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    The new season will start immediately after the current is gone and will traditionally last for three months. In the new season the winners will get incredible rewards, including a unique Helmet from a new heroic Arena set, Symbol of Greatness (amulet with bonus to magical defence, resilience, health and attack) and Great aura of the Gladiator.


    New helmets don't have analogues among the existing items and they suit to all classes of armor! The first set bonus of the heavy Heaume of Greatness is a physical defense, of the medium Mask of Greatness - a critical hit, and of the light Hood of Greatness - health increase. The first bonus unlocks when two items from the set are equipped. The second bonus in all things is stability.


    Items are available for the top level Arena categories: 6, 10, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26!

    please explain me how does the new arena sistem works , top 5 will get only passive skil and top1 amulet + heroic set or top5 will get armour and passive skill and top1 between what top5 get they will get 1 more amulet? Second would be more ballanced i think -.-
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