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    Khrone reacted to OptBlacky in ⭐ Cartpácio desenfatioso do bárbaro   
    @Khrone Depois de muito tempo sem vir aqui, percebo que colocaram o texto no pódio. Não copie meu estilo de texto, eu copiei doutros autores. Copie e consequentemente crie. De qualquer modo: Sedes livres.
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    Khrone reacted to Holmes in [2021.02.17] Warspear Online launch in HUAWEI AppGallery!   

    We are glad to share with you the good news about the launch of Warspear Online in the HUAWEI AppGallery! At the moment, the game is officially available in the app store.

    HUAWEI AppGallery is the best place to find and download apps on HUAWEI devices. Certified data protection according to international standards, a convenient authorization system using Huawei ID and other functions and services will make your travels in the game's universe even more comfortable.

    If you are an owner of a HUAWEI device, join us in the HUAWEI AppGallery and immerse yourself in the vast world of the classic 2D MMORPG Warspear Online.
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    Khrone reacted to Drakoknight in [2021.02.14] Happy Valentine's Day!   
    I'm single. Welp time to spam dg
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    Khrone reacted to Guts in All T4   
    Acho que é uma sugestão valida, acho que as lives aparecendo apenas pra quem possui as quests, não seria negativo elas aparecerem com mais frequência.
    Ajudaria a falicitar o UP!
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    Khrone reacted to Nolan in new drawing 🌸   
    Hey guys, let's not forget this is the international forum... I'm still not fluent in russian 
    And another amazing drawing from you eh, never disappoints 
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    Khrone reacted to Crlminoso in Uma dádiva para os Proscritos   
    no aguardo da primavera pra ver se vai ter alguma dessas ideias no rework das classe seria legal se eles dessem um pouco de atençao ao poste.
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    Khrone got a reaction from REAPER in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    Ok, but don't you think that elfs need another buff?
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    Khrone got a reaction from TheCaster in Heroforge Characters   
    I tried to make this Chieftain 
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    Khrone got a reaction from TheCaster in Heroforge Characters   
    Sam Hein is evolving to...

    Sum Hell
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    Khrone got a reaction from TheCaster in Heroforge Characters   
    That's not Warspear related, i just don't know exatly where to post, so i think this is the right place.

    "Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?"
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    Khrone reacted to TheCaster in [2020.12.18] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Preview   
    I understand you're a player with a sentinel main so it's not easy for you to understand their point of view. But they're expressing their opinions as players who have developed chieftains and has experience playing them in pve as well as pvp scenarios. 

    Let's be real, that resist duration and attack speed % is meh. You have to understand their frustration. Like Higgs & Nolan said, hope some changes happen before the final closing of the test servers.
    I believe this is you or one of your friends? your templar healing 14k? and they get stuck with 20% speed at 4/4 and a 6s resist?  

    Also when we participated in the snow GvG, 1 vs 1. Our enemy guild kept taking the explosives back to their camp and destroying their own tower. Is that supposed to happen? We lost some rounds with all 3 of our towers intact.

    Also, People were able to take multiple explosives from one area. Like 4/5 per area. Was that a bug? @Nolan
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    Khrone reacted to Mary Lauren in Garaham, my chief!   
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    Khrone reacted to Peony in [2020.12.18] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Preview   
    In Arinar, the beloved winter holiday of the World Creation is about to begin, and with it, all residents, as always, will be captured by a whirlpool of new events and incredible adventures! But, while the White Beard's assistants are finishing the last preparations on the festive island, in order to open its doors for guests very soon, there is time to sit back and read what awaits you at the Snow Boundary this year.
    For many winters in a row, the Snow Boundary was besieged by enemies. That is why this year White decided to implement a great plan - to build an impregnable citadel that no enemy can take. As luck would have it, architects were immediately found who could handle such a task - Martis and Petris, the old assistants of White Beard. But it quickly became clear that they could not work together: these two snow elves are very different. Martis says that the towers should be high and made of gingerbread, while Petris insists that the towers should be built long and made of cookies... White Beard could not determine which of the architects is better - now it should solve the competition, equal to which the Snow Boundary is still never seen. Take part in it too!
    Alliance Tournament
    The main task this winter is to do everything so that White Beard settles his choice on your allied architect. Since such a huge responsibility fell on the warriors of Arinar, then absolutely everyone needs help! Are you ready to fight for the honor of your Alliance?
    While Martis and Petris work on the blueprints, and the snow elves sweat on the construction site, hundreds of Guardians and Legionnaires perform thousands of glorious deeds to help one or the other team. The Alliance that accomplishes more feats in a day will help its architect achieve the cherished goal - to build another floor of the tower.
    The Tournament of Architects is a global competition between Alliances, during which every action counts. Complete story and daily quests, have fun on the rides or fight bosses on the winter island - absolutely every successful action from this list will bring points to your total. A completed quest will award you with 15 points while rides and bosses - 10. And the passage of any festive Dungeon will help you earn as much as 30 points, but with a slight limit - no more than 1000 points daily.

    The tournament lasts all week, but at the end of each day a subtotal is drawn. The Alliance that turns out to be more productive gets the opportunity to build a new floor of its tower. The more floors - the closer the victory in the tournament itself.
    The final result of the tourney will be drawn by the end of each week. And the players of the Alliance that created the highest tower will earn their well-deserved reward for active participation in the construction. Additionally, the entire island will be decorated with flags in honour of the victor until the end of the next tournament week!
    Rewards await those that couldn’t achieve victory in the architectural battle as well, albeit a bit of lesser value. But to lay claim to any of the tourney prizes, each and every player will need to put an effort for their Alliance, because that is what their personal reward depends on. The more points, the more the final reward will be! And if the minimum amount isn’t reached, there will be no gift at all. So don’t lose your activity throughout the week!
    And note that the reward for performing any action can increase from 15% to 30% if your Alliance loses in the competition and has fewer floors on the tower. A lagging enemy can quickly catch up with you again!
    Accessing information about the tourney
    The number of points accumulated by the Alliances per day will display at the top of the main screen. More detailed information about the current progress, quests and rewards will be in the quick access menu. The button is not doubled on the main menu.
    Restart time: every Sunday at 23:00 CET 

    Holiday quests
    Wow, what a massive deed was started by White Beard. While the two great architects are figuring out which one is better, you will also have to become a builder for a while and actively help the team! Try not to let down your colleagues and accurately fulfill the tasks of the foreman, so that the construction of your architect will amaze White Beard. 

    And in your free time, do not forget about preparing for the holiday: pack gifts in boxes, collect magic nuts, destroy formidable snowmen - in other words enjoy all the delights of the winter holiday! Also, remember that you can always fight the mischievous bullies at the Merry Snowman Tavern.
    Don Gremlione's lair is a place where you would rarely find yourself on your own. This inaccessible and well-hidden citadel is full of rooms where gremlins from mafia syndicates store loot and hatch new vile plans. Getting there is not easy, getting out is even more difficult. Will the brave warriors deal with the gang of gremlins?

    Don Gremlione is the cunning and ruthless leader of the Gremlins' mafia syndicates who have taken refuge underground. Stealing holiday decorations and sweets from the snow elf pantries is just a small part of the crimes committed by Gremlione's henchmen. Having learned about such an important tournament of architects, the gremlins-mafiosi, of course, could not stand aside and try to properly annoy White Beard and his assistants. They stole all the garlands and decorations that were prepared for the towers! Don Gremlione decorated his house with them laughing and believes that he will remain unpunished.
    To successfully complete the dungeon, you must go through all the rooms and deal with the dirty tricks who decided to ruin the holiday. However, pay attention to the fact that your team has a healer - with him you can get out of the dungeon much faster!

    World event “Unrest at the Factory”
    The smell of fresh gingerbread and cookies that spread throughout the Snow Reach attracted the attention of Morgius, one of the most talented and insane inventors. The irrepressible love for sweets, which manifested itself in childhood, played a cruel joke with Morzhius: since then he cannot think of anything else. And all of his ingenious inventions were created with only one goal - to get all the fragrant pastries, even at the cost of destroying the Martis and Petris towers. Someone must put an inventor in his place!
    The first stage "Baking problems"
    To win the tournament, the architect needs all the building materials that he can get! Unfortunately, the gremlins mixed Living Grass root into the dough for gingerbread and cookies, and the revived lumps of dough spread in all directions. Find them and send to the furnace, from where they can no longer escape!

    The second stage "Building Materials in Danger"
    The building materials should get to the builders, but the insidious Morgius-Inventor has his eyes on them! He really loves sweets and will not spare anyone who gets in his way. Morgius has stolen a trolley and is going to fly up the mountain and get away with all the sweets - knock him off of there with a festive rocket! The cannoneer is carrying the rocket, but Morgius' henchmen will not let him in, lure them with candy so that the cannoneer can get through. Don't let building materials go to waste!
    The third stage "Trolley in Flames"
    Morgius didn't have time to gobble up the sweets! Out of anger, he is going to set fire to the trolley so that no one gets the valuable pastry. Carry crystal water from wells to extinguish the fire and save building materials, ignore the attempts of the Inventor to stop you!

    The fourth stage of "Penguin Races"
    The more building materials we collect, the more chance we have to win the tournament! The baker penguins undertook to help us, but Morgius' allies, armored mushrooms, do not allow the penguins to enter their kitchens. The mushrooms are too well defended to be overpowered with conventional weapons - use the penguin transformator and help the penguins get to the bakeries!
    Fifth stage "Shaggy Lummox"
    Long ago, Morgius found a Shaggy Lummox in the forest on the Snow Boundary, Morgius took care of him and taught him to steal sweets from everyone around. The inventor is angry that the penguins did get to their bakeries - he sends his pet to break the penguin houses and take away everything that they managed to bake. It is necessary to intercept the beast and not let him disrupt the architect's plans.

    Sixth stage "Inventor Morgius"
    The insidious Morgius is very angry that none of his plans have found success. He wants something sweet and is going to personally deal with those who did not let him eat to the full! Morgius will set fire to his enemies and strike them with lightning. He is a serious adversary and can take off into the sky where it will be impossible to reach him! Fortunately, the elves have brought in holiday rockets that can be used to shoot down Morgius. But the missiles were stolen by evil gloves and mittens - fight them off and crush the voracious Inventor!
    Restart time: on schedule.
    Alliance dynamic event on dedicated territory “Assault on the Ice Citadel”
    Gather all the forces of your Alliance and go to battle in the ice ruins! A real fight for the title of the greatest warriors awaits you.
    The ruins of the ancient Ice Citadel have long attracted adventure seekers. There, in the darkness of the permafrost, a huge power is hidden, the owner of which would be capable of great accomplishments! That is why both alliances want to rule over the ruins of the White Beard's citadel, and the heads of the alliances will need the help of each warrior! Go to the alliance camp in ruins and give battle to your rivals, but to put an end to the confrontation, you need to destroy three Frost Crystals that harbor the energy of the Snow Boundary. Representatives of the alliance that will be the first to crush the crystals will be able to raise their flag over the ruins and assert their rule over the Snow Boundary!
    Once inside the citadel, you will find yourself in the Battle camp of your Alliance, beyond which you will need to find and destroy frost crystals, which are located in the closed halls in the center of the icy cave. Each hall is surrounded on three sides by powerful gates, and the central gate will be much weaker than the side ones, but there is a chance that here you will face the enemy Alliance. Upon death, the hero will come to life in a military camp, but to get to the place of hostilities faster, the character's speed will be increased by 50% for the first 15 seconds. But the possibility of using the Guild Unity skill on the territory of the event will be blocked.

    After a gate falls, you need to destroy the crystal inside the hall as soon as possible. But here is a curious nuance: you can get there only as part of an assault group with a Commander. There can be only one assault party from each guild, but it can be composed not only of Commander’s guild members but also of players of other guilds or guildless players. You can pass the Commander rank or assemble an assault group only in the Military Camp or outside the event at all. Moreover, if the Commander leaves this group on the territory of the citadel, then the entire group will immediately be moved back to the Military Camp. If one of the participants leaves the party, then only he will be moved to the camp.
    When status markers are enabled, your Guild Commander will be displayed in green, Allied Guild Commanders - in blue, and enemy Commanders - in red.
    In total, there are three identical halls in the ice citadel, so the Alliance that destroyed more crystals will achieve unconditional victory. But here it is worth paying attention to another important point - only the commander of the assault group can inflict damage to the crystal. This is a very important point in the battle, as the destruction will be counted to the side that caused the most damage. So choose the right participants for the battle so that your Alliance will take first place!
    Restart time: on schedule.
    Winter Guild Games “Towers of Fury”
    The strongest guilds must defend the honor of the Alliance! And to choose the best at the Snow Boundary - the winter guild games begin, where the battle will take place one-on-one according to the cup system with the determination of the winner based on the results of the stage and the points scored.
    It's time for each guild to show what it is worth, because White Beard is organizing a great competition of snow towers! The winner will be the one with the most points. It is not easy to do this, the White Beard will count the most points for the explosion of the festive towers of rivals, but you can also get points for killing enemies and destroying the snow and ice monsters that live in these lands!
    Underwater guild games are well known to a lot of people, so it will not be a special news that first you will have a thirty-minute preparation. During this time, participants must reach the entrance to the event, thus automatically registering the guild in the games. Entering the lobby after the event starts will simply take players to the current stage of the event.
    While waiting for the start, all warriors in the lobby will be able to have some fun in the village with a PvP zone that is located around the camp.
    With the beginning of the stage, a suitable opponent will be selected for your guild. But if an opponent of a higher level is selected in the match, then his active skills will be blocked and the effect of passive skills will be removed which are not yet available to your guild (applies only to players who are on the territory of the event). Thus, both guilds will find themselves in the most equal conditions.

    “Explosive rendezvous” stage
    The battle itself is divided into rounds. The task of the players in each round is to earn as many points as possible for their guild. The round lasts 4 minutes, but can end ahead of schedule if three enemy towers are destroyed. To do this, you first need to pick up the explosives, which will allow you to destroy the tower. A total of three dynamites are available: in the center and on the sides of the map. If all the dynamite was used, but the round did not have time to end, then the explosive devices will reappear in their places.
    Just note that all skills will be disabled until you interact with the central dynamite. But at the same time, the player who risked grabbing any explosives will become the most vulnerable: his movement will be slowed down, and all skills are also disabled. True, to protect him, the chance of gaining the control effect will be significantly reduced, so that the opportunity to bring dynamite to its destination does not disappear at all. At the end of the round, all players find themselves in battle camps and start the battle over. 
    Destroying the towers is your main task, as for this you get the most points: 50 - for taking explosives, 1000/800/600 - for destroying the tower. In addition, you can earn points for yourself in other ways: killing a player will bring your guild 10 points, killing a monster - 5 or 20 points, depending on the strength.
    Restart time: on schedule.

    Guild event in the open world “Sweet Warrior”
    Oh, not every sweetness on the island will seem like a pleasant surprise to you. In the dungeons under the island, lay mysterious caves of the Trolls, where the creations of the mad Hryggvi Breadbrew roam. They look sweet, but terrify the inhabitants of the Snow Boundary. And the caves themselves are not kind to visitors - many traps await those who walks down into the icy labyrinths. Be careful at every step and hurry to stop the evil deeds of the angry gingermen! 
    Sweets, and especially gingerbread and cookies, are designed to bring goodness and joy to this world, but not those that came out of the  Hryggvi Breadbrew’s oven! In his ice caves, he set up a real bakery in which he produces the most evil, insidious and monstrous products of baking art. White Beard asks you to stop the atrocities of the evil bakery, and at the same time teach its creator a lesson!
    For successful completion of the event, it is enough to lay one blow on the boss from any member of the guild, but that player must survive until the end of the battle. 
    Conditions of activation: earn 5000 Guild Points.
    Restart time: 6 hours after the event ends.

    Bitten Gingry
    Even pastry is able to feel anger - if born in the oven of  Hryggvi Breadbrew. Bitten Gingry came out so appealing, that the baker-troll nearly ate the poor thing. Now he’s trying to take it out on others for his injury. Understandable - it’s not fun to live with a head that was partly bitten off.
    Cracked Cookie
    Cracked Cookie came out so sweet, that Hryggvi Breadbrew immediately tried to taste him. But he survived - and now tries to kill everyone he can reach. No wonder - he greedy troll has bitten his heart... 
    Rabid Gingering
    Rabid Gingering should have been born a couple minutes earlier, but Hryggvi overcooked the poor fellow. That’s why Gingering became so burnt and angry! The old axe that Hryggvi gifted to the gingerbread warrior strikes true - his hardened heart knows no mercy.

    Furious Cookie Monster
    Furious Cookie Monster too got burnt in Hryggvi’s oven and is now hateful of everything and everyone. The huge caramel axe that the evil Cookie Monster holds in his seared hands has already brought quite a lot of trouble to the island’s inhabitants. And it doesn’t seem he’s going to stop!
    Hryggvi Breadbrew
    Hryggvi Breadbrew - is a an ugly sullen troll, who one fine morning imagines himself the best of cooks. Unfortunately, only his malice could compare with the talent of this troll. Unsurprisingly, Hryggvi's kitchen was soon overrun with the baker's wicked and unsightly creations. Gloom is the only thing that the troll could convey to his products.
    Also don’t forget that the sugary bosses are ready to meet warriors outside the event as well.  Moreover, in the Troll caves in addition to dangers there are rare and unique treasures. And if you have a special key, you can take possession of what these evil creatures have hidden for themselves.
    Raid bosses Petris and Martis
    Petris and Martis, of course, decided not to unleash a real war and instead will determine the best in a competition, but the heroes of Arinar are not at all ready to just let off the architect who has contacted the warring Alliance. Moreover, this is a great chance to interfere with the enemy's construction!
    Petris served for many years as the personal assistant of the White Beard and therefore knows perfectly well what and how is arranged at the Snow Boundary. Envious people say that tall and skinny Petris is sullen and unsociable. Of course this is not the case. It's just that Petris prefers to ponder his grandiose plans in silence. The day is approaching when tall and graceful (like himself!) Towers of cookies and chocolate will rise above the Snow Boundary, marking the victory of Petris in the competition between two architects.

    Martis began working at a toy factory from an early age - and many decades later became the personal assistant of the White Beard himself. Slightly slow, Martis always steadily achieves goals. Some, however, say that Martis is not only short, but also not that smart. But this, of course, is nonsense, otherwise how could Martis manage to become one of the best architects of the island? His wide and low towers, solidly built of gingerbread and caramel, are about to bring him victory in the architectural competition.
    To get a meeting with any of the architects, you first have to deal with his team: 15 powerful builders on each side. They are easy to recognize - they walk in groups at the very top of the island. As soon as all the assistants fall, the angry architect will appear on the distant mountain to repulse the offender. 
    Depending on which architect was called in, you can both attack the enemy and defend your friendly boss. So that any player can have time to help their alliance in this fight, a portal will briefly appear in the city, which will take them directly to the battle place. But do not brake - the portal will be active for a very short time! Remember that killing bosses gives you extra points in the tournament, so protecting your Architect is an important mission!
    It will be possible to call the architect again only after a while - it will be necessary to wait for the return of the construction team to their locations.
    Winter rides are, probably, the most fun in the year! So hurry up to the new rides that already await their visitors. You can hunt rabbits under the guise of one of the great shamans or run in the woods for sweets, trying to evade Yetis. It definitely won’t be boring!
    Hare Invasion Attraction (solo, for all levels)
    The history of the Snowy Bound tells us of many heroic adventures. One of these has happened in the ancient times, when the Snowy Bound was settled by the Eskimos and the White Beard and his elves were yet to arrive. In those days, dead hares used to come out of the dark forest thicket to attack the locals. And so, three great heroes: the Mammoth Shaman, the Bear Shaman and the Ice Dragon Shaman, - challenged the forces of evil. The tale of their great victory has passed on to this day, and now the White Beard invites everyone to play a role in these glorious deeds! Wear an outfit of one of the heroes of old and smite the hares without mercy - the more of them will fall, the greater your ferocity in battle will be! The White Beard will generously reward you with tokens for every slain foe.

    Heist of the Century Attraction (solo, for all levels)
    The penguins and the yeti are ancient rivals. Lately, a new trend has suddenly sported up among the mountain yeti: they are competing who can throw a penguin further! The proud birds won’t let this offense slide: they plan to steal all the sweet candies that the yeti love so much. The penguins ask for your help, but remember: you can’t handle a yeti in an honest battle. Rather, blind them with snowballs and rely on the speed of your feet. For every candy stolen from the yeti, the White Beard generously dispense with tokens.

    Nefarious Thieves Attraction (solo and group, for all levels)
    Troubles never end at the Snowy Bound, and gremlins are one of them. Little thieves scheme to steal all the sweet building materials! They are trying to sneak in through the basement of our tavern. Fortunately, we have a pipeline connected to the ale fountains installed at the basement. You can use a system of levers to turn on the fountains and wash the thieves away! Beside the levers, you could use the festive button — it activates all big fountains at once to provide enough ale for everyone. The button mechanism is complex, though, so you may only use it once. The Lord of the Snowy Bound announced that a new competition is about to start. The White Beard will generously reward with tokens the one who will scatter more gremlins than anyone else!

    New expert skills
     Power of the Heaven
    Increases character's maximum health, also increases the Block parameter for the character if equipped with a shield and the Penetration parameter if equipped with a staff, for the duration of the skill. Skill with a constant energy consumption. The buff’s power increases with the skill level.
     Particle of Life
    An attack that deals physical damage to an enemy and summons a monster for some time. Monster deals magic damage to an enemy. As the skill develops, the skill's damage, monster parameters, and it's life time increase. The monster's magic strength also depends on the character's level and magic power.
     Branded by the Sun
    Applies the "Aggression" effects to all opponents, as well as the "Stigma" debuff to several opponents within a radius of a few yards from the character for some time. Every successful auto attack on target with the "Stigma" debuff restores an amount of health depending on the character’s magical power to the character or their ally, removing debuff from the target. Improving this skill results in an increased effect power and duration, larger number of targets and higher amount of restored health.
    Moves the character to the enemy from a distance of at least two yards, deals physical damage to them and applies Deceleration debuff to the enemies within the radius of several yards from the target for some time. The effect slows down the enemies' movement speed. As the skill develops, the damage, effect power, its duration and the number of player targets increase.
     Bestial Wrath
    Increases the Attack Speed parameter if equipped with a one-handed weapon and the Penetration parameter if equipped with a two-handed weapon for some time. The power and time of the effect increases with the skill level.
    A series of attacks that deal physical damage to the enemy. As the skill develops, the number of blows and damage from the skill increase.
     Support of the Pack
    Removes several debuffs from the character or ally, including control effects, also applies Fortitude buff on the target for some time. Buff increases the Resistance parameter of the target. Additionally increases the effect duration for each debuff removed. As the skill develops, the number of debuffs to be removed and duration of the buff increase.
     Spiritual Purification
    Removes several buffs obtained from skills from the enemy and restores the character a certain percentage of the maximum amount of energy. As the skill develops, the number of effects to be removed and amount of energy to be restored increase.
    Fix skills 
    For absolutely all skills of the Chieftain and Templar reduced energy consumption. Changes to some of the base and expert skills of these classes are presented below.
     Eagle Eye
    Now the Bleeding debuff is applied to the enemy with a chance equal to the value of the "Critical Hit" parameter.
     Curse of the Plague
    Increased the chance of successful debuff usage at all levels by 15% and reduced the cooldown at all levels by 4 seconds.
     Clans' Help
    New expert skills "Bestial Wrath" and "Support of the Pack" belong to Wolf and Rat Clans, and when using the skills of this Clans, the character will receive the "Penetration" bonus. New expert skill "Frenzy" belongs to the Clans of the Eagle and the Cougar.
     Rugged Hide
    Now the skill can be used on yourself or a group member.
     Whirlwind of Repentance
    Increased the chance of successful debuff usage at all levels by 20%.
     Reverse Flow
    Increased stun time at all levels by 0.5 sec.
     Mantra of Healing
    Now the skill can be used on yourself or a group member.
    Holiday skills
    During the event, each player will get two special holiday skills, depending on the Alliance. And one more - common for all - will be given out as a reward for participating in the world event for some time, and will be available only on the territory of the Snow boundary. All holiday skills cannot be used during the arena battles.
     Animal Guise
    For some time, you turn into an animal, whose speed will rival even the fastest creatures of Arinar. Cannot be used during winter guild games.
    Sentinels skills
     The War Gauntlet 
    An experienced warrior who shows no fear while enduring the blows of an enemy. 
     The Magic Gauntlet
    The Magic Gauntlet possesses power to magically heal wounds and harass the enemies.
    Legion skills
     The War Mitten
    An experienced warrior who shows no fear while enduring the blows of an enemy.
     The Magic Mitten
    The Magic Mitten possesses power to magically heal wounds and harass the enemies.
    15 new achievements, of which 3 will be legendary, will be available for fans of festive rewards! So do not forget to complete quests, kill monsters and have a good fun on the rides - this will bring not only points for your alliance, but also nice bonuses for you.
    Guild action log
    With update 9.2 the guild action log will appear in the game. Each guild member will have access to the action log. A special window will be located in the guild menu and display all actions within the your union:
    invitation/dismiss member change rank appointment position change guild message and description change guild name increase guild level study of guild skills application of active guild skills activation of guild events application for participation in the siege of the Castle capture/loss of Castle activation of Castle features construction and development of Castle buildings
    Applying the skill to your hero
    The ability to quickly apply the skill to your character will be implemented also with update 9.2. Depending on the platform, different methods will be used.
    In Windows and Linux clients, you must use the shortcut "Alt+key" or "Ctrl+key", where "key" is the skill button. You can also select "Alt" or "Ctrl" in the game settings.

    In mobile clients you can apply the skill to yourself with a long tap. At the same time, in the game settings you can choose an action with or without vibration.
    Clients on MacOS have as many as three different combinations to apply the skill to your character: Ctrl+key, Option+key, and Command+key, where "key" is the skill button. You can select the required combination in the game settings.
    Also, absolutely on all clients in the settings, this function can be disabled.
    As always, the Snow Boundary will delight you with festive music themes that will create an atmosphere of magic and fun. And also on the island you will be welcomed by the Merchants with winter costumes!
    But that's all for now, more information on rewards, gifts and holiday surprises will be available on the day the update is released.
    See you in the game!
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    Drako Blood (Drakoslayd) 

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    Khrone reacted to Homosexuau in Sugestão de Melhoria para os Bruxos   
    Tenho set PvP, sou todo +8. E não aguento 2 tapas de Bd, Para o Lock jogar ele tem que ficar TODOO recuado e perde uma grande parte da gameplay afastado.
    Opa? O que temos aqui? O Templário? 
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    Khrone got a reaction from MinatoSan in Sugestão de Melhoria para os Bruxos   
    Se não for uma skill ativa, tudo bem, afinal, o Bruxo é a classe que mais come mana (ou uma das) e não tem nenhuma passiva.
    Obs: Movi o tópico pra cá
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    Khrone reacted to Nickell in Sugestões de melhorias para o jogo   
    Olá, tenho uma sugestão sobre personalização da habilidade "totem da guilda". A ideia não é mudar a mecânica, mas sim, bolar algo que possa ser possível cada guilda modelar o visual do totem do jeito que elas desejam. Seja um escudo com o nome da guilda por exemplo. Deixará o jogo mais bonito, e cada guida terá sua própia identidade quando o totem é posicionado.
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    Khrone got a reaction from Homosexuau in Sugestão de Melhoria para os Bruxos   
    Se não for uma skill ativa, tudo bem, afinal, o Bruxo é a classe que mais come mana (ou uma das) e não tem nenhuma passiva.
    Obs: Movi o tópico pra cá
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    Khrone reacted to quenster in Mudem a foto do jogo pfv   
    Então, o ícone com a Vallarya está a um bom tempo. Eu, assim como outros, nos questionamos do porque o ícone do jogo ser de uma Elfa e não um ícone trabalhado que mostre a batalha entre os lados! Na atualização 9.0 "Heróis da Nova Era", vimos um ícone bacana na Play Store que mostrava o Cacique e Templário cara a cara, porém no ícone do jogo em si, o que fica em nossos dispositivos, continuou a elfa.

    Acho esse ícone perfeito!
  21. Haha
    Khrone reacted to Shoujo in Mudem a foto do jogo pfv   
    A única coisa que eu sei é que a expressão da vallarya,(acho que é assim o nome da elfa) eu percebi que a expressão dela muda,as vezes  ela tá sorrindo outras vezes tá mais séria,agora o motivo dessa bipolaridade eu nunca vou saber.,
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    Khrone reacted to quenster in Diminuição dos preços das New Skills   
    Realmente para quem é FREE e chega no LVL18 é muito difícil conseguir juntar os 40k de gold pra new. Minha sugestão seria pelo menos ter um desconto (40-50%) para a 1a new do personagem e a compra ser recebida como PESSOAL. Assim não haveria abuso por parte de players em criar personagens para comprar new e revender.
  23. Thanks
    Khrone reacted to ThiagoWanted in Diminuição dos preços das New Skills   
    Acho muito difícil diminuir o preço das habilidades. 
    Existe alguns eventos que tem chance de dropar livros de habilidades em masmorras.
    Uma sugestão minha seria adicionar chance de drop de livros de habilidades especialista na Torre de Berengar para incentivar jogadores a farma.
    Em quase todos jogos de RPG existe essa mecânica de durabilidade de itens.
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    Khrone got a reaction from TheCaster in Предложение аннулировано   
    Just make a 100% Resist chance like BD, Mage and Barb lol
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    Khrone reacted to Guts in Chamer poderia se tank ?   
    Concordo com você que classes sem aggro em área não conseguem ser tanks eficazes, e tankam apenas o boss.
    Essa parte das invocações terem aggro já acho bem complicado, já que isso teria muitas interações com o jogo, e acabaria prejudicando os charmers que não tem intenção de ser tanks.

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