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    I'm proud to present you the only active English speaking guild of SA-PEARL, mc side :)

    We are always recruiting new active players so if you are one, let us know!

    Requirements to join:


    Level: Any lvl :) 

    Gp/week: 1k on a normal week, 5k on tournament


    Guild info:

    Guild level: 1

    Guild physical defence buff: 3/3


    Our vip members:









  2. im sorry for ur guild . all that lost free gp. f tourney think lvls upgrades!!!!! reset em again shit im potioned and ready , oh fix coin sale lol


    lol are you kidding me, I like to quest and I make 1-2k gp a day, the thing is at this point I'd be questing all day and night cause the quests just don't end
  3. Their ways of sucking out money from people are pretty much obvious, differences between 1st and 2nd place rewards are 400cc, and for 3rd you only get 400cc, they want to make it even more of a competition, for people to fight over it wasting huge amounts of real money. I'm afraid to think of what will be the 20lvl set item prices.

    And don't expect for the new island to come out soon, it won't until there are enough people with 20lvl +10 items, only then they will keep releasing more, and more stuff for you to amp, just as they said, they will be releasing it partly, few levels added each update. :)

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