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  1. i know u wont belive me but shaman was my first char and i didnt know anything about it and thx for ur posts good luck with abc :good:
  2. first im sry i didnt mean that but u guys keep leading me to hassn saying im spying and other stuff (forget the idea of hassn) and thx or telling me what u do, and u can ask loveshaman(nida) and redxdragon they both in abc
  3. lol why u think if a palyer have high amp then he is OP its about way of playing and i dont think that i can do arena with a random player who dont understand my way, and no im not only a arena guy everyday i do swamp (only swamp cuz of my school) but in summer i used to do all quests. and i thought u told me abc for fun and not to be a machiine( tired of being 1) i want a guild that respect help others and a guild who kick members just cuz they bought tickets and not used(as if i get kicked cuz i didnt made gp)
  4. if someone hurt u, what u do? u look at him and tell him " hi i like u" to me no i dont do thatand what about spy thing lol why i need to spy for that noob and about that only hassn strong and he make guild strong its right but there are few ppl in aoa are good players
  5. ok tell them to bann me , i sold an account like 2year before and now they want to bann or whatever whatever idc
  6. i dont know why u think i need abc for awards i, i have few friends in abc and he want me to join he also told me to post and to try, i knew that all will say no cuz i was in aoa with bad past but im not in for awards im in for fun and dont u think that if i want awards i cant ask for joining aoa back ? i was really pissed off cuz hassn gone far with this i also told that some ppl and the day he kicked me i didnt ask for reason and i didnt ask for join back , my friends tried to get me in but i dont want and guess hassn dont wamt (he dont say sry :facepalm:)
  7. i said only once i traded salahartak for items and i didnt knew thats its bad thing , that time lot ppl use to sell or buy or use friends account and now i worked hard on my shaman or i wont sell
  8. hahahaha xd i saw ur pink and when i sold it i didnt know about rules or forum i was newbie so i dont think i get banned i should get a warn cuz i didnt know about foru, or rules
  9. first whem i get back uzun and altay was my only friends from past amd they were im aoa that why i joined and cuz it strong guildand therbs only for brs so they cant join me second did u see any post i say i want join for awards btw tour awards suck i only want fun, no one cam hunt or arena with me cuz of this guild thing :pleasantry:
  10. ur mistaking cuz i told shitzo that before tour i can leave and add others cuz i dont want awards plus i wont ask hassn cuz he should use his mind before he do something
  11. i tried with jonny he said no and shyleen said definite no
  12. loveable sry wont work i was really bad
  13. thx nida but i dont want to pressure them i was really bad with them and i dont expect yes from them like vomm shyleen jonny lone sulla
  14. salahartak was mine and i sold it long time ago but now salahartak was selling greench so i offered 200k and he sold meso in hassn's small mind he think that i didnt sell salah or that i scamm from salah greench he cant think that i might bought it
  15. xd in warehouse adnan add tickets and said 5sets max so i bought 5sets and then i was waiting derpin amd swagger to spam 3x3 but next day i got kicked and at whatsapp hassn said forevernext day sprng told me i got kicked cuz i bought tickets and not used and hassn think i scamm salah or cuz he think i still own salah
  16. well i got kicked cuz hassn used his mind and thought i scamm salahartak cuz i got greench and also cuz i bought tickets and not used see im thief i bought tickets and not use:( i want join abc cuz i wanna have fun and help a little also i told shitzo he told me to ask members
  17. why u think further to future and did i told u i want join back? and why i shouldthx for the good luck
  18. nida maybe cuz i left aoa im not ganna join back cuz im pissed of
  19. well i tried cuz some members told me to
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