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  1. i removed it or not, u cant deny that i joined abc few times and u cant deny that there are people want me in abc and im tried to join cuz ill be glad to be a member of abc O:-)
  2. not 10min and i chatted with her 2 times onlyand she also told me she not like other plz stop talking about that idea and continue ur chats normally
  3. no i mean she is not a positive person cuz she only think of negative things btw i dont think shitzo not going to join me if only 1 or 2 voted no
  4. first of all its kittyxlock not kittylock and its mine and i pmed u cuz i got info that i must speak with u but it seems that ur not a positive person so as if i didnt ask for ur vote gl with ur necro z
  5. are u talking to me? and plz explain more if the post for me
  6. hi guys, thx shitzo for letting me join abc to do arena with eucador and jay, i had alot fun :give_rose:
  7. why im not lucky :facepalm:still only 4 ppl voted i guess i wont be able to join, players dont want to give me a chance
  8. i was im 2 parties and ur necro was out of both btw so anyone sell vampire or wedgehead or minotaur for 125k :sorry:
  9. thx abc i got this from sam and i sold it to abc rogue by 100k :friends:
  10. hahahaha nice btw all costumes are ugly but this is uglier
  11. so u got my point and about my shaman he dont have sun set
  12. i said u have ur full opinion to post what ever u want
  13. i dont know why u got made but till now i not seen a mage that worth to change my mind about them, they all the same
  14. soo here im again, since jayy mecha rapter nida mich cindy eva and maybe mario and crossfit want me to join i will make another application. im not ganna say much since u all know me, plz the votes must be only yes or no with reason dont need to force someone he/she have full opinion to post about the reason , and even if i didnt get in im ganna stay talking with my friends and new friends in abc
  15. sry but my english is not good
  16. i dont see mages are good enoughdont know why :facepalm: :unknw:
  17. lol btw i would like to meet ur char i never swa it before
  18. the dk name like mjrim something like that?btw i dont care about hassn but i liked this part(Those elves had a funny imagination, one of them thought sulla was moreb)
  19. i always see that in hassn, he dont know alot, means he dont know what those cards for or something like that, but if someone tell him he can get the point, another example when gp at arena came hassn didnt knew about it until we told him and prove it to him, thats cuz he dont read forum
  20. plz dont tell me he was tanking :facepalm:lol and why he use that card.......
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