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  1. thats right and the game now is kinda boring we need something new something worth fight over it' tournemants are dead in eu all will know the results. we need some new updates related to that of lvl 30 cap about chests it will be good if lvl 15 and about get chest special not from mc items, and it would be better if players who are serious in this game players who played this game like 1 year or less, in the end those players are making the game amazing and worth to continue playing
  2. where in asia?im from lebanon
  3. thats not her yahoo account i remember the account have something" 4ever"
  4. lol u can stop voting i wont join
  5. no friends, my friends are in aoa and 2 in abc rapter and nida, i was bitcb so i didnt make in past friends other then me uzun hassn and i lost them
  6. lol u dont understand the top guild u are saying them are aoa abc therbs aoa dont want abc already said no therbs for brs so which top guild ur thinking about that im changing for?? btw i can be nice/normal with this +10 cuz i deserve it in my opinion
  7. look if this staff that is screwing everyone reached +10 without any pay from me then sure i can drop but u wont believe me that legijonas didnt amp it for free , and if he could have amp it for free why he didnt amp all my items? and to me the boss wasnt like this before , the days where me uzun hassn were best friends then i screwed everything and i get back with no idea that he change 360°
  8. well this sentence means u dont use ur mind and u think only in negative way btw im senior and in life science class means biology is main subject.and i want to change and since i get kicked from aoa now i can , free from bosses
  9. i really hate ppl who think from their ass not use there brains.... :facepalm:i want to change i saw what aoa did to me and to my friends and i get kicked cuz of buying tickets not cuz of what u saying, btw arent u an elf side so how u can know whats happening with me??? ohhh i remembered , u just use ur ass to get wrong idea
  10. im not doing that to join abc lol , i did that cuz of the pressure that spanish always do to me, plus arent u guys always told me to change and stop acting like slave and dog and bla bla bla , and when i finally do it i hear this crap, u really missed up, im trying to change and gain ur trust back, so i get this :facepalm:btw i guess i saw the post when abc reject me to be a member and i dont blame them.
  11. cereal killer, are u a writer? u have a writer style tactic i like it :good: and if u mean me about selling or buying accounts i already posted that in support waiting replies from devs http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95165.msg649317#new
  12. hi guys, sry for using ur thread to something out of ur topic but ur thread is already known and i guess alot ppl visit it,( dont know othe place to post this) today i heared that my friend durexlock get kicked out of aoa cuz he didnt reach 4000 gp per week as if hassn forget all the help that dure did and kick him for only 175gp thats really missed up i should have listen to reall friends that told me not to join aoa in first time and not to speak with him, but hassn really changed alot and became rude amd without a heart. i really missed up everything in my game , i made alot of players mad of me and become a machine that work in hassn company and follow him like a dog, but for sure that i learned my mistake i will say always what i like my opinion and play with my rules. and for abc members im really sry for what i did, u were right , and sry again for insults that i did, hope u forgive me. gl with ur guild have fun alot take care and im sry again for posting this unrelated topic in ur thread
  13. first of all i dont know why u guys still think i want join abc cuz of ur rank ,but if u see this tour abc not in rank 123 cuz u guys didnt like the awards , so does it seems i want awards? second nida stop trying it seems as i told u they wont forgive me third u guys can stop voting cuz shitzo said no cuz of members decision again gl
  14. its 5 cuz zethu gave me sympathy yes
  15. nida said nubrose and kova said no:(sulla what about u:[ well look what im saying, im so sry i forget that shitzo said finally no
  16. i hate player like u, when i open i saw an druid attacking u his name is ahmadzaki so i killed him and healed u and u didnt even said thx lol, and i didnt steal i waited u 2min and u didnt take it so when i took u told me a steal? bro go lvl up
  17. thx loveshaman and also cindyx and xmich said yes
  18. thx bro for ur help but shitzo said its final i cant join
  19. lol thx i dont want , without guild better then returning back
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