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  1. pafirstblood ate :D naks, malamang godly properties din ang meron nyan :D ang gagaling nyo magpixel art prmis xD
  2. Thanks! Posted on your thread too :) Haha mamats. Kung meron naman may nkalaan para sa guild xD
  3. 24th

    Wizard Suit

    bare tummies. XD i remember my old wizard days xD thumbs up :D
  4. hndi ko na nauupdate ang 1st post xD PASENSYA NA PO. XD
  5. hindi aq naniniwalang pangit ang gawa mo boss :3
  6. Projects hahaha collab work sounds good :3 Hahaha bini build up m talaga ha :3 Madaming salamat sa inyo. :D
  7. Think so? Thanks :) I dropped by your thread too, best of luck to all of us :D banzai! XD Haha mamats boss :D \m/
  8. hmm. It does have that guardian feel on it :) nice one bud. :)
  9. wahahaha hindi ko kakalimutan bossing! wag ka magalala, Gagawin ko yan pag nakabit ko na pc ko, mejo hindi pa kasi kmi tspos magayos gawa ng baha eh hahaha.. Enge nlang aq ss ni milk yunh nka bikini lang para mdaling gawan :P
  10. Yaaay! Then help us get it xD haha kidding! Thanks sir Nyaha kinikilig naman aq sa cnbi mo. Haha salamat po :D
  11. holy crap! Good one! If this wins and becomes available, the i think il Never get over how clowns creep me out. xD good luck buddy :D
  12. also, i thought of this before the mushroom stuff, but i dunno how i would modify it for male characters.. It would definitely look gay if i let them wear this.. OhHoho! Turbulent Storm Suit This one gives the same advantages as the mushroom suit except for the cryptic environment disguise thingy plus the oh-ho looks (for the females that is :D) hahah
  13. Yeaah It would look odd if you dont wear the cloak. XD i intended not to show whats inside but just so happens that i got curious about how would the inner clothes look like xD haha thanks! Na ah, i did not assemble my pc. XD i uploaded via mobile :D salamat ng madami te! XD I know right xD so do i xD thanks dude!
  14. hmm. Forgive the mediocre entry. It would have been better if i have my pC's aid :D The wild mushroom soup! I mean The wild mushroom suit of doom! (sfx) :D Coz mushrooms grow just about anywhere, enemies wont know its you until their gone.. FOREVER! (ever.. Ever.. Ever... Err.. Err.) baah that is until they respawn! XD Ideal for pvE and pk.. And to hide u in messy situations ofcourse. Imaginary stat bonuses: :D Mushroom Helm (coz u wont look like a mushroom without this) ᔑ 5% attack and accuracy ᔑ 5% crit rate and damage Swift cloak (definitely not a tribute to taylor swift) ᔑ 5% defense rate ᔑ reduces visibility on terrain Chameleon suit (why the hell is it a chamelion? I thought were after being a mushroom?) ᔑ boosts character's element ᔑ +2% health/mana regen Hawk gloves (excellent grip hmm) ᔑ speed and penetration boost :D Immaterial shoes ᔑ for best mobility (atk speed and dodge rate) Sounds good or what? :D And lastly forgive me for the errors in the drawing i realized its illogical when i posted this here. XD Note: the costume is suitable for ALL CLASSES (just used a bd coz i am one haha) Aug 22 update..: tried it using the ws environment.. Haha sorry if you guys find it weird but its the best thing i can do using my phone haha (still no pc -_-) and dont mind the size difference of the helm xD hahahaha. Bleeeh :P
  15. a little question masters of this forum.. XD can entries be drawn using a program or scanned items are allowed xD
  16. sunday nlng kaya para sure.. Bc dn kc q e. XD BSta kau bhala s games prize aq. XD
  17. waa totoo pala. Salamat sa suporta xD HAHAH PAGUSAPAN NATIN TO. Xempre meron ang guild jan. :) Xnxa na d aq mka ol sira connection q gawa ng ulan. XD
  18. holy crap! Hindi pala joke txt mo te nen o.o salamat sa suporta! XD
  19. woink roflmao *dies*
  20. haha o yeah im very wary of them thanks! XD
  21. the thing is, i like how medussa got to mingle with the players without getting killed, hehhe but then after all her efforts of getting out, she still returned.. ;3 link to mine ----> http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=89746.0
  22. Hahaha te, pag ally oo na ng oo! XD Lol. Tnx haha peo wala p ung tlgang sig q. D q pa tapos hahaha
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