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  1. Noooo way I like to touch my girls. Not skype them and send love letters bahaha ...but each to there own I guess
  2. Hehe ;). Not me. I'm from st louis
  3. doent listen to people that think playing and dieing everytime they enter the arena is the only thing that matters in this game . lvl 6 arena is fun and thats what games and arena are for ...fun. anyways use a novice set, and event items cristmas,halloween ect, and amp up high.amp higher then most the idiot 20s here are amped
  4. lol noob idiot u think i only play lvl6 UNKNOWSHOT i play all lvls 6 TO 20 when this one gets #1 next season tell me u dont respect 14s then bahahaha douchebags :pleasantry:
  5. bahaha lyena talks a big talk. i respect good players but lyena ur TRASh and so is that guild u made :facepalm: :facepalm:
  6. lol kk we won't. Bump then. Gl anywayz
  7. thx bro on the congrats. But we all taken the 14 arena in next season too...we will see ya there. Gl :)
  8. I don't have to ask I already know. If u were sum PvP beast shaman....u wouldnt die 70% of the times u been in arena. Atleast u won 1 outta the 5 u went this week...pathetic. lol u musta had a good partner to save ya and pick up the dead weight in that one...prob had good random pro partner like kernlabba, debuffer,ladygi then they prob waited for u to finish ya tix cause they didn't want a random noob like you a second time.......now eat a bagg of dcks
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