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  1. True story bro...Dont forget blessing skill..You really dont have any chance
  2. Holy crap.. :tease: Now lvl 13 druid can beat my heal :wacko: lvl 13 +9 (or maybe +10?) with 246 heal against lvl 20 +5 with 237 heal :mega_shok: Go hunt lab lvl 13 :crazy:
  3. Kk.. now 302 magic = 237 heal :tease: well.. lets say it's "ok" but it could be better :give_rose: but i noticed the differences between "warlock amulet" and "necro amulet" is that "necro amulet" still have health.. "warlock amulet" have pene.. so you changed health -> stupid migic def :wacko: thats ugly 2 problem still exist: 1. Walock and Mage still useless against Necro and Priest (isn't it) 2. It's much easier to get 20%+ magic def instead of 20% physical def :wacko: but remember: melee have higher dmg then castere :tease: so a suggestion: put physical def to amulet
  4. Maybe they will revenge for our negativ comments and make max heal to 100 :cray: >:D
  5. So.. we all know now: - Warlock and Mage are useless cuz Necro and Priest can do the same dmg AND they can heal :tease: - Shaman and Druid are downgraded to magic-noobs cuz 220 heal with +5 lvl 17 arena is noooooothing against other charas dmg :tease: - All stuff-using-charas are trolled cuz every chara can get easily 50% magic def :tease: example: my warlock lvl 18 have got 19% magic def with +0 ring/amulet and just 3 magic enchants on equipment :tease: - A lot of chars become hp noobs cuz health on amulet gone :tease: example: warlock lvl 18 hp before update = 2606
  6. U think killing high amped melee is possible? >:DMaybe it's your mistake cuz u are sooo bad pvp player :crazy:
  7. lol.. Show me mid-amped chara (like me) with 30~40% def :wacko: read closely then comment :crazy:And 300 dmg? No again.. 302 magic isn't 300 dmg.. ofc not! Btw u forgot enemys magic def also.. Im sure 30% is possible :facepalm: so 300 magic - 30% = :facepalm: Game Over :crazy: >:D :crazy:
  8. 217 heal against 500 dmg.. I dont want tank.. I want survive :tease:After 2 seconds your half hp gone.. or you are dead cuz 2x criti hit :wacko: :mega_shok: balanced?
  9. Go go go.. explain us! Example: Druid lvl 20, 2500 hp, 300 magic (215 heal) against Bd lvl 20, 3300 hp, 330 dmg :aggressive: Who will win? :wacko: And after you've got the solution ask yourself if this is "balanced" :mega_shok:
  10. Are u kidding me?? 253 heal changed into 217? Im using +5 lvl 17 stuff and full lvl 17/18 equipment.. i've got 302 moon/astral magic and u give me 217 heal???? The only way to get more then 217 heal is to amp my stuff or buy a bettet one and amp this..... Come on.. explain that!!! How i should protect myself? If normal players cant get 250 heal (better 280 ofc) why every f*** melee chara can hit up to 500 dmg? :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive: :aggressive: Explain or remove this f*** UNBALANCED shit "update" :aggressive: :fool:
  11. :shok: Why i didn't know about that?? Why no massage ingame that you are planing to reboot? :unknw: :cray: :sorry:
  12. Dammed :shok: :shok: All my daily chests gone :mega_shok:
  13. Nemox


    Yes! Dungeon is really nice idea :friends: sounds great and very interesting. Only 1 thing im not sure about... Lvl 18/19/20 are able to kill these little bosses but what should lvl 14 olayers do there? And i don't think that lvl 14 players really need lvl 14 "bg" equip and lvl 14 deadly weapons. You know.. lvl 14 bow is the strongest weapon in this level area. I'm sorry but i don't know rangers damage with +10 lvl 13 bow/crossbow but it's nearly 300? 280? How powerful lvl 14 should be? :good: But it's enough now :blush: It's very nice idea!!
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