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  1. That's the total damage or each hit deals 220% of the Magical Damage of the DK??? I'd like to know what's better for a Magical DK, Steel Hurricane or Knight's Curse
  2. But why not Saturation instead of Blood Protection? Some people say Blood Protection is bad because of the low duration Also, Vampirism would (probably) be better for a damager
  3. So: Knight's Curse - 3/4 Sharp Shadow - 3/4 Blood Protection - 3/4 Aura of Hatred - 4/4 ?
  4. But i don't want to tank by "Hybrid", i mean "Physical and Magical damage", not "Damager and Tank"
  5. A PvE hybrid/magical damager that isn't as squishy as... some other undead guys. Isn't it magical? Or you mean that it's good for both PvE and PvP?
  6. What about Saturation? I mean, 25% of Vampirism is good, right? Also, it doesn't cost HP anymore below a certain amount of it. I would use something like: Thorns of Death - 4/5 Exhalation of Darkness - 4/5 Dark Shield - 5/5 About the new skills, i really don't know. Since you're a expert DK, you could tell me what's better: Steel Hurricane or Knight's Curse - 4/4 Saturation - 4/4 Aura of Hatred or Sharp Shadow - 4/4 (I know that they're 2 totally different skills, but... Sharp Shadow looks bad, but with like 600, 70
  7. Só por quê um jogo é em 2D e pixelizado, não significa que é ruim. Exemplo: Terraria, um jogo muito famoso.
  8. Isn't the last part of the World Event of Spring the same as Attack on Titan?
  9. Even after 9.3, is it possible to create Damagers (especially Magic ones) DKs? And is it possible to play as DK without Vampirism on equipments?
  10. What if the Mage actually wants to land 15 tiles away? Or any other AoE Target skill?
  11. So you want the skill to deal damage where the Mage was when casting the skill, and not where he will be after casting it?
  12. Fora o Druida, TODOS os outros healers só tem 2 curas. Xamã: Cura Básica e Totem de Cura Necromante: Cura Básica e Escudo Venenoso + Chuva Ácida Encantador: Cura Básica + Socorro do Caos Sacerdote: ? (Não entendo muito sobre Priest, mas ele também só tem 2 curas) Templário: Único suporte que só tem 2 curas (se bem que o agro meio que cura, então...) E também, "suporte" não significa apenas "healer". Charmer também tem: Fraqueza (Redução de Defesa) Opressão (Controle) Olho da Escuridão (Buff) Benção Sobrenatural (Buff)
  13. О хранилище/банке, разделяемом между персонажами: я думаю, что оба могут быть включены как одно и то же, как в хранилище гильдии. Может быть новый NPC, который дает доступ к этому общему хранилищу, или вы (разработчики) можете изменить «NPC хранилища гильдии», чтобы предоставить доступ к обоим типам хранилища. Плюсы: игроку высокого уровня было бы проще давать предметы / деньги своим персонажам низкого уровня, что упростило бы повышение уровня. Кроме того, если у вас нет денег на покупку необходимого снаряжения для одного персонажа, но оно есть у другого, вы можете положить де
  14. In my opinion, i think the dungeon has too much control. Library (Movement Speed buff): The explosions stuns the player (but since there aren't any mobs on the room, it's not a big problem). Mirror Room (Double Hit buff): The Gorgon fears and stuns the player frequently, and the gaps for the player to attack are really short. Bookcase Room (Bleeding buff): The "fire warriors" stops the player (and it's really annoying, since there are a lot of them and they are minibosses). Elementals Room (mixed buffs): Literally every type of elemental there has at least 1 type of
  15. Finalmente, todos odeiam essa sala de tão demorada (e pessoalmente, eu acho o buff meio inútil). Da Medusa tudo bem, mas o Minotauro já é muito difícil.
  16. And you shouldn't, since this number is impossible.
  17. But they increased the damage, so there is no damage loss at all 6 × 45% = 270% 5 × 55% = 275% You can consider it as a buff 🙂
  18. If you calculate it right, it's not a buff or nerf, more like "readjustment".
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