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  1. Let's say your normal critical damage without the talent is 4589, since 4589 + 46% is 6700 If we used your calculation for critical damage, it would be: (46 + 47)% = 93% This means we're summing all the modifiers and applying the result 4589 + 93% = 8856 So it's almost doubling the critical damage, that would be too broken Now, if we use the correct calculation: 46% + 47% = around 67% This means we're summing 46 + 47% of itself, which is around 21. 46+21 = 67. 4589 + 67% = 7663 The damage is a bit lower because there's also the Fury modifier But still, the difference in damage is big
  2. Since it is a replacement of the Bird and it's from the Magical Damage branch, it's probably based on the character's magical power I don't think any minion summoned by skills has its own damage That's a big mistake from the devs in my opinion 😅
  3. Downloaded the new version from the website and there is no option to use the Talent menu on full screen
  4. If the update included the new map, it would be said in any of the preview posts Also:
  5. It doesn't occur every 2 hits, it says "the effect can only happen 1 time every 2 attacks" That is, even if you had 100% Critical Hit (so it would always activate), it would only happen again after the next 2 auto attacks Something like: 1st attack: talent activates 2nd attack: talent doesn't activate 3rd attack: talent activates 4th attack: talent doesn't activate And so on
  6. Well, the point of this branch is focusing on auto-attacks, so it is expected you would have a better single target damage but lose the damage from skills (that includes AoE damage) Same goes for the Hunter's Skillfull Shooting branch
  7. So... since we have talent branches and every tank class has a damage dealer branch, maybe we could have a talent for each one that changes the basic aggro skill to something else, so a player who opts to use a tank class as damage dealer instead won't need to have an useless skill on their arsenal?? Like they did to Blade Dancer, since it lost its tank role, but with key class talents instead of completely reworking the skills
  8. You don't need to max them, just the 1st level is enough And it's not literally all of them, just the ones that led to the branches
  9. It's not a bug, that's how most part of the minions summoned by skills work If they have any stat that depends on the player (example: Wolf of Darkness' physical power), they will only consider the amount the player had when summoning it, even if this amount changes later (like if the duration of a buff ends) The only exception to this (as fair as i know) is the Beastmaster's leopard, because since it is summoned by a constant skill, the changes made to the character's stats are passed on to the minion in real time If you actually meant the Spawn of Gloom works like the 2nd way, then it would be a bug
  10. If i use it on Healing and it activates while the pet is alive, would it heal 20% of the minion's HP or 20% of mine?
  11. That's if you have all the HP buffs when you summon the minion, right?
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