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  1. 1 hour ago, Higgings said:


    Shall we also speak about the skill not being able to crit?

    I mean, the short duration of it is kinda acceptable, since the skill has 10s of cooldown and 4s of stun, so you have 6s without stun, and you also have more control like Sharp Shadow and Blow of Silence, but there are a lot of ways to make it a good damage skill, like:

    • Being able to crit
    • 100% hit chance
    • Multiple damage hits (but the only the 1st one being able to stun)


    Idk, the skill isn't bad but isn't good too

  2. On 3/25/2021 at 8:08 PM, GalaxyRekt said:

    Chupacabra/blue mobs on map3
    On br server everyone farms them at low level to get the skills

    More like "Goatsucker" :troll_face1:


    On 4/1/2021 at 5:34 AM, coldravens said:

    Medusas are very profitable to farm as well and there are some areas witch have 1-2 of them

    Where is it? I don't remember this mob





    Also, IMO the 1st Expert Skill bought by the player should be free or at least have a discount, like 25% (30K) or 50% (20K).

  3. 55 minutes ago, Ладиан said:

    The same question.I would like to have such sword(some cool spring version)because...swords look cool...:pigface:

    I mean, they added new maces types on recent events (just some variations of existent ones, but still...)

    It would be cool to have Magical Swords, especially if the next Forsaken class was something like a hybrid damage version of Rogue/Seeker/BD.


    Sadly, AIGRIND probably won't add Magical Swords since only DKs and maybe Paladins would use it.

    If Magical Swords were added, Templars and Charmers could use it too. I don't see any problems with it.


    But please, let's not have Magical Axes.

    Just Magical Maces and Swords are enough.


  4. 59 minutes ago, Ogull said:

    but it drop in value by the fact that its a stationary skill and enemies could just walk away from it

    With every hit dealing almost 2x the damage of Steel Hurricane, i think that's not a huge drawback.


    1 hour ago, Ogull said:

    not to mention the fact that it could pretty much be resisted by the target

    However, that's a really huge drawback. The skill has 30 seconds cooldown, so...


  5. On 1/14/2021 at 5:32 PM, Ogull said:

    kiss.png.84bcdb6965de57ea83e9aa2e3a12cf23.png Knight's Curse

    Type: Active

    Usage Range: 4 yards

    Energy Cost: 24 units

    Cooldown: 30 seconds


    Applies the "kiss of death" debuff to the enemy for sometime. This effect increase any incoming damage dealt to the enemy. When the effect expires, a curse zone is formed near the enemy for sometime. All the enemies in the zone receive periodic magical damage.

    • "Kiss of Death" debuff duration: 3 6 seconds
    • "Kiss of Death" damage increase: 10% 15% 20% 25%
    • Curse Zone Duration: 8 10 12 14 seconds
    • Curse Zone Damage Increased: 140% / 160% / 180% / 220%
    • Curse Zone max number of player: 3 6
    • Curse Zone max number of monsters: unlimited
    • Curse Zone Damage Intervals: 2 seconds

    That's the total damage or each hit deals 220% of the Magical Damage of the DK???


    I'd like to know what's better for a Magical DK, Steel Hurricane or Knight's Curse

  6. 1 minute ago, Higgings said:


    If you want to be a DK capable to tank, forget the 2h build unless:

    1. You have got high life steal or

    2. You have got a Mermen Set for tank.


    If you desire to be tanky somehow then I would send you a link from calculator about the build I think it's decent for a hybrid dk damager: 




    Skill wise: I'd go for 4/4 Call, 3/4 Sharp, 3/4 Curse and 3/4 Blood Protection. Switch call to 3 and sharp to 4 if you plan to PvP more than you do PvE. 

    But i don't want to tank :cry2: by "Hybrid", i mean "Physical and Magical damage", not "Damager and Tank"

  7. 1 minute ago, Higgings said:

    In PvP, yes. In PvE, close to no unless you use minions. DKs have got no endurance abilities aside Reserves and due to the skill's very high cooldown (2 mins is a lot to wait in dynamic situations such as dungeons) you can't rely on them too much. In my personal opinion, no, DKs still highly depend on this statistic in order to work fine. 

    What about Saturation? I mean, 25% of Vampirism is good, right? Also, it doesn't cost HP anymore below a certain amount of it.


    I would use something like:


    Thorns of Death - 4/5

    Exhalation of Darkness - 4/5

    Dark Shield - 5/5


    About the new skills, i really don't know. Since you're a expert DK, you could tell me what's better:


    Steel Hurricane or Knight's Curse - 4/4

    Saturation - 4/4

    Aura of Hatred or Sharp Shadow - 4/4 

    (I know that they're 2 totally different skills, but...

    Sharp Shadow looks bad, but with like 600, 700 Magical Damage, it can easily deal 3K damage without Critical, maybe 2.5K considering the Magical Defense, healing a bit more than 1K)


  8. 43 minutes ago, nwizeee said:

    Nope... Lets say for instance, the range of the time warp is 10 tiles. Now you point the skill 15 stiles away from you. Instead of the character needs to walk 5 tiles to cast, the skill will be casted even if you are still not within the range of the skill. But still taking the same direction and the same range of the skill which is 10 tiles. The damage will be still where the mage landed.

    What if the Mage actually wants to land 15 tiles away? Or any other AoE Target skill?

  9. On 12/18/2020 at 1:22 PM, Ocerked said:

    um suporte só tem 2 heal!?

    Fora o Druida, TODOS os outros healers só tem 2 curas.


    Xamã: Cura Básica e Totem de Cura

    Necromante: Cura Básica e Escudo Venenoso + Chuva Ácida

    Encantador: Cura Básica + Socorro do Caos

    Sacerdote: ? (Não entendo muito sobre Priest, mas ele também só tem 2 curas)

    Templário: Único suporte que só tem 2 curas (se bem que o agro meio que cura, então...)


    E também, "suporte" não significa apenas "healer".


    Charmer também tem: 

    Fraqueza (Redução de Defesa)

    Opressão (Controle)

    Olho da Escuridão (Buff)

    Benção Sobrenatural (Buff)

    Fogo Sobrenatural (Controle)

    Conhecimento do Homem Morto (Controle)

    "Skill da Pedra" (Controle)

    Aferroamento (Agressão em Área + Controle)

  10. On 3/14/2021 at 4:26 AM, MinatoSan said:

    Sugestão 2: Transformar a habilidade em passiva. A cada habilidade ignorada por inimigos adiciona uma certa quantidade de resistência ao personagem e aumenta a precisão em uma porcentagem especifica.

    Gostei :troll_face1:


    On 3/14/2021 at 4:26 AM, MinatoSan said:

    Nota: a junção dela com exaurir é boa em PvP, em PvE a maioria do monstros ignora o dano, o que torna a cura inútil.


  11. 54 minutes ago, Hedfuc said:


    Ознакомьтесь пожалуйста с данной темой.



    Всё работает согласно задумке.

    Если вы считаете, что другой вариант более приемлем для игры, то распишите пожалуйста в подробностях плюсы и минусы и почему нам стоит пересмотреть подход к игре :vp-looking:

    О хранилище/банке, разделяемом между персонажами: я думаю, что оба могут быть включены как одно и то же, как в хранилище гильдии. Может быть новый NPC, который дает доступ к этому общему хранилищу, или вы (разработчики) можете изменить «NPC хранилища гильдии», чтобы предоставить доступ к обоим типам хранилища.


    Плюсы: игроку высокого уровня было бы проще давать предметы / деньги своим персонажам низкого уровня, что упростило бы повышение уровня.

    Кроме того, если у вас нет денег на покупку необходимого снаряжения для одного персонажа, но оно есть у другого, вы можете положить деньги или даже купить предмет и положить его на склад.


    Минусы: поскольку персонажи низкого уровня будут получать предметы от персонажей высокого уровня, рынок (вероятно) сломается.

    Однако уже можно передавать предметы другим персонажам (например, с помощью 2 устройств или с помощью надежного друга и т. Д.), Чтобы этого не произошло.



    Теперь, что касается бесполезности обычных монстров, у меня есть несколько предложений:


    1 °: Я думаю, что монстры должны давать опыт (и больше золота), но, как и репутация в весенних подземельях, у вас должен быть предел опыта (и, возможно, золота, если это возможно для разработчиков), получаемого за убийство монстров в день.


    Плюсы: было бы легче повышать уровень (и зарабатывать золото тоже).


    Минусы: боты. Вот и все. Кроме того, это изменило бы всю механику Warspear, так что ... (но, эй, они включали боевой пропуск, это как бы меняет правила игры)


    2 °: Так как они бросают только мусор, я думаю, что предметы, которые они бросают, следует использовать в крафте.


    Плюсы: если бы было добавлено и первое предложение, это было бы хорошо, потому что вы получали бы опыт и золото при фарме предметов. Кроме того, еще больше людей начнут крафтить (потому что, честно говоря, сейчас довольно скучно крафтить буквально каждый необходимый предмет, в то время как от монстров вы получаете только эссенции, катализаторы и т. Д.)


    Минусы: это изменит всю систему крафта.


    (I'm sorry, used the translator)

  12. In my opinion, i think the dungeon has too much control.


    Library (Movement Speed buff): The explosions stuns the player (but since there aren't any mobs on the room, it's not a big problem).

    Mirror Room (Double Hit buff): The Gorgon fears and stuns the player frequently, and the gaps for the player to attack are really short.

    Bookcase Room (Bleeding buff): The "fire warriors" stops the player (and it's really annoying, since there are a lot of them and they are minibosses).

    Elementals Room (mixed buffs): Literally every type of elemental there has at least 1 type of control, and like the Bookcase Room, it's annoying because there are a lot of enemies.


    Bonus: "Magical Towers" Room ("Healing Damage" buff?): I can't tell too much about this one since i just ignore it while doing the dungeon, but if i remember correctly, the Shadow Warlocks cause fear.

  13. 1 hour ago, Nolan said:
    • reduzido o número total de ondas de monstros: de 10 para 3.
    • mudança no bônus do artefato Livro da Dor: agora aplica o efeito sangramento.

    Finalmente, todos odeiam essa sala de tão demorada (e pessoalmente, eu acho o buff meio inútil).

    1 hour ago, Nolan said:

    Aumento nas estatísticas defensivas dos seguintes monstros:

    • Minotauro
    • Górgon

    Da Medusa tudo bem, mas o Minotauro já é muito difícil.

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