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  1. If you're complaining just make your own game, see how easy it is to put your limited funds and resources into risky suggestions.
  2. Lol online full of racist sexist slurs? It's called free speech, deal with it.
  3. Description: Lotta fleshy grossness, wears a stylish brown overcoat and some high quality yet suprisingly affordable black pants. Has one eye so buying glasses may be hard. Story: After the war Gaarhan was punished for his actions and his pride and resources were left in shambles. Fearing that he may fade off into obscurity he decided to do something to show his power without completly pissing off Harad or Nadau or whatever. He decided to make soldiers. In a small village on whatever island the devs decide to make next he kidnapped the men, women, and children of the village and turned them into 1 eye fleshy monsters and set them loose into the real world to cause havoc. Well as it turns out the did just that and went way too far and Gaarhan had to act fast before they fuсk him over and draw too much attention. He decided to kill these things himself, but a few got crafty and outsmated him and still wander this island to this day.
  4. Nope! End of story, lock this topic.
  5. Fact # 149: I just got a real bad virus watching porn and had to get a new computer.
  6. Ahhhh it always seems that R0land attracts the worst of the crying noobs. They complain about how their suggeestions are not heard when many suggestions are flat out stupid. AIgrind, as im aware, is a relatively small team. They likely dont have the funds or resources that a bigger company has so taking player suggestions has a greater risk factor. This is why suggestions regarding a complete change in the games basic functions or mcoin related stuff is crazy. People always say the game has gotten worse but thay's just annoying "90's kid" mentality. . On an unrelated question for R0land(or any dev): How popular/well known is AIgrind/Warspear in Russia? Would it be something that the casual gamers know about?
  7. Personally idk what chaos invasion even is. Idk when it goes, how to play it, or what rewards are given.
  8. I wanted to read that but your choice of don't is terrible
  9. Lol some stupid noobs are still crying about Legioneer? It's level six, it's literally the quickest and easiest arena level to get to and can be done on any server. If you really wanna level 6 without Legioneer then go on US or whatever. "But all my stuff is on my EU char" What stuff? If you can't afford new stuff you'll get destroyed at 6 arena regardless because most players in any arena are +9 or +10. Stop crying like little children, there's already enough of that on forum.
  10. Yaay, get ready for the self confidence of 50 people to be crushed!!!
  11. Ever since R0land left I've been having daily seizures and screaming for the voices to stop.
  12. "What materials are used, what elements does it consist of" Will we be crafting costumes now or is this just added lore?
  13. What the living hell is Zoomania? It's made in America and in America it's Zootopia
  14. Shaman ain't in top class?=O So many use it lol. Anyway I still have no idea what the chaos invasion event is.
  15. It's Dec 31 as of me posting this so it's time to list your favorite media releases(song, TV show, movie, book, etc.) of 2016. . I'll start y'all off: Movie: Zootopia TV Show: The Night Of
  16. Won't cut down on book cost cuz opening another skill set would cost way more than a book of oblivion and a book would be needed to change specific sets.
  17. Game server stop? Is the US hacking Russia now in retaliation to the election results?
  18. I think there should be a way to have and quickly switch between skill sets. Here's how it'll work: all players have their initial skill set like now but if they pay mcoins they can unlock another which quickly changed their skill points to whatever the other is. Let's say your initial skill set is PvE for leveling and you want to keep it but also want to pvp, you pay to unlock a second skill set. It's skill point count will always be what it should be at your level.
  19. Kind of like how each guild has a warehouse each guild should have a message board. This will be located in every town and when a player in a guild clicks on it they will be able to see an extended message much longer than the one seen in the guild menu. When the message is updated the guildhave will get an info: "Guild message board has been updated". Only leader and heir can update message board. This can be used to announce rules(no selling/buying in guild chat, # guild points needed weekly, no spamming, etc...), display what the guild needs(IE 2500000 gold and 41 unity signs needed to level up), or it can list off enemies the guild has, and much more.
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