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  1. Roland , explain me how new rewards will be? Top1 will get amulet and set armour and rest top5 only passive skill or top5 will get armour too? I think second is better
  2. explain me how how the rewards will be , top 5 will get the new heroic set or only top 1 + amulet? If only top 1 will get amulet and set that will be annoying....
  3. Thedor was a normal human leaving in chosen .In a day he realised that this part is not good for him so he decided to get inti the forsaken town.There he was trained to become a DeathKnight .After years of training, the forsaken clan decided to kill him beacouse he was killing and stealing in their clan.So , Thedor went from Forsaken and he decided that he need to make his own clan named The Rebelion. All is known is that he is living in a small cave in Isernort.He is protected by 2 rogues that are stealth and waiting for killing anybody who try to kill their boss.His armour was made from granite guard stone and stone from berengars staff. This boss will have lvl 22 with 750k Health and his drops will be Heroic Equipments from Helm to boots (lvl20 with set bonuses , the cc ones) He will have poison ability ,death knight's stun and hamsting. Here is the design.
  4. we make a mini place where it will be or we choosr one of the existed maps and the place?
  5. we make a mini place where it will be or we choosr one of the existed maps and the place?
  6. we make a mini place where it will be or we choosr one of the existed maps and the place?
  7. Imagine that with this dealer you will be able to transfer gold from mc to elf or reverse , any other items but this will be something good, furthermore that means the regions would be balanced.
  8. Now guild skill that gives you bonus exp will be for first quests too?
  9. What exactly are Signs Of Glory? Are them as normal signs of "imperbrility" (i dont know how it is writing) Please answer.
  10. Hello everyone I decided to make a mounthly competition of quiz (US - Legion side) How it works? First 10 who write their names in this topic will participe at it This competition contain a series of questions and who respond correct to them will go in next round It will be in Isernort on Armor Cliff in Library , not a level restriction or anything else The questions will be only from Warspear except names of normal teritories (this not includes spawn statue locations) or names of players/their items Only items , their common dmg (+0) , atributes , skills , what they make , boss names , what drop , where u get a item , how much gold you need to buy some arena / cc gears , guild requirements of ubgrade and many other like this . First will take place on 8.03.2015 Sunday , at 10:00 CET - 12:00 CET Every mounth the reward will be different First will be a test to see if it is liked or if it is good managed Any questions put on - Pvproman (Shaman lvl6) Why i make this competition? Beacouse this is a way to win something without your strong character or moneys , with your brain So only experienced players will be able to conquer . Ty for your apologise Oh and please Subscribe here ---> www.youtube.com/user/xstylemc
  11. Pvproman lvl 6 3x3 :* Ty devs Roland , one question , next season same rewards?
  12. Lmao ingots are bars : Iron bar , Gold bar , Platinum bar etc , they have own price of selling at normal shops
  13. Roland , please try to make new low lvl arena items , that kind of items like 1 item of each lvl is not very cool , we need lvl 4 of all gears , lvl 5 of all gears and lvl 6 of all gear and maybe staff lvl 4 or 5 arena
  14. Why 12%? Simple Rings from christmas event has 6% magic dmg and amulet 7% Rings 6% Physical and 7% physical too Amulet arena has 15% magic dmg = aproximative 7x2 So arena rings will have aproximative 6x2 = 12% magic dmg Compare , ring lvl 22 has has 21 dmg and amulet lvl 22 has 24 dmg , 2 more dmg difference = 2% difference Thats aproximative 15%-2% = 13% but beacouse rings from christmas has 6% it will be 12% , im very sure But its just my opinion , we will see , i will put photo when season end
  15. Rings will have 12% Magic dmg and 6% physical dmg and they will not change the rewards , anything writed with green is official of the official and will never changed by your opinions.
  16. It will be cool if 1 season ring and skill for 2-5 and one season cloak + amulet and top5 only amulet
  17. Think at this , if arena season would be 1 year , only 6 items on all server of each category will beever in total , this is ridicoulous beacouse only the rich guys would get them , so now after rich guys will get the rewards , they will not need many so noobs will can get it too .
  18. FINNALY SEASON END , 1 YEAR IS TOO MUCH , 3 MONTHS AWSOME , Devs ur awsome , please tell the percent of magic dmg at rings.
  19. Costume no , it is good the rings , a costume dont make u stronger but a ring yes
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