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  1. ya but im talking about everything increasing for example merman attack around 99 with merman trained 5 times to be lvl 5 he will attack like 190 or more and if he heal 250+ he will heal 450+ and i will woth merman 336 with merman lvl 5 i might heal 400+:*
  2. i dont think they improve.and more type :bad: there are a lot right now
  3. As we all know that minions are good in everything: hunting, questing, berengar tower(dung), disturbing. So if we have lab that help us develop those minions, imporove every minion max till lvl 5 for example, so that minion health, mana, defense, damage and skills get better. Amping minions shouldnt be hard since we have alot of minions type. just in lab they put every minion icon and when we press it a list of requriment appear. For example: to lvl up minion from lvl 1 to lvl 2 u need 10k gold and 5 scroll( specific for minion) and there also will be duration, and u can lvl only 1 minion by 1 minion. If u want to amp 2 or more minions at same time, u can buy from mc shop a key or something to unluck the development limiting, also this limiting max must be 5. when a minion is done, reached lvl 3 or 5, ur minion directly will lvl up, so when ever u use it he will be lvl 5, even if u buy it u will buy it lvl 5 this mean when u own the minion his lvl will change according to ur lab results. example: if i had doctor lvl 3 and i sold it to someone but in his lab result his doctor lvl is 5, so when i trade to him he will receive it as doctor lvl 5. This idea will help us with hunting and questing, since bossing are having high health minion will help alot with making high dmg, also dung u will be able to finish faster. Merman will let u heal more and he heal u more. Doctor will shield and heal u better. wooden will root and bee better. all minion will be better hope u like it , but plz if u take it in to consideration dont let it hard and impossible or poor ppl to amp minions. THX...
  4. When we will get a scroll to unbind stuff, some ppl cant buy mc , but they have gold. scroll of unbind can cost 399 and do the same as the unbinding system but it will help people who cant unbind by mc to unbind their items. take it into consideration 8)
  5. why items lvl 20 are soooo bad i got this hood from heroic but its worth 1k lol only 3 bunce
  7. since its a bday, so where the gifts:[ and dont tell me that orange costume is a gift. And when will u discount all mc items 50% we need to buy stash lol
  8. first i said i dont want to join any more second there is a place, and im already in it, thx for ur concern
  9. thx for those advice :[ :give_rose:
  10. dogs never like to share bones :blush:i dont want to be rude, but this mess must be over, we have the right to have fun, not only rich player can have fun. ok maybe since they are payer they deserve more, but doesnt mean that other must get nothing :facepalm: :facepalm: btw im not specifying anyone. im saying in general
  11. sry cuz i did and u also have fun
  12. guys if u wanna screw with me for the second time, just forget that i had applied to join, i thought u are thoughtful ppl, im not ganna let any one screw me, SoS invited me without asking them or begging them cuz they are good ppl thx for ur time
  13. its okay, everyone have his own opinions.and i sell what i want and i buy what i want
  14. hahahaha sry bro im not a toy or a dog anymore, i dont beg or please or duck,i just said the magic word, if yes then tell me if no then also tell me
  15. well yeah, i want free mc but i dont know how they work of if there are offers for mini ipad and im not speaking for 1 or 2 mc lol these offers max me laugh, even 1 ticket coust 4 mc :wacko: so how it works
  16. well i dont think are is any think wrong with what supre and catalonia, not all have someone to help them, and this game is game , meaning: its to have fun not watch others ♥♥♥♥ u while ur laughing
  17. btw im selling it if someone wanna buy it pm me at malekxloka with ur offer
  18. an example, cuz someone told me 800k 8)
  19. yeah they are right, when u will give some good stuff to players who arent top or rich, comeon show some thoughtful
  20. guys take ur time, i will be in SoS untill u decide
  21. lol i didnt apply cuz i saw u in facebook, i wanna join cuz im back, i was studying and soon i will finish, nowadays im just regaining what i missed. and i dont know what u mean by dead member since u asked
  22. thxi know that i humiliate myself again, but i wont give up, i will fight to be in the same guild with my best friends: loveshaman,caza, and cindyy indeed cuz thats what guilds for, for being and helping ur best firends and its my oner to be a member of THE ABC :yahoo:
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