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  1. What about the "new" skill, Demonic Pact? А как насчет «нового» навыка, Демонического Пакта?
  2. Então primeiro vem a magia de Ilusão depois a Animagia ou a gente pode escolher qual estudar primeiro?
  3. So this test server will last longer than the usual, since it's a big update?
  4. @Holmes If the Charmer uses the Summoner Skill when the Wolf of Darkness is almost dying/disappearing, he will lose the skill effects? Also, when we're going to see the Spring announcement?
  5. If the Charmer use the new Summoner Skill when the wolf lifetime or HP is almost in the end, he will just lose the skill?
  6. Like if a character is locked by Druid's roots, he won't be pushed by this skill?
  7. What does it mean? Will it stay with the same cooldown?
  8. So like the gold that the monsters drop would go directly to inventory while the other items would continue on the corpse or all the (trash) items would go directly to inventory?
  9. Karens playing Warspear be like:
  10. In my opinion, this update changed more the PvE Charmer than the PvP Charmer. The only thing that would do a big difference in PvP is Otherwordly Fire and maybe the new Demonic Pact (since the pets now would be a bigger problem). Also (still in my opinion), the Seeker is really good as a PvE class, while the Charmer is better on 1 vs 1 situations (like bosses and PvP). Now that the Seeker got more stuns and the Charmer got some buffs on support and AoE damage, maybe we'll se these 2 classes being more balanced on both PvP and PvE?
  11. To be honest, it would be really good, like the Staff basic attacks on Halloween being bats, but maybe the Charmer's bird is already a pink/purple raven lol
  12. But you would need to use a Staff to get the healing buffs of Otherwordly Blessing
  13. Zoo Build (Also known as "Who Let the Dogs Out build") Basic Skills: Dark Prism or Weakness: 3/5 Warrior Healing: 5/5 Call: 5/5 Expert Skills: Help of Chaos: 4/4 Demonic Pact: 4/4 Summoner Skill: 4/4 Explanation: Dark Prism for direct magical damage or Weakness to increase all types of damage, from you, from your party and even from your pets (in my opinion, you should use it instead of Dark Prism since you're going to use your pets very often. You can use Weakness + Summoner Skil
  14. Khrone

    Outdated Shaman

    I've read it wrong, sorry.
  15. No caso a Robustez é a que reduz a chance e o dano crítico de monstros?
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