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  1. eu sugiro uma adesão de uma opção para mudar a cor do personagens, desde o inicio ao criar personagens, ou vendido por miraclecoins/ I suggest joining an option to change the color of the characters, from the beginning when creating characters, or sold by miraclecoins
  2. I don't know the forum very well, so I am writing in English because it is the most widely spoken language. Today at 4 am on the BR-TOURMALINE server, I was going to the Berengar Tower, when I realized that one was missing a salamander, at first we were happy because we were doing this with 4 people, so it was less than 1, but the portal was not enabled to cross, I tried to post the video here 3 times and it was wrong, so I posted it on YouTube, the proof, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bi4REUkDvQ
  3. I came to share what a player did, in the fire fatu he with an elf account starts killing all monsters, not letting anyone make money, soon after he enters a rival alliance account and kills all newbies the prints are in portuguese but basically he says: you shouldn't complain now i will kill you all
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