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  1. You get just that, lucky bastard. . I wish my oxycotton was stronger
  2. Was hoping itll be pvprange
  3. Most classes will be good at high amp since skills are relatively undeveloped. I'd think the not as good ones would be: mage, necro, priest, and paladin
  4. This helps me alot personally. When I have little to no gold and I want to amp this helps me figure out how much I need to sell to get enough gold to amp. And Hyedra I know it varies and this equation takes that into account, whatever the prices may be this can calculate it for you.
  5. Any person who refuses to signal second and always signals first is a weakshit noon.
  6. Lol I don't believe in amp superstition. The way I see it spamming the button has just as much chance as waiting whatever amount of time. My arena staff hard AF to amp, already dropped like 70 sets on it and its only +8, if I +9 I ain't even gonna try +10(except, ofc for any extra PCs after +9 HOPEFULLY happens)
  7. How was your account stolen? Giving your account info to someone and losing it is 100℅ all your fault.
  8. Yah I stopped farming dungeons years ago. It sucks spending 3 hours getting nothing and some random noob in pt gets a weapon on first try. Too stressful, nothing you can do though, it's just bad luck.
  9. Hey, ever want to amp but wondered how many signs you need to buy to sell to get enough gold to amp? Here is your equation! The equation goes off of the assumption that you have zero gold. (s) = amount of signs to buy (m) = amount of miracle coins you have (dm) = cost of DMG or def + signs in mcoins (sm) = cost of signs in mcoins (sg) = cost of sign sets in gold (to sell) (dg) = cost to amp a set in gold (amp cost *10 cuz its a set) . (m) (s) = ___________________ (dm) * (sg) ((sm) + ( ___________)) (dg) I'll post a pic if the equation looks confusing. If (s) has any decimals you have to round up (7.1 will mean you have to buy 8 sets to sell). For example let's say: (sm) = 234 (dm) = 413 (234 + 179 for DMG 3) (sg) = 14000 (dg) = 4210 (a weapon thats 421 to amp *10 for a set) (m) = 12600 Here will be the second equation (second picture) The total is about 7.8 so I will have to buy and sell 8 sets of sign to make up for the cost of amping with the rest of my mcoins. Please keep in mind this equation implies that: you have little to no gold, you buy mcoins, you spend all mcoins that (m) is worth on 1 item(of course you can make m anything, don't have to use them all), and if you get a successful amp you'll have to rework the equation. If you already have gold just divide your amount by (sg), round down to the nearest whole number (21000 gold / 14000 = 1.5, that makes it 1) and subtract that total from (s).
  10. Has found me passed out half naked in a public park bathroom drunk before noon.
  11. Nothing beats drinking half a bottle of warm tequila 5 minutes after I wake up in the morning.
  12. For some reason whenever I finish typing the letters GH appear on my chat box, it is deletable but still kinda weird.
  13. A sexy 18 year old female that will let me bang her
  14. So y'all saying that guy who PMS me "Give mee your account info and I'll put infinite mcoins on your account no charge" is a scammer? Who knew!
  15. Perfect Solution: Make bow and cbow even stronger and more frequent so mc rage more
  16. Kronus DG gonna be hard AF for a pt of non coin players
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