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  1. Joke... Rogue Full +10 Full book hit 5k in T5 Seeker +9 hit 12k... RIP ROGUE PVE AND NOW IN PVP
  2. your eyes are only for PvE? where is an adm on the forum who understands PvP and play the game? it seems that the developers of this game do not play the game itself!
  3. where a class that wears light armor is more tank than those who wear heavy armor? do we play the same game?
  4. do you want to balance the game? releases heavy armor for mountain clans too! Firstborn has guard and blade dancer who can use heavy mountain clans have only the barbarian who can use heavy our intention is to balance the game, so start with the basics.
  5. Why doesn't the legion wear heavy armor and cloth?The new classes should be the same in this regard!
  6. Eu tenho todos os books passivos damage, e estou falando sobre as habilidades que a classe adversária tem (buff dmg/ debuff dmg/ shield etc) você deve ser sentinelas por isso as habilidades não te incomoda haha
  7. in this case who wins there and the guy with the bare hands I think you are interpreting everything wrong it's a shame warspear online not having decent support that's why me and my friends are stopping playing!
  8. I WILL LOSE SELF ATTACK DMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm talking about damage class
  9. joke you came here on the forum to think that it's all under control ... this image is 2 full +10 where the one with 1 weapon hits more than the other using 2 do we play the same game?or are you here to post blunder?
  10. I am not wanting to leave my higher class than the elfs, but I want a fair balance, for example ... why do I have to lose auto attack to keep activating Frenzy while a seeker turns on the ability only once?
  11. I'm not going to create a seeker because I already invested a lot in my current class, so I stopped playing ... you value sentinels more than the legion ... I don't even know why you created dk, maybe you are playing the wrong way
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