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  1. Judge your choice off of 3 criteria: 1. PvP ability including arena, 1v1, and wars 2. PvE ability including boss farming, dungeons, and questing 3. Ease of use. The character is easy to use, less chance for error when using skills Now, obviously there are a few things that can effect how the class plays such as: who is playing, what is the gear, what is the amp, what is the level? For the sake of this poll, I will say that there are equally skilled players with equal amp, similar gear(dropped from same place) at level 28. Some are better at pvp, some pvp, this poll is used to determine the best OVERALL class. Also, is you vote, please explain why!
  2. That dungeon window close thing, YESSSSS finally, that shit was the worst
  3. Druid stun cycle still a perfect loop with the exception of song which has a very high chance of hitting
  4. These pictures though... Also, finally something that seems innovative 😃 made to be hard and tedious as duck. Imma sit in the corner of the tavern and drink ale while crying.
  5. Wow have not seen Beregar's name in a while. Also, shaman shield still not usable on self? 😢
  6. Do the contest again, thee winners may have used steroids, unfair!
  7. Maybe I should whine about how long this took to make like everyone else is doing.
  8. You get... a daily hero chest!
  9. Go ahead, give your info and find out
  10. At last, I have created the perfect card for the perfect new year!
  11. I will humbly donate my opinions on how which self improvements are necessary for the new year
  12. I got arrested for getting drunk and throwing up on an airplane
  13. So I can change "Newbie" to "Faggot ass little bi+ch"
  14. Woohoo be stronger Woohoo druid stronger Can shaman use shield on self yet?
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