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  1. And you shouldn't, since this number is impossible.
  2. But they increased the damage, so there is no damage loss at all 6 × 45% = 270% 5 × 55% = 275% You can consider it as a buff 🙂
  3. If you calculate it right, it's not a buff or nerf, more like "readjustment".
  4. Maybe it (and Templar too if they both gained the ability to use 2H hybrid weapons) could have some "debuff", like the dual-wield debuff. Example: Less healing, so the Magical Damage gained would be used only to deal damage.
  5. Or both 🙂 I really think that Templars and Charmers should have the option to use Staffs, Maces and Shields and Spears and/or 2H Maces, so it would completely separate the Healer/Magical Damager, the Tank and the Physical/Mixed damage. Since Spears have the same Magical Damage as staffs, it could have some drawback, like some ranged skills having less range or even meele range, i don't know.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Charmers could use Spears until the actual update.
  7. In a long duration battle, you would deal more damage than before, but would use more mana. Chieftains: "Give me stun!" AIGRIND:
  8. But gets 40% more Basic Attack damage (and is half-tank)
  9. This Hall just disappeared. I got the Expert buff, but every time i change the map, the blue eye appears for a short time, does an animation where it unlocks the door but the door disappear from the wall. Is it a bug or i didn't mastered the Ilusion magic in the right way?
  10. I'm honestly thinking about leveling up my Charmer instead of using my Warlock.
  11. That got heavily nerfed on the last update
  12. The bird looks like it's made of pure magic
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