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  1. It'll be better for just 1 server all together ^_^ As for names it can be like "Cultleader-SA" like in the test servers.
  2. Sup, it's me! Lowampnoob Paladin 14 Xgodisfake Necro 14 Godisfakex Charmer 21(22 soon) Cultleader Shaman 28
  3. So this idea is mcoin packs you can buy from the mcoin shop or will get dropped by tough bosses. 500 mcoins will get you a pack of 400 mcoins and this can be used in trades. Why not just buy an item for them and sell the item? Let's say something costs 599 mcoin and you have maybe 540 and the other guy has maybe 250 but has gold. You can buy the pack and sell it to him and he gets his item and you get your gold. The boss drop idea is also cool because it'll give you the ultimate prize. They can be sold as "receiving" items in the arena shop to give non mcoin players more of an incentive to arena. The 500-400 is just for the example, these are not set in stone.
  4. I have 3 characters full +10
  5. Devs wanna tell me who this dude's main is? Talk about butthurt lol
  6. I was thinking of quitting and you do this to me??????? Time to buy more mcoins
  7. Did Trump give classified info to the Russians so he can get free mcoins?
  8. Lol it's getting harder and harder to get certified for craft and I, for what ever reason, am still putting it off
  9. Ohhhhhh we almost done, good luck fellow mappers
  10. Criticism is appreciated. It's just adding another dimension of skill/planning. You will have to kill the mobs first to take seal. Your pt killing mobs gets your team points. If the mobs respawn you will have to kill them to keep getting points on that seal plus the extra points for killing them again. The mobs being alive simply stops the seal from giving you points.
  11. It, actually, would be done a bit faster because now you have a completely new way to earn points. The 12k was just a number I threw out basing it off of tougher mobs. Also there's more skill involved, like if you see 2 mobs on the opponents seal do you kill the mobs n take the seal for points or do you leave the mobs alive which will make it so your opponents don't earn points.
  12. Reds vs Whites? Oh shit it's just like early America!
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