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  1. Alright this is.ridiculous. its been4 hours. choo choo GET THE ♥♥♥♥ING SERVER BACK! MY TROLLING ADDICTIONS MUST BE FUFILLED



    don't worry, japapese tentacles only wants to play... but they are many

  2. Sycarian, the song is actually cool XD

    Trash cool XD

    Made me dance hahaha

    And now I'm singing "Dancing with myself". Meh  :rofl:


    i can't believe you, it's the "macarena" effect
  3. There might be another book with a similar name or something, just can't remember it now haha

    The song is good? Is it safe to listen to it? ;D

    And I wish I was spanish :(

    See? No WS means culture! You were reading wiki! A person that I love much does that when he's bored XD

    Can't get the song out of your head? Hahaha




    I'm completed mindducked,

    the book it's called "el ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha" that's de real tittle


    the mindduck start here


    it wasn't obladi oblada, it was a-ba-ni-bi, and now i can swear you, it's jewish XDDD and it means "i love you"

    here is the song

    it was a hit for the summer along time ago. I hope you enjoy it



    i'm sorry, it was fun at last all the truth has been revealed

  4. You was right.o bla di o bla da it's original from the beatles.

    "El chaval de la peca" was a spanish singer who made a cover thats why it reminds you el quijote. Yep. I'm spanish too. I don't know why I believed that was jewish. In fact it belongs to a tribe from jamaica maybe or something like this i have readed in wikipedia


    You never go to sleep without learning a thing or two!

    Dabadee dabadae

  5. Falcon....... PUNCH!!

    Sorry. I must let it out

    So. It was the beatles??¿ no jewish?. Who is "el chaval de la peca"?. Well. Don't worry. I need to sleep. Don't mind. I'm trying to let it.... someday.


    Now i'm praying for it was japanesse tentacles


  6. Really? I ever thoutght that it was jewish. Something like "obladi oblada"(popular jewish song ) maybe it means "i love you" i think. Well i'm not sure. Don't mind who cares?. I'm in the bed trying to sleep but i still waiting if i can play

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