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  1. Make a x2 week and put troll in DG, then there be many troll
  2. When I saw topic name I thought he was gonna talk about hentai
  3. I'm so fat when I sit in a car it pops all the tires
  4. Sweet, I mean you're too late to join beauty contest but at least you have a guitar
  5. Wrong week devs, of this happened next week I'd like my guild to 4
  6. It would be useless, it's not the devs job to hold the hands of morons who give their account details away. Ya know that info that always pops up saying "Don't give your account info to anyone", that is there for a reason.
  7. Lol if you give your account details away you deserve to get scammed, we do not need even an email confirmation because if you never give out your details only you will ever have them
  8. Technically x2 dagger has best dps but with skilly, especially counter, dps is pointless
  9. Devs say that they don't condone PvP quite alot actually
  10. Snorlax is 26... I like all pug gifs . If a meteor was gonna land on Earth and kill Barrack Obama what will you tell panchens before it happens?
  11. No sure about anyone else but I dont. . What are your plans on September 18 2031 at 4:36 pm?
  12. Is his profile pick an Avatar with Bill Murray photoshopped onto it?
  13. Lol if that's true I'd rename myself to some cool things taken by now inactive players
  14. If your account was scammed maybe your character was deleted
  15. I'd like to see Dick Cheney get shot on the head. . Shoe size?
  16. Yeah, bd is too weak and barb can't kill a fly, I'm sure everyone agrees, right?
  17. Yeah I killed Hydra once for achievement once and never again, almost completely useless because of craft items.
  18. I have a better idea: don't share accounts like a fcking dumbass
  19. Posted an insane lie about the person below him
  20. Naw, chickens will never fly, they are too chicken. . What question should I ask here?
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