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  1. Do you think im trying kick Spanish and I become member of ABC? Never, and Im tired. This is not drama, I explained every think to Mercuriall dont worry. Ofc youre friend of spanish and its normal to support him like He has a reason to be angry. But if you dont know whats happening in each other (sorry but) dont stick your nose please. I talked with spanish and mercurial long time after thoose things happened. Im not enemy of anyone, dont talk like We are all friends we love each other, youre out. Stop writing to our guild list etc. For more info about me and what im trying, talk with me
  2. Talked with Spanish, and deleted.
  3. Ofc I can tell you "Learn what is Respect" if you talk with me like that. Please use brain, think logical, and talk with me. "Ive never talked, helped neither war with you..." "I dont even know you..." So how can you say "ducking Percy" "Dont let that idiot be member" "Such ducking asshole" if you dont know who am I? Tell me your problem honestly, dont talk suspicious. Everything can solve by talking logically. But you are not talking in logic. Understand? Youre wrong here, I'm not.
  4. I wanna tell "thanks" to specially you bro. Not because of your support, you are also good friend. :)
  5. Yasir youre right, I understand but I dont want to be problem in guild with 3-4 "no". Because their negative votes are because of wrong information about me. Bia thinks I'm rude guy in tc, Nub thinks I'm a jumper etc etc... Before get that 5 "yes" vote, better I should fix theese ideas about me. I have a long time, and they can know me as how I am day by day if they care about real Burkay. Thanks for all interest, wasted 1 day for this request and learned many things. :)
  6. ---[REQUEST CANCELED]--- Hello ABC members again. I canceled my guild request. I got positive and negative replies, thanks for all. But I think if I get 3-4 negative, all others positive I cancel my request.(well, I know my english is bad, sorry) That means there is some problems with me and my reputation on the game. 3-4 member's opinion is so important. I should talk personal with all members to explain myself to them. And they should understand I am respectful player that I have nice feelings about all. Of course I had mistakes but I noticed theres many wrong opinions about me, first
  7. Okay, finally I got 100% logical "No". Thanks for your opinion. @Brisign: Okay, wait and see. Count me in any war. :yahoo:
  8. Okay, I already told you didnt attack me and I didnt attack you. But I died 3 times becouse of your skills. You didnt use purple circle, used fear and mobs killed me because of my low hp. And you should check my old posts about your low level priest's deaths. That wasnt me, if I'm jumper I can kill you again. But did I attack you in this 3 months? Well, I'm really tired of explain "Im not jumper, Im not jumper, Im not jumper..." Are we gonna contunie this like kids? You know I'm not jumper, and you cant tell I jumped you in this 3 months. Thats all what I say about my "jump" topic. Really bor
  9. Bia, I 100% agree with you on your theese words. But I really cant remember what I told on tc, please message it to me. I understand you give important of friendships, but I already have good friends in ABC, and why not others can know me well in future? Sorry for that bad english. :facepalm:
  10. You know why I told that, I am 14 level and you always using fear to me on pvp cave road. Then mobs/mcs killing me. You did that 3 times in a row, and I became angry. I didnt attack to any of your chars. I just warned dont use skill on my bd(It means dont kill my bd). I thought you understood me when I told that, now I need to explain it. Weird, you are more smart than this.
  11. Thanks for all of your support Vomm, nice to see you here. :good:
  12. I dont wanna spam here many posts. If you want to talk about I'm jumper or not, lets talk on warspear chat. ;) Isnt that better?
  13. I just saw Spanish's question. Perycles is my friend from real world. I can meet anyone with him on phone. Many Brazilians are living here. He setted that nick, he played to level 12 and left game. I contunied it, become level 20. If I become rich and have time to make new rogue with Turkish nick, I will unbind all items and equip on new one. Btw, its impossible for me about 1-2 years. ;D And I told "you have bad feelings on me", sorry for that but I thought that coz I have something on my mind. I talked you one time, maybe remember. You can understand me. Sorry. :sorry: And m
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