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  1. Agreed its a dramatic story.

    I almost cry hahaha joke nice story man.



    btw thanks for reading my story too.


    Yeah yeah, our good old gg knows drama too, Not just plain pounding on players :3 haha cry for him, feel his remorse. Lolololololol


    Surething thanks for reading as well

  2. Thanks. I don't think im gonna win this contest with so many good stories (including yours :blush: ), but I hope on an encouraging price, or 3rd place if I'm lucky. ;)


    Thanks but i re read the rules and now im having doubts.. Hahaha. :facepalm:


    Still, goodluck to us! XD

  3. I didn't say that being dramatic is a bad thing ;D (Only for people who get a heartattack when it's suddenly become dramatic :cray: )


    But could you read my story? Please? O:-) (Link in my description) :friends:







    eheheh. sure thing buddy! XD



    read and left a comment already!  :good:

  4. this work is rushed (embarrassed by the fact)  :facepalm:  but i still do hope that it’s worth the time ;)  This is my entry to the contest Day in the Life of a Monster. Happy Reading. TIA. Rock on \m/








                    Misty light filled my sight as I awaken from my abrupt slumber. I can still see my remains sprawled in my deathbed yet again. The marks of the previous hunt was still evident in my supposedly so called sacred grave. Sacred. I smirked at the irony. Quite a humor the damned people of this damned land had. Cold wind swept my crypt carrying the scent of a thousand bloodshed. For what? For my death? Or just for the lust of seeing others crippled to death under the mercy of their hands. For the puny glory these clans are hungry for. I focused on my hands. A thin bluish cloud entrails it. The bonds of my soul have not yet fused fully with my body so I still have time to savor my solitude before I face my death again.


                Faint sensations tingled in my feet. The fusion is nearly done. My immortal corpse can no longer be seen and parties of men and elves are starting to gather in my spot. Sentinels. Fierce and vigilant, Drenched with torn flesh, beet with blood. It’s rare to see them in my grave. Maybe I’d give in to them today since they managed to make it alive. Fighting for my life is also senseless in anyway.


                    I focused my attention to the new faces I see. I laughed at their nervous state, gripping their inferior weapons as the higher Sentinels circle the place, clearing mobs and checking for attackers.


    "It’s almost time." An elf with a golden armor told the others as he readied his bow.


    He's right, no later than a minute and I’m ready to be dead again. A riff of light is starting to materialize in front of me. This is indeed an hour of this land's endless day. I Live. I Die. They Live. They Die. Infinite as a circle.


    "Here they come!!" A mage piped casting powerful attacks from the sky. This is interesting. I chuckled, a soft growl emanated from my throat.


              Legioners of high levels appeared. Sinister looking clothes, bearing weapons intended for slaughter. Fearsome. Blood thirsty.



    5 seconds. Two of the defense parties died. Screams and battle cries fill the air.


    4 seconds. A perpetrator maniacally killed one of the questers and got killed himself. Incantations are heard from all over.


    3 seconds. The defense parties successfully eliminated half of the attackers. Gore and blood is everywhere. Swords clashed, arrows flew and spells flashed hitting mercilessly at random targets both animate and inanimate.


    2 seconds.  Determination falters.


    "Let us fight too!"

    "We'll handle them! Stay alive!"

    "Focus on your quest!"


    1 second. The path to my rebirth is complete. A temporary light blinds those who are nearby then I appear before them.


    "GO! Garr Shag is here!!!"


                Just for the heck of it, I greeted my welcoming party with a swing of my enormous arms. A thousand painful attacks answered me in exchange.


    "Steal!" A rouge appeared behind stabbing through an elf's armor repeatedly. He howled in elation as the elf fell lifeless into the ground and fixed his eyes into another.


                Then a blade tore painfully down my knee followed by an arrow to my throat. I staggered back to regain my composure, but then again, it’s unnecessary to damned creatures like me. I growled a pained growl setting new fire to the blood of the hunters, I can tell from how magic burned my ragged face, blades greeted my raw flesh, spears pierced my boulder-like arms and from how arrows made their way through my weak spots like how homing missiles do. What the-?! What hell are homing missiles anyway? I shrugged at the thought ignoring my wounds being cut deeper and deeper from all parts of my monstrous body.


                    They never get tired. I joked to myself. My sight once again clouds as life trickles to nothingness. I fall limp, and with one final breath I groan. At last, I can come back to my small space again and watch over the land's atrocity in peace. Sounds of victory errupted in my crypt drowning my anguish then again, darkness envelopes me.


    Now all I have to do is wait for my endless circle to begin again.






    july 25,2013 a/n:



    in compliance to the contest rules, i had the story revised. if you are interested in seeing the full version, i also attached the unedited draft :)



    and i changed the POV from granite guard to Garr shag due to my failure to realize earlier that GG does NOT have a crypt hahaha!  :facepalm: :rofl:





  5. awww shoot! i only heard about this contest a few days before but i'll join!  :facepalm:

    hope this one works XD XD XD xD

    --- reply update.


    Made this one the whole day but crap! I think i overdid things and violated  the first rule :facepalm:


    Anyways please feel free to read it. Haha thanks




    made a big big big big revision to the story!!! XD :yahoo:

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