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  1. Spiderman Homecoming: 6/10 Wind River: 8/10
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (8/10) I always think I will dislike these movies but always end up liking them.
  3. All the 2017 movies I've seen: Baby Driver (10/10) Logan (10/10) Dunkirk (9/10) Lego Batman (7/10) Wonder Woman (7/10) War for the Planet of the Apes (6/10) Get Out (5/10) The Belko Experiment (4/10) Best 3 of 2016: Zootopia (10/10) Deadpool (9/10) Manchester by the Sea (9/10)
  4. You start with 1, what's 2?
  5. I am playing Warspear in an airplane 2 miles in the air since Delta gives free WiFi to T-Mobile users, I maybe the highest elevated person to ever play Warspear, how about you?
  6. So I didn't get paid to put my shirtless pic on the internet? There goes my porn career
  7. First is the same cats from earlier, just a funnier picture.
  8. Hello! Just post pics of your pets here. Dogs, cats, birds, mice, human slaves, reptiles, ferrets, etc. Any pets welcome! :)
  9. What about the expert skills Otherworldly Blessing and Knowledge of the dead man?
  10. 1 guy has 1.4k likes. Are there rules against asking uninvolved people like family, friends, etc. to like your pic? There's no way this contest generates enough traffic for any one person to get 1.4k likes.
  11. Lucky for me I have no friends
  12. Idk maybe the character was holding mcoin stuff like a novice set
  13. Ummm no leadership passing in completely fair and I'm happy they put it in. Why should other players in the guild be effected by you refusing to take 30 seconds to log on in a 24 hour period? With you off players can be promoted/demoted to or from heir status, heirs can abuse their power, all because you are lazy.
  14. Yup, still have no idea what these things are about
  15. Sweet, I'd live to wait 5-10 minutes between each battle
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