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  1. Its lvl 16, if u use an mcoin crystal, it would work though
  2. Ive been playing this game since tomorrow
  3. When I first saw that troll costume, I thought it was swaaz :bad:
  4. Obviously it won't allow to teleport straight to eye, but more like teleport straight to a quest location, not lab, so less time will be spent. Sure, it's and idea inspired by laziness, but people will buy and use them.
  5. If people don't like this idea, then its clear that life drain is totally gay all together... When I said runes, I meant runes and crystals, wont really matter, but crystals are better, you're right.
  6. What rules? he only rules are established by the players and the gms probably don't care for them because the people who break the rules generally buy more mcoins.
  7. So far, life drain sucks ass because its only in tiny portions, there should be life steal runes so its not obscure all together.
  8. The game devs should make super teleport scrolls, teleport anywhere in the game, regardless of whether it has a respawn stature or not. This prob can be tweaked to only outside locations and not on enemy island 1s. That will be so helpful :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  9. Actually a +10 is better :blush: :blush: :blush:
  10. Look at dem arena wins :clapping: My ranger and shaman only 17, my warlock is only 13 :cray: lol
  11. It really depends on amping the the ability of the players him/herself. BD do have sap which is effective against high amped mc, hamstring which is great for staff enemies and rouges, and the flash strike works fine. Other elf/mc have good spells as well, but high amping is a stronger factor.
  12. Ignoring ppl should only be to the specific character that ignores someone, not be for all on that account. Its useless for my elf to have ignored mc in his list and vice versa.
  13. Make elf, lvl to all +10 arena, make lvl 20, and gank him, cuz then ull never loose to anyone... mostly
  14. Ok, so my priest needs lord of orphan's lake, a boss quest on chosen island that only questers can do, anyone able to help?
  15. Yeah i lost my shit too, I had card and all 4 caps :bad:
  16. Mc will say mc is better Elf will say elf is better
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