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  1. Geez Arinar got more war torn than Aleppo today.
  2. Corona virus

    Seals Bug

    Hello, I have been doing alot of arena recently and I came across a bug where if seals arena were to end and we see the results screen and press the button to go again a window would pop up saying you are out of tix asking you to buy more. This happens even of you have plenty of tickets.
  3. When I link stuff to chat my cursor sometimes acts funny and adds a space or moves to the left of typed letters.
  4. What kind of painkiller did you take?
  5. Lol a couple hundred difference is considered low on the newer server? Damn, didn't know that many people played.
  6. Oh I see lol 100k duckin wasted XD
  7. Is this relic broken or meant as a joke?
  8. Mostly no but then again most guys at least watch porn. . Who the f.uck are you?
  9. I bet Jullian Assange has something to do with this
  10. Zootopia: 10/10(Surprisingly though provoking and political) Deadpool: 9/10(One of the best comedies I've seen) Suicide Squad: 9/10(Was fun to watch, gotta admit) Batman Vs Superman Extended Cut: 8/10(Theater cut gets 7/10) Capt America Civil War: 7/10(Yet again marvel looses its appeal in trying to avoid any controversial decisions.) Mad Max Fury Road: 4/10(boring and amatuerly written)
  11. Well being as though practically every player has completed their boss quests implies that there is no flaw, you just need patience.
  12. I love how "noreply" is in the email yet people still reply
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