohola

    Ganks in pvpcave

    I definetly disagree, I was in pvpcave with milkystars (lord basil) yesterday we were just chilling in pvpcave and then a lvl 20 necro and rouge dmg 1k as i said b4 and I didn't even touch them .
  14. hohola

    Ganks in pvpcave

    I agree with that outside pvpcave but pvpcave is made for pvping not for ganking so mcs and Elfs can only attack each other inside if they signal.
  15. hohola

    Ganks in pvpcave

    Mcs are just annoying in in pvp cave like warlocks can just literally play with u with fear and dark circle and life exhaust skills and rouges who are just noobs who have +1 or +2 lvl 16 or 18 axe who just to u And starts ganking so ... Mcs users when are u going to stop ganking ???
  16. hohola


    Nope, AIGRIND should stick with the 2d warspear because if Warspear were made 3D it would not be accessible for Mobile users else if they could make another format for Warspear which is 3D for Pcs it would be nicer for who does like to play Warspear 3D and who don't but that may make a difference in servers .
  17. Rainbow six siege , fallout 4 , uncharted 4 , assassins creed all chapters And for the console obviously Gta 5 , FIFA 16 and Bo3
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