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  1. guys. I think devs want to surprise us. They work at a new awsome halloween event isn`t that r0land? Peter? t
  2. Please make damage skill critik with pull and super powers
  3. but u lvl 14 and strong weapon no?
  4. come with it and make pvp vs me but u only with weapon
  5. Not now , in genereal but im there
  6. i was going in irselnort and look what i found
  7. We will try to make mc understand this lvl 6-10 no quest so don't get sth but lvl 14 :[
  8. Hello everyone . I want to make a new lvl 6-10 and 14 arena characters side I found a cool side in Bitter Ashed Island. You can go on it by enter in mc side (or if u mc just go in caravan) and you will find a cave where u can enter in the Island. This place is protected by the mobs (they ar not in range) and there you can pvp vs any lvl of arenas and with bigger too to show ur real power Please comment if you guys lvl 6-10-14 of any class want this i want mcs to don't kill elfs in this arena like pvp cave. What makes this different of pvpcave?In pvpcave almoust all are big lvl and if they see a little lvl they kill just for fun Here the photos.
  9. im is leader your guild . This is real EPIC
  10. YES YES YES. It will be better than like a quest where u get x3 or x4 items and u took what u want , make this in arena winners , they pick what they want not what is in the moment season.
  11. Fac boost account pe orice doriti , daca vreti completati aceste informatii: Doresc sa-mi faci un cont (dati in quote) Regatul: (Elf/Mc) Clasa: (Mage,Range,Rogue,Warlock etc.) Lvl: Timp: Din banii acumulati doresc: (Expert skill,Iteme) Numele: Pretul il voi vrea ori in gold pe elfi or in mc Va voi informa cu pretul si durata maxima de timp in cresterea contului Primesc si iteme pe contul pentru boost de la voi daca doriti. Va astept pentru contact pe warspear pe elfi:Mmagic US , pe mc: Pvproman US
  12. But many posted their own pics
  13. low def and mdef but nice dmg and hp too
  14. teocel22

    Noob stealer

    This noob steal our farm No rule that say first who come he can farm He made lvl 6 with 4/5 aggresion and he evade the mob Please ban permanently his main and his low Fffghosts main ucntevade the lvl 6 evader.
  15. Please say HOW MANY MINUTES/HOURS/DAYS/MOUNTHS/YEARS/WORLDS we need to wait to done all the bugs???? Please say how many u think???
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