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  1. wooden pc/phone = fail earthsquake , i know that feel
  2. Hello . Guild RoPower is searching for active questors that make 200gp every day and donate in warehouse 200g/day to evolve fast for going in tournaments.Leader is me , Mmagic , pm me or Ultinatium. All lvls are avalible in our guild. Momentanly we are lvl 2 and 1/3 def but we still go gp hard.
  3. I HAVE A QUESTION. Why only rank 1 get rings and 2-5 get skills?.Not only rank 1 is good , if u got rank 1 means u have time and moneys not u are pro.Like at guild tournaments,rank 1,2,3 get rewards not only 1 .Better if rank 1,2,3 get ring and 1-10 skills .That will be more correctly.Ty
  4. I think it's the moment to add new faction , 1 more at elfs , 1 more at mc --- Murloc (Big Speed,2x1h sword/dagger/mace) 1.AT ELFS ----- Atlanteans --- Farseer (Heal,Magic dmg,Staff+Mace+Book [new weapon]) (Blue-Light skin) --- Berseker (High defence,Big accuarcy,Bow+2h sword,spear) --- Rider (Big penetration,high dmg;sword,dagger,axe+shield) 2.AT MC ----- Crusaders --- Guardian (High Heal,Big critik,Staff+2h sword,hammer) (Red-Light skin) --- Hunter (Big dmg,Based on summon beasts,Cbow + 2xdagge,axe) This is just an suggestion,they can be modify . :) :nea:
  5. Please gm can u make a topic of all guild skills,levels and what you need to study them?(gold&gp&unity signs)
  6. RoPower (US-SAPHHIRE,ELFS) need active players who make 1k gp/week , curently we will make lvl 2 and after def .Pm Mmagic
  7. teocel22


    My friend Orkedraln Paladin lvl 17 on Us-Spphire was scammed by an anonim player.He said need my acc to fix the problem and to get back his acc.I glitched him gived an false account with 2 characters: IAMNOT -pala lvl 1, NOOBBRO - pala lvl 1.:D See the conversatio n This english "repaired this pala" :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Please give the acc back i will give all necesary dates for it.
  9. DK is now low i think will be nice a expert skill at him like: Passive: Every attack give u a stack of attack and gain u dmg+ max 5 stacks and in time u lose all
  10. Best thing is to deal dmg in time if u stay ;)
  11. Man u don't understand? 5 max party members beacouse 5x5 max arena size :facepalm:
  12. Hey hey hey at lvl 6 u missed mc side Pvproman :P
  13. I want to add craftings from lvl 4 not 10 :( i really want to make lvl 6 new weapons 8)
  14. I can make an competition :unknw: and make video on youtube but if u want. Who have ideas comment www.youtube.com/user/xstylemc ---- My chanal
  15. I can play every day 5 ticks at 5v5 mc shaman Pvproman
  16. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=97777.msg840369#msg840369
  17. teocel22


    Here depend of your character tipe: LVL 22: Support:1/5/5/5/1/2 Caster:5/2/1/5/5/1 Farmer:5/5/1/1/1/4/3 ------ 3=Fire Totem LVL 20: Support:1/5/5/5/1/1 Caster:5/1/1/5/5/1 From new update , Farmer:5/5/1/1/1/5 LVL 18: Solo Q arena:5/5/1/2/1/2 Normal arena:5/2/1/2/5/1 Support arena:2/5/5/2/1/1 LVL 14: Solo Q arena:5/5/1/1/1 Normal arena:3/3/1/3/3 Support arena:1/5/3/3/1 LVL 10: Solo Q arena:5/2/1/1/2 Normal arena:3/3/1/2/2 Support arena:1/5/1/2/2 LVL 6: Solo Q arena:4/1/1/1/1 Normal arena:2/3/1/1/1 Support arena:1/4/1/1/1 (My Pvproman shaman build) -1-/-1-/-1-/-1-/-1-/-1- Is the order of skills: Ball Lighting/Healing Spirit/Earth Protection/Lighting Blast/Earthquake/Lighting Shield Lighting shield is only for lvl 18-20 but i know u guys know that :fool: Solo Q mean PvP,1v1. If i made a miss plz say.
  18. Oh lvl 6 :'( That need to stay here :drinks:
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