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  1. My sham totem heal is 4/4 and I got 16.6% life steal with 563 magic(base, no bonus)
  2. Quick question: do guild bonuses transfer over to test server?
  3. I am selling repair scrolls 4k a set on my shaman Meltedsnow US sapphire
  4. Counter does alot more damage and it doesn't matter if lightning shield lasts longer because counter lasts longer than it cool down. Secret link heals an entire party practically instantly. The comparison isn't weak, you understanding of the game is weak.
  5. Again there is no real way to prove a bot. Why does it matter either way?
  6. Any room for name change scroll?
  7. To be fair, if people stop joining all together then he'll stop winning guild tournaments, if he stops winning tournaments then he'll stop kicking people.
  8. Keep in mind ALL low level players use this so none really have an advantage over the other.
  9. Saw this notification, more like "I came, I saw, I used a hella lotta sets that failed, I raged, I threw my phone at the wall, I ate a tub of cookie dough
  10. Unless devs make a rule saying that high level cannot buy them then no. For a serious arena goer those costumes are not hard to get
  11. Druid got that endless forest song stun loop, that's practically inescapable.
  12. Idk why people say bd is strongest, druid much more op
  13. Why don't people just make a second character to do quests?
  14. Don't weapons already have life steal?
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