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  1. Yay im in the dmg test photo , Mmagic :*
  2. Idk what are you thinking but it would be nice if lvl 4-6,7-10 etc would be random at 3x3 and 5x5 arena as 2x2 , make the arenas enter exactly when 6 players or 3 and 3 of their region are demanding beacouse those make no sense and little lvls have more sense and cooperate need at more players party than big lvls .
  3. Omg this is WARSPEAR ONLINE , NOT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS , but nice idea
  4. It would be good if unity signs will be 49 Miracle ; 3000gold mean bea ouse if someone poor want to improve his guild he will be never able to make it good , so to have a good guild u need donate moneys , thats a bad idea beacouse not everyone is able to donate.
  5. teocel22

    Guild War

    Hello , may you was thinking at same thing as me , guild wars It would be nice if in this game will have the possibility to conquer with own guild vs another guild. How it works? Guild leader can send a message to another guild for entering in a war. If the other leader accept in real time , each will be able to take from 1 to 9 other players (which are online) for entering on the battle field The area where the war will be need to be bigger than normal arena maps . The war will end till one guild party (all 10) will die The winner guild will recive guild points and gold (example): 10 Members alive left - 10k gp - 5k gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 9 Members alive left - 9k gp - 4k gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 8 Members alive left - 8k gp - 3k gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 7 Members alive left - 7k gp - 2k gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 6 Members alive left - 6k gp - 1k gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 5 Members alive left - 5k gp - 500 gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 4 Members alive left - 4k gp - 500 gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 3 Members alive left - 3k gp - 500 gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 2 Members alive left - 2k gp - 500 gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader 1 Member alive left - 1k gp - 500 gold each player who was in the war - 1Unity sign to leader You can make a guild war one at 5 hours. If guild leader is alive on the winner guild , guild recive 500g extra Time of war is unlimited This would be good beacouse many guilds are poor and can't evoluate so this will help them . Ty (sorry if it is already proposed)
  6. Hahaha median night in place of world creation cache , confused halloween event with christmas event
  7. In this game are 2 posibilities to get moneys (signs) : 1.Luck , BIG LUCK 2.Moneys LOT OF MONEYS Only if u have luck and lot of time to spend u can get moneys for buying something , in rest u just waste ur moneys for nothing , u waste here moneys but after some years the game will be off beacouse many other better games will appear and u use moneys for exactly nothing , moneys are something REAL with what u stay alive and items on ws are NOTHING , u can't touch them , u can't smell them , u can't see them , only virtual. That's why most of games need to be free and improve you without using moneys.If u started game and ur noob , how can u make moneys ?? luck or donate.
  8. Second time 399 and after 2 more it cost 799 (i think , one friend said)
  9. No , i don't think druid is too buffed , i think gm added too many OP skills at mc side and by OP i want say OVER POWER. Warlock: 1 stun 1 fear 1 silence 2 dmg over time 2 skillshots and 1dmg in place , if he got u with stun , ur lost , he make you easy full combo and with silence (3 seconds or more) u can't counter it DeathKnight: his new silence of 5 secounds or more idk , destroyed the balance over it and the barb When GM made pala op and all mc said he need nerf , gm made mc too op , now if is a party of 2 necros and 1dk , even if are full party of elfs with same amps , mc wins , too much CC (croud controls) and too much dmg OT (over time)
  10. I say to u , no , unbinding weapon losing all amps , all enchants and 0% repair Furthermore , 1 miracle first , next 399 miracle and after more. So if u want sell an weapon lvl 9 for 20k and u unbind for 399 , it isn't worth , u pay to be payed with lower moneys I think all events weapons and gears need to be none beacouse them are rare and if will be none , their price will be bigger and wont be lost if someone can't unbind them to sell . One more thing , rare costumes need to pe personal and can't be unbinded beacouse this are really rare items what if someone use it , he keep it And one more thing , weapons and all items lvl 13 are none , that's a good point beacouse if u don't like this class for arena characters , u can make another I think all items for arena characters (lvl 4-5 lvl 9-10 lvl 13-14 lvl 17-18 lvl 19-20 i mean the rare ones ) need to be none and avalible for everyone beacouse if u want lvl up and u need good gears , u only use the item and after u lvl up and u don't need it anymore u can sell , so u lvl up easy and for FREE are u get profits Ty for all
  11. Yes , GM won't put sign in arena shop or any miracle item to get without miracle beacouse this game is PAY TO PLAY and they want make u put moneys here to get better , so don't think signs will be in arenashop beacouse i say to u , almoust 50% of their profits will dissapear But anyway i stay to you
  12. Why except sms payment ?? i haven't mol or card or other , only phone and never can get more miracle from this weeks please make for sms payment too
  13. Hello , here we will pot all rare items what we saw for remember and see them after update will be closed. There are my lvl 4-5 items I will put more how i see
  14. there is any mini boss for lvl6-14?? with drops costumes too?
  15. rapenyou wlock lvl20 expert . va fi gata in 1-2 luni . cost in rate. 15k pe week incepand cu data de 30.11.2014. sau 100 ticks pe week in mc
  16. oh and staff lvl4 will have 4 atributes?? and will be lvl4-5 items with life steal?? if yes what of them??
  17. and only amulets and cloak??? what kind of dmg??% or normal?? oh and cbow too? cross bow mean
  18. plz say if will be items lvl5-4 with 4 atributes and what items will be? al lkind?
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